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  1. I'm 14 years old and currently taking calculus, in the u.s. calculus is a course for seniors in high school, generally 17-18 years old
  2. alright, this makes a bit more sense now, if the math teacher is directly contradicting the book, then its different than just overcomplicating a simple problem solely for the sake of understanding a complex concept. As for the logic versus memorization thing: I'm consistently the highest math student at each school I go to, I max out standardized tests and im in calc at age 14. You need to memorize concepts that can be used to logically analyze problems. If no memorization was required to be able to apply logical analysis, we would all be at a college seniorr level of math at birth.
  3. HOOOOOOOLD UP. I have a few points to contest in your argument. Firstly, while I may not know the whole story your bio teacher may just be asking questions to try to get everybody involved, or intentionally asking tricky problems so that the people who mess up easier problems don't feel embarrassed. This could be wrong I suppose, he could just be a genuinely mean person, but as I haven't met him personally I can't make an assumption either way. On the subject of math: of course there are usually multiple ways to arrive at a solution. Sometimes the one assigned isn't the easiest. Take the equation f(x)=x^2. Say you need to find its derivative. Sure, you could very easily just write f'(x)=2x because it's a simple function that most people have memorized. but say you eventually run into a more complex problem requiring the use of the power rule. You won't be able to solve it, because you wrote 2x down purely from memory instead of writing down the whole 2x^(2-1) = 2x^1 = 2x thing. Of course, if you have an amazing memory you don't need much practice, but it still helps to get some practice. Granted, there is also the problem that some teachers will teach methods that aren't necessarily "wrong" but that aren't as efficient when teaching certain concepts. Think Chinese multiplication. Sure, the method works, but it's slow and provides no understanding of number theory, which can harm people later. To sum up, your teachers don't seem as bad as you make them out to be, unless you provide more information to prove otherwise. Thus ends my rant, sorry i get so touchy about math and science. To all the people complaining about physics teachers: I hear the same thing from the physics students at my school. I'm curious as to how it will play out next year in terms of what courses they are taking and whatnot.
  4. dark circles lack of social skills cannot read for long periods of time and still retain info not as good with computers as I'd like to be memories of stupid things I've done just stick there like glue, gets really annoying
  5. I've gone days without sleep, its not very difficult. As for food: eat while watching. cereal without milk is a good option, pretty much any type of crackers or chips or "junk food", etc. If you have somebody else in the house you can arrange for them to deliver hot meals to wherever it is you are doing the challenge, and as for liquids: either bring lots of water bottles before hand or arrange for them to be provided with the meals, presuming you have the option of the assistance of another person.
  6. calm down man, you're getting overly worked up over a simple game. Also, I've done a decent amount of the mann up tours and if there's one mistake you can make its underestimating the usefulness of a scout. Also, everybody in mvm pubs will be assholes, you need to start an mvm team, or play on expert mann up tours where the players are generally a bit more experienced.
  7. I get the ramen in the styrofoam cup and then I use a keurig brewer with medium brew size and 172 degree brew temp to get the hot water
  8. can't be arsed to read if this has been stated yet or not, but I'm pretty sure this is a question with a rather simple answer. You see, if people choose a pegasus pony as their OC, it still gives their OC the ability to fly, but allows them to refer to unicorn and alicorn OCs as "OP".
  9. nobody ever pays me in brohoofs :;(

  10. the grey bar at the top of the screen is too thick and makes me cry. I don't like it. GO AWAY GREY BAR NOBODY LIKES YOU I LIKE MY GREYSCALE COLORS SLIGHTLY WARM OR COOL SHIFTED.
  11. The number of chromosomes does not actually have any effect on the complexity of a creature. For example, I believe potatoes have 48 chromosomes. Do you mean to tell me that an alicorn is only 5/6ths as complex as a potato? Honestly it's most likely 23 because of the interspecial sex present in most clopfics.
  12. I honestly have no opinion either way but since I like arguing, here ya go. scratch that, I have one opinion. I know what to watch youtube, don't bring me to the what to watch page. JUST GO STRAIGHT TO MY SUBSCRIPTION FEED sheesh anyways I think this is just people trying to find something to complain about. People would probably like to say MLP is getting worse because of Twilicorn (which is still a term I dislike since "corn" constitutes the third syllable in both "unicorn" and "alicorn"), but that dead horse has been beaten to a pulp. If videos are buffering too much it's because your internet is slow, the site, at least from what I can see, hasn't been taking any more time to buffer videos of the same resolution and length given the same internet speed on the recieving end. I think this particular point is just videos getting longer and higher res while your internet connection stays the same (or an outdated NIC in your PC). The site has actually been made less complicated by the layout changes in my opinion, and anybody who had never seen youtube before would most likely have an easier time learning the various functions of youtube in the newer layouts rather than older ones. I think this is more likely a complaint that people have already learned the old layouts and now have to relearn the new ones, but the new ones are similar enough that that's not really a valid argument either. Advertisements aren't really that bad, and keep in mind that on most videos there are skip buttons for the ads. Not to mention, advertisements are keeping some really good videos from getting removed based on copyrighted content. if copyrighted content is found in a video, I believe the copyright owner can decide whether to have the video removed or monetize it, meaning they would receive the ad view money from the video rather than the original uploader. Also, has anybody even seen mobile youtube recently? It's been far improved since its first release and is now far more smartphone friendly. In fact, I think most of the full youtube layout changes are to keep regular youtube in sync control, function, feature, and design wise with the phone version, therefore making the process of using youtube more streamlined. Most of what you said in this particular paragraph in my opinion refers to a factor of youtube that can't become truly worse unless Youtube staff start modifying views on videos to make certain channels artificially popular, which I haven't seen yet. Frankly if a channel becomes popular, it means a lot of people want to watch that channel's videos, meaning overall it can't really harm Youtube since channels with no reason to be popular in the eye of the majority will no longer maintain popularity. I honestly think this system is still about the best way of going about things, except for maybe having a way of submitting videos without releasing your channel name so that high subscriber channels and low subscriber channels have an equal chance, then being able to release the channel name at a later date. Youtube has always been like that, you merely hadn't been to that part of youtube yet. If you think rick rolls are becoming MORE common in 2013... they aren't. They've been on decline for a while from what I can see.
  13. you speak of this as if gummy had his teeth removed by a pony, which may or may not be the case as I can't be arsed to rewatch all the episodes with gummy in them, but it could be a genetic abnormality that makes his jaws or gums not suitable to carry teeth and as they grow in they may just continue to fall out.
  14. vectors are just another visual medium similar to a png or jpeg, but with infinite resolution. you can find some pony ones on deviant art at