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About Me

Hey guys. So, recently, I've drifted away from the show, I don't watch it anymore but it was a great experience while it lasted. The main reason I don't watch it really is because I have a lot to do, there's a constant flow of homework from A.P classes so it's difficult and time consuming, and all the extra time I have is spent with my friends or gaming, so no MLP for me. However, despite my loss of interest for the show, I still love this community and still visit this site on occasion. Very rarely, but I do. So, anyways, I haven't touched my PS3 in probably a year at least, so there's no point in putting my PSN here, and my friends list is full anyways, as I was part of a large clan.


Xbox Live - AwesomeKillcamZ


Add me if you'd like, but I rarely talk in parties with anyone that isn't from my town, although I'd still play with you as long as it's on Call of Duty: MW2, MW3, or Black Ops II. I own every CoD before these, but I prefer to stay in these for the most part.

Alright, so um... About Me :

- Live in Northern Maine, the farthest into Maine you can go before you hit Canada actually. (Border town)

- I'm a gaming addict. Maybe not addicted, but certainly love to do it at least a few hours a day. It wouldn't kill me to stop, but I'd be bored as hell..

- In an amazing relationship with the best girl ever. 7 1/2 months total. (By total, I mean we dated before, for 6 months then we stopped for 4 years. Yeah, long time :/ But we live in different towns and I just didn't see her or talk to her after we broke up, then one night I randomly decided to go ice skating, [Which I hadn't gone to in a year] and BAM. We met again, and began talking, and both agreed that it would be better if we were together again. Fate? We both agree.)

- I hate school. A lot. Not so much because I don't have friends, or people bully me, but because it's so boring. No matter what we do in class, unless it's hands on, I'm bored to death. Nothing interests me. At all.

- I hope to become a graphic designer. I love making YouTube backgrounds, and also made one for my profile on this site. (The background for here is not as good as it could be, restricted by file size limit.)

- I no longer watch the show, (MLP) but I still love this community.

- I plan to move to Florida when I graduate, my family already owns a house there and I'm looking at a college there too.

- I only watch Action and Comedy movies, with the exception of occasional horror films, because that's all my girlfriend watches. (Though I'm more than willing to watch them for her :3)

- I like to go on this website rather than do my homework in study hall. Irresponsible? Yes. Am I going to stop it? No. smile.png

- If you'd like me to make you a profile background, I'd be more than happy to. Just contact me through here or my YouTube. I don't plan to get many requests, as I don't advertise this anywhere but here, however, if I get flooded with requests, it may take a while to get back to you.

- If you play FourDeltaOne (MW2 Modified), you should add me on Steam. (It's like... all I play.)

- My taste in music is like... How 'bout a list??

- Three Days Grace (Every song...)

- Matchbox Twenty (Unwell, How Far We've Come, 3 A.M, She's So Mean)

- Macklemore (Only one song: Can't Hold Us)

- Eminem (Stan, Beautiful, When I'm Gone, White America, We as American's [i think] )

- Flyleaf (Fully Alive, All Around Me)

- 3 Doors Down (Here Without You, there's more but I can't think of them right now..)

- Skillet (Monster, Lucy, Yours To Hold, The Older I Get, Whispers in the Dark, Comatose, Hero)

- Apocalyptica (One song: I don't Care.)

- I make Call Of Duty montages, check out my YouTube! I'm not so active as I used to be, but I've posted some decent stuff before.

- I could honestly care less about popularity. I stick with a tight circle of friends and rarely drift from them. I look at it as, the less friends I have, the less bullshit (Excuse my language) I have to deal with.

- I love celery. Just thought I'd throw that out there :3


OHH and, I also love pokemon. Well, any pokemon game BEFORE Black and White. Diamond and Pearl were OK but all before where great. (Soul Silver and Heart Gold are amazing).


Dream team -







(I love fire types tongue.png)