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  1. SrFrog

    Two-Word Jokes

    Donald Trump *pffft, someone was going to...
  2. Jojo's bizarre adventure, what's more is that for a short time I was on the top 20 on the leaderboards. Proudest gaming moment right there for me.
  3. Is that IF? that settles it, you're like my second favorite person in this website. Yeah, I blush alot when people are praising me or when they become overly interested in myself. I mean for someone who is constantly trying to blend into the background everyday, I'm rather well known for whatever reason. Wish I could control my emotions better, because a side effect of me blushing is that I start actin' a fool...
  4. SrFrog

    General Media Best CGI / Worst CGI

    I want to mention Beowulf as a prime of example of great CG animation, but some of the effects in that movie haven't aged very well in the past seven or so years. Oh and Hoodwinked still looks as awful as the day it first came out.
  5. I could probably pull it off with some effort, really my only qualm on even starting would be the amount of money I would have to spend to even get me started. Oh, and privacy; I just don't have enough of that at times...
  6. Dead Space 3 Killzone Shadow Fall Gravity Rush Hyperdimension Neptunia (100%) That was just this past month alone, maybe I should ease it down a bit? nah?
  7. That seemed more like a Luma story and a lot less like a Rosalina one, though y'know; it's a whole lot more than what you get for either Daisy or Peach. Also I think I just like Daisy because of that awful Mario Bros. movie...
  8. SrFrog

    Movies/TV Who else likes Dragon Ball Z?

    I can't even imagine myself watching in any other language than L.A Spanish, even that crummy live action movie was a bit more bearable with the original dub actor reprising his role for Goku. It's also kinda cool how his daughter does the voice for L.A Twilight Sparkle.
  9. Personally? I fucking hate toad, that smug useless d*bag; his voice just straight out bothers me. Also Rosalina because well, she's not Daisy and y'know; I like Daisy. Also, asswhores; my new favorite tag right there.
  10. SrFrog

    Movies/TV Favorite Anime Intros/Outros

    They went with, "Walk Like an Egyptian" for their second season. I freaking love it... http://youtu.be/mkanHSvFq3Q Started watching Vandread again and man does it scream early 2000's anime design, which just makes the outro even better.
  11. They're fine musicians but they might of overstayed their welcome 10 or so years. They just seemed to have not quite tried to move from the sound that popularized them is all. Billie Joe freaking out was great though.
  12. Five Guys for sure! shame the first time I was there I did the no-no of getting the large order of fries. Oh, the expression of that cashier that day...
  13. SrFrog

    Favorite anime?

    All time favorite? Sakura Cardcaptors, but I've got different series in my favorite anime list. Hyperdimension Neptunia Saint Seiya Mazinger Z Black Lagoon Definite anime for the Shonen enthusiast: Hokuto no Ken Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  14. It still bothers me that Mexico qualified for the World Cup; for once I would like to see them play a team that's not based on how much merchandise they can sell. Whatever, I don't even see their chances of advancing as remotely good anyways.
  15. One can never have enough tacos.
  16. DragonBall One Piece Saint Seiya Black Lagoon Fist of the North Star and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Yup, those should easily be on any shonen aficionado watch list.
  17. I've told I'm quite a nice guy to be around, hardworking too; if not a bit too quiet for my own good.
  18. Oh, hey! someone was recording one of the matches I had in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. It's pretty fun, even when you get your ass handed to you.
  19. I like to nibble on my bread and side dishes, and when I start thinking about it too much; I get all reflective. It's like, I can remember stuff that I usually can't while I do that.
  20. SrFrog

    Gaming Are you a rager?

    Hell naw, I might be bad at some games but when I get my ass handed to me; I just laugh it off. Although for some reason people tend to call me an asshole on multiplayer quite a lot in fact (also funny).
  21. PSN:galaxian99 I'm usually there playing any of the following and some more. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: ASB & HD Killzone 3 Street Fighter X Tekken Gta V
  22. That's were you would be wrong; as the largest channel networks there are well known to be on the payroll of the Mexican government. As for blocking internet access, well they have already shown that they are more of capable of doing that when they cutoff internet access during protest against the current Mexican president a couple of years ago. It's like, they're nowhere to be seen till' it's time to screw you over.
  23. I find it a bit funny that in Megaforce their powers are to basically use skylanders figurines to use their already, almost identical powers. That would in fact be my first choice for a super power, my second being matter manipulation. Well, that or being able to control squirrels; imagine an army of squirrels doing your bidding.
  24. If you boiled down the worst tropes of Kingdom Hearts, you'd end-up with Musashi: Samurai Legend; maybe that's not so bad. Granted it's very lacking in the story department but the gameplay sure does makeup for that.
  25. FF-XIII and it's unneeded sequels come to mind, I don't care how you color them; crap is crap. There's little to no sense of adventure in those games and no fantasy, it's just no FF.
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