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    Anime+manga, video games (especially Animal Crossing), art, foreign culture, etc.
  1. I'd still be a blank flank. EVen though I do have talents and interests, I haven't really found my specific pasion for something.
  2. Ahh, two weeks without a new episode... 'orz Well, at least now since it's already the 5th it's only one week left instead of two. But
  3. NotAvailable

    Hello everypony!

    Thank guys. ^^ So far I really like it here! And yes, ACC is a really nice forum.
  4. It's hard for me to decide between the actual ending that was used and the one from the script Meghan McCarthy posted that was going to be used... hm...
  5. I have to say, so far (as of when I'm typing we're through the Apple Family Reunion) this has been my favorite episode(s) of the season. My overall is still Canterlot Wedding, though.
  6. I definitley liked the episode, however when I first saw the title I thought, "Huh? did I accidentaly record a repeat?" I always save the new recordings in my DVR for a bit and rewatch them a couple of times before deleating.
  7. NotAvailable

    Gaming Animal Crossing

    I actually came from Animal Crossing Community! I'm so pumped for New Leaf right now. Come on Nintendo, give us a release date alraedy...
  8. I use to be on Animal Crossing Community's MLP thread, but I gave up on the people and moved on to bigger and better threads. And horray for my generic avatar!
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