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  1. To the San Francisco Bronies I've been thinking.. I've never been to a con all because of one reason. LO-CA-TION Anyone else in the SF thought.. "Man i had the chance to go to *insert con name here*" ? How about.. "We should totally organize a San Francisco Brony Con or something." So I posted this for us to discuss about the matter.. If possible. PEACE .. and harmony :3
  2. Surprised I haven't replied yet, I'm Dpony. currently took a break from making music due to a project with the Philippine Bronies and the destruction of my rig <_< I'm good with orchestral/upbeat stuff (Piano, Strings, Everything ;v) and am learning to make my own synths. I work with FL studio with NI Massive and Edirol Orchestra glad to be here! and uh, yeah! woo. will be back once I finish my little project
  3. If Hub wants the fandom to survive, they'll have to make it up for them. If they do, they'll probably have two choices. 1.) Death/Sickness of the remaining 5, due to a new villain, Twilight's sacrifice to revive the 5, and remains a normal unicorn pony. 2.) The 5 leaving and separating. Each of the episodes show their experiences outside Ponyville. Towards the end of the season, it will show a villain and how the 6 must be together to defeat him/her, and eventually remain together, and Twilight rules a region of Equestria and makes Ponyville the capital and all that stuff. great plot huh? ;3
  4. I just started on a techno-orchestral track exclusively for Pony.fm Dunno what to name it :I Any suggestions? I can also probably get a theme out of the name :3 thanks xD
  5. I usually show them the Season 2 Finale, 'cuz it shows a war and some mild romance and broadway-style songs. And of course, Vinyl. If all else fails for me, I don't show them any more.
  6. Hi guys! I'm Dpony from the Philippine Bronies, saying hi to everyone out there! Glad to finally be part of this community.