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  1. Budding Night

    Rarity Sketch

    Man, is she a cutie! The expression is lovely. Happy to help
  2. Budding Night

    Rarity Sketch

    I'm loving the style! I don't know squat about drawing ponies lol, I know more about drawing humans. Either way, I think the left eye could be raised a bit to make the eyes more level. For me and my fancy human drawing "skills", I feel like it would make more visual sense if you raised that eye. Like I said though, don't know squat. You'd have to play around with it!
  3. You are very sweet. I admire your stand at this place and time.
  4. You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall.. is in love with me
  5. I was surprisingly entertained by this episode! I really enjoyed Rarity finally getting her boutique in Canterlot, gave me fuzzies I enjoyed the conflict with Sassy Saddles, the song was great and the dresses were all beautiful, 'nuff said
  6. Happy birthday Mango! Have a good one <3

  7. Long nails are really pretty.. ..just not on me My nails are square and short, they don't really grow that much, but I suppose my habit of biting my nails doesn't help
  8. Hey there, I'll join! I just made an OC but if its alright I've had to post details (see: character link) in the morning, if thats alright with you Sorry, ignore this. It looks like I won't be participating after all.
  9. Budding Night


    You're so talented! Brilliant job on this! PS: have a lovely day tomorrow <3
  10. ..Guess who's back :3

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    2. Budding Night

      Budding Night

      Same here! Forgot you were also in NZ ^^

    3. VinylWubs


      Heh yea.. And hey! Its alright! I don't blame for your hiatus!

    4. Budding Night
  11. @@VinylWubs is it bad of me to ask what region you live in? I myself am in the little Bay of Plenty :3
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