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  1. 1) The carwash. I was dead certain the windows would break and we'd be crushed. True story. 2) Walking into a room with no lights on, especially when you are opposite a mirror (like in a bathroom). If something was in there, I wouldn't know until I was in the room with it. Yig. (To this day, if possible I reach into a room to turn the lights on before I enter.) 3) Crane flies, also known by the misnomer mosquito eaters. I knew they were harmless, but as far as my instincts were concerned, it was a flying spider. (This is still kind of a problem... XD)
  2. Given that I typically encounter OCs in roleplays, I only care about one thing: are they fun to roleplay with? I really do not care if your OC is ultra powerful, I care if the powers make things interesting or boring. Is your OC eye assaultingly colorful? Play them wrong, burn with fire, play them right, appreciate the quirkiness. I used to diss OCs based on their played out backstories and poor visual design, but I've come to realize that isn't important if the player makes them interesting in action. That being said, I'm also a huge lover of cohesive color schemes and backstories I have
  3. I'm a Northern Californian, so my accent is to say "hella" ad infinitum. XD I can also pull off a decent 'valley girl' accent. For those of you who might be unfamiliar, that's the one that goes, "Like, um, oh my gosh! No way, that did, like, so totally just happen." To complete the picture, imagine hair twirling. XD It makes for a really ditzy appearance, so it's fun for me to do it sarcastically while telling someone they're wrong about something. XD Also, because half of my friends are Mexican (or are Spanish speakers who grew up in an area of predominantly Mexican Spanish and theref
  4. I love Applejack. I love her color scheme, and I'm very fond of the "ponytail with the tie at the very end" look. Is it strange that my favorite moments of her involve her lying? Like when she was tricked by Discord (HER DISHONEST FACE OMG) or when she was trying to get Pinkie Pie to leave so they could prepare her surprise party. Soooo bad at lying. XD But other than those moments, I like her because I've always liked characters who can be both caring and snarky. XD (But I like all the ponies. XD)
  5. TBH Babs Seed bugged the heck outta me at first. Her accent seems really forced to me, and I don't particularly care for her color scheme... But the face she made in the group scene after she got inducted to the CMC, and her way of scaring off Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon? Totally won me over. XD Twilight's "reverse gravity, make slide" technique in The Crystal Empire was pretty dang clever, and I think it solidified her smartness to me. You can tell an audience a character is smart, but it's only when you show it that it really sticks. And it's not from season 3, but Pinkie Pie's
  6. I think I like Rainbow Dash best when she's doing her "ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh" routine. So dorky, so cute. XD Speaking of Sleepless in Ponyville, the part at the end with the little race made me squee, and not just Dash! I looooved how Rarity was walking, then giggling and trotting, then broke out into a run. I guess I just love when cool/demure characters act silly. XD
  7. I've never been able to get free gems, it doesnt even show up for me as an option. But I have friends who are able to get them with some regularity.
  8. Orange juice upsets my stomach, which is a shame because its DELICIOUS. ): I usually drink water then coffee in the morning. I prefer juice with lunch, especially apple juice.
  9. I eat a variety of foods, primarily edible ones. Jkjk. I love love love fruits and veggies, but Im too lazy to prepare vegetarian meals. As for meat, I could probably live without it if I had someone to make me vegetarian food. XD But of the meats, my favorites are beef, bacon, and raw fish. Mmmn, sushi. <3 I also eat a lot of Greek yogurt and drink lots of soda and tea. I'd be a lot healthier if I weren't so lazy about cooking. ;P
  10. I think it would come down to why they were fighting, and therefore how serious they'd be about it. Instant sudden desire to murder the other? Twilight, with laser beams possibly preceded by an immobilization spell. Long term competition where each has goals counter to the other? Pinkie Pie, for sheer unpredictability and stamina. Twilight would give her a run for her money, though. Also, Twilight seems likely to come up with a compromise anyway. Some kind of friendly sparring match (say, Twlight wants to test her magic's combat utility and enlists Pinkie for help)? Initially, Pinkie Pie, unti
  11. I infected another friend with pony game, and she'd like some friends too. Her Gameloft is jupedujour. The parasprites are a mixed blessing. At least they give you gems sometimes.
  12. Probably between 30 and 36 hours? Say, waking up at 6 or 7 AM, then pulling an all-nighter, then being up until midday or evening the next day. I don't do that a lot, though. More common for me is getting very little sleep several nights in a row. Also more common for me is sleeping for a whole day, or being mostly asleep for several days.
  13. Pretty good for a first try! Some other things I noticed have already been pointed out, so I'll just mention one thing. I'm not sure what's going on with where his front legs attach to his body. (But TBH, that's the second biggest issue I have with drawing ponies myself. XD) Assuming the leg that's angled towards his hindlegs is his right front leg (and should therefore be on the side of his body opposite the viewer), you might want to make the line that marks his belly continue to where his left front leg attaches. I hope that makes sense, it's kind of hard to describe. XD I like that he
  14. KaryDactyl

    A very sad pony

    Ooh, this is really lovely! I think you caught her anguish very well. Often times you'll see a drawing where the character is supposed to be sad and it just doesn't look sad. But that is not the case here! Kudos to you! And the wings remind me of stylized wings you might see in a tattoo, which works well with the ear piercings she has there. The only thing that throws me slightly is her mane. I really love how it looks at the roots, very structured and nice, but further down, I think the detail lines are a little thick, and I feel like it makes her mane look... clumpy? I don't know exactly how
  15. @, @Pripyat Pony Lucky Guess watched the exchange between Autumn Dream and Diego, nursing what she assumed to be the 'tourist cider'. So Autumn was supposed to be in a mental institution? Probably had something to do with her mentioning she didn't know why ponies called her Autumn Dream. LG hoped she wasn't subject to any quackery, the poor dear. "Well, it's not like I know anything for certain, but it seems like if you go out that door, you... end up where you intend to go? Like the white mare over there," Lucky Guess motioned to Pripyat Pony, "She went outside earlier to inspect anot
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