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  1. it's not like the heavy is spamming flames around him every goddamn second, isn't it like.. every 5 seconds or so? edit: nevermind, apperantly it does spam it nonstop..
  2. ohh i love oldschool games, i am currently working on a DooM Episode 1 Nightmare Speedrun. Nightmare difficulty is INSANE!!! my best is dying on the 4th map, one of the easiest maps aswell.. :/ oh yeah and the music in Doom is awesome :3
  3. what do you need a unusual natascha for? i got a Vintage Genuine Strange Self-made Unusual <unreleased quality> Community Valve Minigun...
  4. my friend just finished a Slender mod, my god i can't stop laughing it's so funny!

  5. Platinum Rook

    Gaming Are video games art?

    do i even need to say more? i mean, crysis is one of the most beautiful games i've ever seen in my superb gaming adventures. making a game like this isn't something you simply do.
  6. i have one.. in vintage quality.
  7. so i just streamed Slender... shit that was a scary game o.O

  8. wild thread used revolution! but nothing happend!
  9. 1. buy a mann co key 2. unbox all the crates! 3. ???? 4. no profit
  10. but do you sell stout shakos for 2 refined?
  11. who the hell sells their s. sticky for those two weapons? D: anyways grats on finding one that does.
  12. i recommend trying to use TF2OP to find someone selling the bounty hat http://www.tf2outpost.com/
  13. not sure if my C++ beginners book wants me to make a keylogger(ish) program or i am interpreting the entire task..

  14. 2 new undocumented items have been added to the game. "what's in the sandvich box?" http://stats.teamfortress.org/item/790/What%27s_in_the_Sandvich_Box%3F "what's in the companion square box?" http://stats.teamfortress.org/item/791/What%27s_in_the_Companion_Square_Box%3F appearantly these are promo items from comic con. and there were a picture of the companion square box that i found on the steam forums... that image is burned into my mind and i will highly recommend to stay away from that picture... o.O anyways my guess is that the Sanvich box contains maybe a Genuine Sanvich a
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