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  1. ~Lawful Sturdy Wing~

    I am really sad guise..

    Don't let it bother you so much, you'll lose interest in the fandom and grow apathetic to the facebook page in a week or two anyway. Just ignore them.
  2. ~Lawful Sturdy Wing~

    Oh brave new forum, that has such ponies in it...

    Yo, good to meet you man, hope to see you sticking around the place. Welcome Welcome Welcome
  3. ~Lawful Sturdy Wing~

    Your opinions on Rainbow Factory?

    Not really, it generated a lot of hype last year when it was relevant but it's just a poorly written fanfic based on some episode ambiguity. The premise is pretty good, but it could have been done better. Captain Hook and the Biker Gorilla was a much better version of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7HrijDkfHc
  4. ~Lawful Sturdy Wing~

    The Ponymon above, is trying to do pairing wit u & your there weakness element!

    The things you say scare and confuse me
  5. ~Lawful Sturdy Wing~

    The Ponymon above, is trying to do pairing wit u & your there weakness element!

    I have no idea what anything you said in this thread means
  6. ~Lawful Sturdy Wing~

    Qualities of a great Roleplay

    http://mlpforums.com/topic/47925-pony-dating-rp/#entry1133344 That's an RP I ran that I had to stop unfortunately due to college issues and a new job, but it's a taste of how I usually run my Rp's. I prefer dating and social interaction based RP's over action but I can do either. I may need to get back into it someday. What was the premise of your war RP?
  7. ~Lawful Sturdy Wing~

    Qualities of a great Roleplay

    Honestly there are no "Good Rp's" there are only good roleplayers. An RP succeeds or fails based on it's GM and players ability to work together to create a unified, cohesive narrative. As long as effort is put in and a level of maturity maintained most RP's can be great, they really only fail when attention whores try to make it all about them.
  8. ~Lawful Sturdy Wing~

    Music Hardstyle or Hardcore?

    It's music, that's all. They are similar variations of the techno scene that formed in the sixties and onward, influenced by various regional traditions and pronged progressions of style. It's not that big a deal honestly.
  9. ~Lawful Sturdy Wing~

    Do Bronies Have A Persecution Complex?

    Yes, absolutely, but that everything to do with the age of most bronies. Teenagers in particular, being mostly uninteresting humans with very little life experience or anything genuine to base their personality off of, cling to the things that they like as what makes them "Themselves" which is why they are so quick to label themselves. The idea that anybody cares about your hobbies at all is laughable and I think the bronies confuse persecution with apathy.
  10. ~Lawful Sturdy Wing~

    Music Hardstyle or Hardcore?

    Jeez that song from Zairon could not have torn any more influence from Headhunterz if it tried. Hardstyle and Hardcore are so alike in genre that the there isn't much of a point in arguing between the two. It's not like Trance or Bouncecore or anything like that,
  11. ~Lawful Sturdy Wing~

    Open Ask any pony on a date!

    Sturdy listens intently as they rush through the forest, wind whipping past his ears "Of course that makes sense Dash, everypony wants somepony who appreciates them for who they are, and makes them feel special" Sturdy banks a heavy left turn and begins to head towards a nearby waterfall "Though I find it hard that somepony as awesome and cool as you has had such a hard time finding a good Stallion" he laughs, playfully punching her shoulder "Regardless I am happy for you.... we really should be focusing though, this place is incredible dangerous" he says gravely "Maybe we could continue this conversation after we finish?" he says turning to her with a smile. "Whoah wait!" Sturdies ears perk and he lands to the ground roughly, raising a cloud of dirt ".... Do you hear that?"
  12. ~Lawful Sturdy Wing~

    OOC Ask any Pony on a Date!

    Just sayin' I reread Dashie and I's conversation prior to flight, and I don't see anything that counts as flirting >.< Could you please point out where you saw it?
  13. ~Lawful Sturdy Wing~

    Open Ask any pony on a date!

    Sturdy laughs as Dash pulls up along side him "Well I suppose the rumors about your speed are true miss, though those clips are gonna slow you down a bit" he notes, eyeing the protective armor lining her wings. "We are going to make a round trip up and around the inner pathways of the Everfree, around Ponyville and the surrounding territories, and if we see anything that threatens our beloved homeland... We eliminate it" He says with a smirk, his eyes narrowed with seriousness "It shouldn't take us more than a few hours really, i'm sure that you of all mares is adept in combat" As the two of them rush through the forest, trees rustling by their sides Sturdy turns to the beautiful Pegasus and asks "So, tell me about Jordo, how did you two meet?"
  14. ~Lawful Sturdy Wing~

    OOC Ask any Pony on a Date!

    I will post my reply now, once I find where my most recent reply was >.< You know, the one where Dash and I were flying through the forest?
  15. ~Lawful Sturdy Wing~

    OOC Ask any Pony on a Date!

    Wait... whoa wait? Griffon?... Griffon?.... Griff....oooonnnnn,,, Oh ok, well nothing to see here folks. Just a Griffon OC here.