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  1. That's alot of ocs you need. Hope you get them all. http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/black-lightning-r2324
  2. This sounds like a good game so far, so I guess I'll enter my oc, as for the part I would hope for a speaking role, but I don't really care. Plus I'm supposed to be a sleep, it's almost midnight right now. http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/black-lightning-r2324
  3. Black Lightning
  4. I'm only open with my friends, I haven't told any of my family, and i plan not to. My best friend didn't even know until she looked through my photoshop files, she then she didn't ever tell me she knew until she yelled 'Soups on everypony' and i said I do t know what's worse, the fact that you just said that or I know what it's from. The only other people that I know of that know I watch it are a guy, 'javery', and an annoying girl, 'Knishna'. Those are just nicknames though. If my family finds out its either because of my best friend talking to me about it in front of them, they here me
  5. McbMatuko

    Post your OC!

    Name: Black Lightning Type: Pegasus Gender: Male Appearance: Sky blue coat (darker than dash's), black mane/tail/hooves, dark blue eyes Cutie Mark: Paper with black lightning bolt, black colored pencil, and regular pencil Hobbies: Camping, Flying, Drawing, Sculpting, taking care of foals Additional details: Soarin's little brother, leaves a trail of black and sky blue lightning, is currently learning to play the trumpet. see more here http://mcbmatuko.deviantart.com/gallery/
  6. When my best friend and I found out we were both pegasisters it went a little like this: (friend) Soups on everypony! (Me) I don't know what's worse, the fact that you said that or the fact that I know what it's from. She then started telling me to embrace my bronyness, and then she tells me that when I leave my computer to get something to eat, she looks through my photoshop history and found me drawing ponies. It's not that funny, but a few weeks later in my science class she calls the only guy sitting at our table a brony, he then asks us what's a brony. After we didn't tell him he ask
  7. They are more like my major headcanons. 1. Alicorns are not born, but granted their powers 2. Some ponies don't get their cutie marks until adulthood 3. Their is technology like computers, just not very much of it 4. Some cutie marks combine two talents 5. Discord is Celestia and Luna's older brother 6. I believe equestria looks like this http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/119/b/1/thunder_island_on_the_map_of_equestria_and_beyond_by_scisohaelora-d4y148f.jpg
  8. Some of my favorites are Discord did it, A camping we will go, on a cross and arrow, and if it includes crossovers, nightmare night before Christmas.
  9. I'm not specifically anypony, I'm a mix of rainbow dash and fluttershy, with a tiny bit of pinkie. Rainbow because I'm a major tomboy, I like to take l take naps, temper problems, insentive (at times), arrogant, and I don't really care how I look. Fluttershy because I'm shy and great wih animals. And pinkie because I have that 'how did she… it's pinkie pie' feel and I'm just as random at times (namely can I still wear the mustache).
  10. Honestly, before I was a pegasister I was more off like a quiet lonely bomb until someone tried to become friends with me I would ignore them, until they just started doing dumb things to brake through my shell. I was also really judge mental, I thought that ponies were really stupid. One day I just got really bored and decided to give it a shot, starting with an episode that partially scarred me, The baby Cakes episode. I started watching the rest and then learned what it really meant dont judge a book by its cover. After that my friends could finally get me to laugh at least a little, m
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