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  1. Okay, so I was unsure if I should post here or in Life Advice, but here it is. So basically, I am going on a trip from Maine to Florida, as I do once or twice a year. (We own a home there and like to visit family) Now, we've been doing these trips since I was very young and quite honestly, I'm getting bored. It sounds terrible because I know many many people would love to go to Florida all the time but after a while, enough is enough right? So I was looking for new things to do. We've been to all the big parks like Universal Studios, Island of Adventure, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, all that. But we've never been to Discovery Cove and this year I'm planning on bringing my girlfriend and I'm sure she'd love to swim with dolphins. It's expensive though, so I'm looking for people who have been there. I've seen reviews on sites but I trust this community over many others. Anyone who has been there like to write a review for me? Plus, any other things to do around the Orlando area?
  2. Yeah, I considered the Portal games, but I have them on the console so I figured I would try to avoid them, even though the PC version has custom content. Anyways, I ended up buying Red Orchestra 2, so thanks to anyone who helped me here. Even though I've found what I wanted, anyone who has an idea should still post for future reference or to help others. Thanks to everyone!
  3. Okay, I'm thinking Red Orchestra 2. Looks pretty good! And for the Faster than Light game, my friend has that and has tried to get me into it but I just don't see the appeal. Haven't decided yet, but RO2 is looking good.
  4. Thank you for the 1000th brohoof. <3

    1. Awesome Dashie

      Awesome Dashie

      :D You're welcome XD Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. Probably should have noted what games I already own XD Okay well, I already have Garry's Mod, Counter Strike: Source, Every CoD through CoD 4 to MW3, Left 4 Dead 2, GTA IV, Tribes: Ascend, and TF2. So, anyways, thanks for the suggestions.
  6. Hey guys, I have 25$ and I'd like to buy a steam game, and I have no idea what to buy, so I come to you guys/girls. :3 Extra info: I mostly play MW2 and TF2 on steam, so preferably the FPS genre but I'm willing to try new games. And, if a game is like 30$ I'll spend the extra 5. Thanks in advance!
  7. Rainbow Dash all the way XD WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. And, I can see I am not the only one who votes for Rainbow now am I?
  8. Dude. I thought you were serious at first, then I read the nephew thing and i'm like -_-. I don't think keeping a rhino in your garage is legal anyways XD
  9. I don't think they are that bad, and I don't like Spike all that much either. It's different to see him star but I don't think it's a bad thing. Although he could use improvement, I don't mind his episodes.
  10. I don't have an unusual pet, but I couldn't help but comment, don't hit me That snake actually looks kinda cute in a way, I'd like to own one but if I did it would have to be big like that. I think it's pretty cool how it slept wrapped around you, but the spiders.... *shivers* The spiders... I've got arachnophobia, bad XD I freak out over little ones and everyone laughs Well I can't wait to see some more posts here. Gonna be interesting.
  11. A fellow Rainbow Dash Fan! XD Welcome to the forums! I look forward to hearing some of your poetry if you decide to post it here, and don't be scared to because everypony here is really nice and understanding.
  12. Yay! Twilight is barely loosing and Fluttershy is in the lead! I hope Twilight catches up though, I think Twilight deserves this win over Lyra, but that's just my opinion, and there are alot of Lyra fans here too so, may the best pony win.
  13. Meh. She looks good as an Alicorn but, I don't see this working. I don't know, maybe I'll get into it, but we'l have to wait and see how Hasbro plays this. I hope they can pull it off well.
  14. I think it is fine. I cried before I was a brony too but not over stupid stuff (Not saying I do now). I hadn't cried in over 3 years since my girlfriend and I split but now we started talking again and remembering all the good times, haven't gone 3 days without tearing up talking to her. Well, It's a little off but I really feel like I need to get my feelings out, sorry for bothering you with my stories. In conclusion, I think It is perfectly fine for guys to cry and I don't think being a brony will effect their will or reasons to do so. Crying is natural, it's part of life.
  15. Xbox - AwesomeKillcamZ (Play quite commonly, probably alot soon because of BO2 DLC.) PSN - InSaNe_DeAtHwIsH (Currently in-active, and I think my list is full ) Steam - tripled7 (Displays as AwesomeKillcamZ, and If you add me on Steam, I may ask how I can help you because I do lots of TF2 Trading so just tell me you're from here if you do )