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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. I drew this for a friend of mine Me just practicing some basic body poses
  3. There is a reason for that. I was reading a Q&A with an artist and I don't really remember the question but the answer said something like "Never become too satisfied with your work, if you do then you will be over confident blah blah" Something like that, I guess reading that hardwired into my brain so now I'm never satisfied with my work unless it's done. Thank you for pointing that out, I guess I can lighten up a bit. Here I found the quote: "I'm not satisfied and never will be and the only way to improve is to never be satisfied. I do that by throwing myself in unfamiliar t
  4. That's not the foundation, that's just the random stuff I draw. I can't really draw clothes, hair, or anything so instead the facial expression is just lines with more lines. The clothes are just tasked on the square itself like a texture This is what I normally put on them. It's just a representation of the jacket I wear daily It's really more of a "one take or it's out" kind of thing I did not bother taking a class any of the years in middle school, the reason is because school for me is already a big pressure for me considering I like to procrastinate a lot. Having an art pr
  5. Fixed and stuff. 20 characters
  6. I'm getting this icky thought in my head. I haven't been drawing in weeks and weeks. I just..... Don't feel like the art type at the beginning of this year I was devoted into drawing but now I don't feel it anymore, I don't feel like this is right. Maybe it isn't? For me it's obvious this isn't going to be my cutie mark of course, I love computers, and this drawing stuff turned from something to do when I'm bored, to I have to get better all the time, practice makes perfect right? Well it's driving me insane, I'm forcing myself to draw and it's uncomfortable, I can't draw circles any more,
  7. Yeah sleep is pretty important, I do lots of my drawing at night, usually nights where I have no school the next day or weekends I stay up until about 1 or 2 Skyping with my friend as we share art ideas. My computer is currently out of commission and I can't really do that at the moment. As for relaxing music I do have my fair share of very calming music. I've thought of giving up as an option a number of times, I never feel like I'm improving but apparently I am says my peers. I don't plan on giving up but the option is always there. Thank you
  8. Yeah I know right? It was really late when I typed this
  9. This is faking brilliant. Why haven't I thought of that?
  10. Here's our channel banner I just finished The one before this i totally made this: http://www.youtube.com/user/CrusadersLetsPlay
  11. I don't know how to draw any more or how to do it. Nothing seems to be going good for me whenever I try to draw something, I can't as so much as draw a circle. I feel like I'm doing something wrong all the time and angers me. I've been in creative blocks before but I feel I've reached rock bottom this time. I don't want to give up drawing because I want to get better but the ideas aren't flowing on what to draw or how I should go about it. Picture relevant Any ideas?

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      I'm still in a dreeeeeeeeeeeeam

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