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  1. Budding Night

    Rarity Sketch

    Man, is she a cutie! The expression is lovely. Happy to help
  2. Budding Night

    Rarity Sketch

    I'm loving the style! I don't know squat about drawing ponies lol, I know more about drawing humans. Either way, I think the left eye could be raised a bit to make the eyes more level. For me and my fancy human drawing "skills", I feel like it would make more visual sense if you raised that eye. Like I said though, don't know squat. You'd have to play around with it!
  3. Budding Night

    Donning The Black Armband

    You are very sweet. I admire your stand at this place and time.
  4. Budding Night

    Say something romantic to the user above you

    You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall.. is in love with me
  5. Budding Night

    S05:E14 - Canterlot Boutique

    I was surprisingly entertained by this episode! I really enjoyed Rarity finally getting her boutique in Canterlot, gave me fuzzies I enjoyed the conflict with Sassy Saddles, the song was great and the dresses were all beautiful, 'nuff said
  6. Budding Night

    General What WILL you be doing ten minutes IN THE FUTURE?!

    Skyping my friends Hopefully
  7. Budding Night

    General Long Nails or Short Nails?

    Long nails are really pretty.. ..just not on me My nails are square and short, they don't really grow that much, but I suppose my habit of biting my nails doesn't help
  8. Hey there, I'll join! I just made an OC but if its alright I've had to post details (see: character link) in the morning, if thats alright with you Sorry, ignore this. It looks like I won't be participating after all.
  9. Budding Night


  10. Budding Night


    You're so talented! Brilliant job on this! PS: have a lovely day tomorrow <3
  11. Budding Night

    Amatuer OC Sketch/es

    @@VinylWubs is it bad of me to ask what region you live in? I myself am in the little Bay of Plenty :3
  12. Budding Night

    Amatuer OC Sketch/es

    Aw yeah, another Kiwi And thank you very much dear :3 Thanks, and aw what a cutie!
  13. Budding Night

    Amatuer OC Sketch/es

    Gosh I haven't been on here for a while almost scared to post this Here in lil' old New Zealand it's been raining, and of course it's Queen's Birthday so no school. What better time to do some OC sketches? Been doing a lot of digital art lately, but haven't been doing ponies for a quite a while. This was really just a testy kinda thing to see if I could get anywhere that I was happy with long story short, I tried
  14. Budding Night

    Luna Fan Club

    I can't even express how great this is. The hand was even changed into a hoof.. (i haven't been on this site in like forever so the first thing to post on would obviously be the luna thread) (i cant even remember my signature)