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  1. hello guys, I was off a long time ago so I can make my avatar, yes finaly I finished it!

  2. Well, tomorrow is new year every pony!, watcha ganna eat? for new year?

    1. StingeMuffin


      Tortilla chips with a home cooked nacho topping. :D

    2. XxRAINxX
  3. 4d 4h 41m 41s 42s 43s so on... Not that much I just joined a few days ago so yea, HELLO EVERY PONY [RANDOM KINDNESS] really enjoyed my stay here, and meet new awesome ponies
  4. My friends been asking me what is my OC a mail or female?, what do you think?

  5. well, I forgot my google email because I used a random email and now I lost my youtube ohhh hoply I figure it out.

  6. Nice to meet you hope you enjoy our little if i mean little i mean huge! Forum full of bronies and pegasisters, and here to listen and help
  7. wow, a new year is about to start. who thinks this year went fast?

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    2. XxRAINxX


      Same here with you hope you can enjoy your self next year

    3. OEG5789
    4. XxRAINxX
  8. Hello Just wanting to have new friends around

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    2. XxRAINxX


      LIKE HOW YOU COMMADED EVERY PONY ON LUNA ECLIPESED XD gtg I really want to stay and talk but dubstep calls, Brohoofs?

    3. GamerLuna7
    4. XxRAINxX
  9. Thanks :3 Its so nice to meet new people, and friends Thanks for the nice welcoming.
  10. Thanks Im already Am enjoying my stay and thank you for the welcome, And If you have time check out my youtube that scribblenaut video I made thats not my voice I got British encase you ask my youutube channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/MrRain702?feature=mhee
  11. Thanks for the welcome Meta Knight I salute you, and respect your honors SIR!
  12. Hello My name is RAIN well my nick name, well nothing to talk about so let me start how I meet MLP . well I saw this cool music videos from Brony Dance Party and I loved their songs So I went and checked out the commotions about this show and actually enjoyed it . I don't know why people hate to watch this show because it look girly ? well enough about that im a non trained musician just mix some music with FL studios and just got experience from it, make songs for ponies, have my own you tube and just want to meet new friends Thanks
  13. Buy a new instrument for my future songs :3 or save up for any future needs, or donate to any bronies in need theirs lots of stuff out their learn them before buy them
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