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  1. In alphabetical order... Alice : MADNESS RETURNS Bayonetta Chrono Cross Cooking Mama (don't laugh) Fatal Frame 1, 2, 3 Kingdom Hearts 1, 2 Kuon Persona 3 Resident Evil 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 Rule of Rose Silent Hill : Origins, Homecoming And yeah, that's about it.
  2. kingyo

    Hello Evreypony

    Hey! Was searching MLP for people from Nottingham and I found you. Brohoof! Anyway, nice to know there's another brony from Notts around. Just thought I oughta let you know that
  3. Who in dishes is HotDiggedyDemon and EgoRaptor?? Oh, wait. Just Googled it. And sorry no, I'd rather cut off my wrists than write a short story that involves such ... hyperactive rubbish. Do people actually watch that?
  4. Hello, Golden! Just to say: you're not alone. I'm not an conversation initiator as well and that's actually perfectly fine. It would just seem that, like me, you're an introvert. It's a good thing really. Go look it up Now don't take what your friend said to heart, okay? Different people socialise differently and you're not "creepy standing at a party not interacting with anyone". It's really a case of social conditioning, an unbased judgement on right and wrong. A lot of people think "normal" equals "talkative, bubbly and sociable" when it's actually perfectly okay to not t
  5. Take comfort. I dislike parties too. 3 main reason... 1) Too crowded. There is just no space at a party. It's just people, people, people clumping everywhere so if they're not in your face, they're bumping you in the butt. And the only comfortable place is a lonely nook or cranny in corner. 2) Too noisy. I always find parties to have a disproportionate relationship between number of people against noise. House parties are especially loud. Rave parties are especially, especially loud. Never mind that people like to talk but sometimes the party music is unnecessarily loud and in worse
  6. That sounds more possible actually. And yes, their "nature-touch" needs to be more expanded upon. Perhaps in later episodes and etc?
  7. kingyo

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    8/10 Because I can't tell if that's a mare or a colt.
  8. A Pegasus villain would be pretty darn cool. Or perhaps a bad guy trio of each of the three pony types. An, so many possibilities... Anyway, I don't think Earth ponies are just "in touch with nature". In fact, given their history as farmers, they would be quite strong, physically. Which is why as a bad guy trio, they'll work amazingly. Unicorns : Magic Pegasi : Flight Earth pony : Brawn
  9. Would love to try out for voice acting but I have an accent. So, BOO. But count me in for script writing since I author stories and do writerly things in general...
  10. kingyo

    Hurr durr, HI.

    Well, actually the word is under-appreciated. And it leans more towards my home country Malaysia than the UK. Oohs and aahs, screenwriting! You must give it a shot! I mean, who knows? You could be writing the next best episode of MLP one day!! NORWEGIANS ARE DAH VIKINGS! They live, breathe and eat COLD. Heck, I believe that even the cold is afraid of them ... which makes me wonder if they'll melt if they ever approach places on the Mediterranean or the Equator. Hnn. Guten tag, herr Benutzername! Thanks for the welcome. I like the second version mor
  11. kingyo

    Hurr durr, HI.

    5 PUNS, WHOAA! Another academy record! I caught the "hay" even though it wasn't bolded. And can I say "too late" for getting sucked into the fandom? I have ideas about a bridal shower where my bridesmaids will dress in the colour scheme of the Mane 6 -- or 5, depending if I myself want to dress up too. It's okay. One doesn't have to be punny to be funny, haw haw and besides, things might get a little crazy if everyone starts punning things. Hey, what a coincidence your bro is in Nottingham too! It's blastedly cold now but if you're a native Englander, you're probab
  12. Hi everypony! An ID exchange, how awesome! Mine is kingyooo. Please add. I want friends on my list to enjoy the game with. And to check out pony villages too!
  13. kingyo

    Hurr durr, HI.

    THANK YOU FOR THE WELCOME!! And whoa, three puns in THREE lines? That has to be an academy record!! *lowers sunglasses with a nod*
  14. Hi everypony, I'm K-i-n-g-y-o. Blogger pony and photography pony non-extraordinaire. I'm from Nottingham, English-land and currently doing a BA (Hons) in Creative & Professional Writing. Despite the enthusiasm, I'm really a little Fluttershy. Pun intended. Note: I tend to pun words quite often. It's like God gave me a special punny bone-- you get it? Punny bone ... funny bone? Anywho, I'm 22 this year. Old as a mare, but still a filly at heart. My favourite pony is Rarity -- because she's one hilarious drama queen and also, Fluttershy -- too adorable.
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