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  1. Hello all, it's been quite some time since I have last posted here in this forum. So I hope this is in the "most correct" space to be posting in with these questions. I've been running my own non-pony related forum for a while and I would love to know how you created such a beautiful layout with IP Board. I've been wanting to upgrade my site to IP Board but I have very little coding experience, so if it is code heavy to make the site look this good I might have to change my opinions. Also, This might also be a strange question, but would a in-forum drawing program work with a site like this. I've seen it done elsewhere, but I'm not sure it would be compatible. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
  2. Bronyette

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    ;u; oh my god that is the cutest thing I've ever seen.--------------------------------------- Here's a picture of me. XD nothing too special.
  3. Bronyette

    Melting, or Rotting Pony?

    Yeah I looked it up and that was totally it!! :3 thank you.
  4. Bronyette

    Melting, or Rotting Pony?

    Love it. 10/10 I love ponies in a sort of morbid style. <3 and you pulled it off quite nicely. Kind of reminds me of the art that was in a scary kids book I used to read. Forget the name of it though. :/
  5. Bronyette

    What would G5 ponies look like?

    I personally think they will look very similar to the ponies of G4 but with a bit more detail thrown in to make them look a bit more realistic. I mean, they'll still be super cartoony.
  6. Bronyette

    Unrequited Love

    Wow. This is exactly what I'm going through right now. Like SPOT on. :/ and I wasn't sure how to talk to anyone about it. No one has to answer me, but maybe PM me if you know what I should do. -not necessary info, read at your own risk- I've had a crush on this guy for YEARS now. We used to go to highschool together, and he would sit by me everyday at lunch to talk to me, since I was a mute and didn't really have any friends. He was always so kind and understanding of the fact that I didn't talk. He'd always say goofy things to try to make me smile, which of course he succeeded, and that's when I got the first hint of a crush on him. He had a girlfriend though at the time, and he was a year older so I thought he'd never like me. So his senior year he and his girlfriend broke up, just right before prom sign ups started. So he didn't have anyone to go to prom with. We were texting for a while and he asked me out to be his prom date. We went and had a decent time. It happens that he asked one of my closer guy friends (whom had a crush on me at the time) to ask me out. The guy friend told him that I said no, even though he never mentioned anything to me. So the year ended and he moved away to college. Years pass, he says I'm still cute. Finds out he has a girlfriend. Dies. -rambling over. TL;DR version- Guy I have liked for a super long time has a girlfriend and I have a feeling he still likes me. It sucks. I can't get over it. We are still friends so I can't just ignore him. And really, I don't think I want to. Plus, I know he'd never leave his current girlfriend for me. :/ Also, for fun. I painted him a rainbow dash painting and it's hanging over his bed. XD
  7. Bronyette

    Post your pony artwork

    My ponysona/OC Pixie Dust. A sketch of my lovely character Aridwind. Drew this at work so not a whole lot of work went into it. XD
  8. Bronyette

    Caramelldansen Pony Version (video)

    I think the tail and movements were really spot on. The only thing that I see that needs improvement is the puppets, or maybe the way you use them. I would go for a full two legs pose, instead of the one you are using now, where it looks like they are just facing forward with their chest slightly raised. It just looks really unnatural to me. Otherwise I think the animation was great!
  9. Bronyette

    Bronyettes' Doodle Dump ~Comments Welcome!

    Thanks! I really appreciate it. I like to try different things, but I hope to try to do the lineless art style again. Next time I won't forget her cutie mark though!
  10. Drew this one in a program called Fire Alpaca, I really like how it came out, so I'm using it as a background on my phone. :3 I'm not too sure if I uploaded this one to this site or not, I honestly can't remember. Oh well, here it is. Its a drawing of my OC/Ponysona, Pixie Dust. Made in Fire Alpaca. Another doodle made in Fire Alpaca of Pixie. First attempt at making a drawing in paint tool Sai. Went a little crazy with the watercolor tool, Also, I don't know how to make things transparent in Sai. :c A random pony, he's not a character or anything, he is still cute though. Juuuuust made this. I really love how it turned out. Tried to do something a little different and more fun. :3 Still not transparent though, Darn Sai. Any critizism or help with the transparency problem? :c I'd hate to make a new topic.
  11. My hair is sorta medium length now, just falling an inch or two below my shoulders. But right around when college ended for the summer I had it well above my shoulders and buzzed short in the back. I loved it so short, though I don't think anyone else liked the look on me. :/ Might cut it again soon, but I do miss being able to use a ponytail.
  12. Yes. Everyone can contribute art, I would be highly appreciative of any and all help. If you are interested in helping please PM me. :3 Sorry for the long absence. I've had a lot of rough personal issues. :c I sincerely apologize. I'm back for good now! I'll respond to individual questions later today, as I am still at work at the moment and I really shouldn't even be on here.
  13. Bronyette

    Character Drawing

    Something like that, yes. xD She can be a shy little pony so I drew something that would sort of represent her shyness.
  14. Bronyette

    Character Drawing

    Just some vent art I suppose. Poor little Pixie Dust, she gets the worst art from me. Was originally going for something more horror-esque, but then decided on this... thing. Tell me what you think!
  15. Bronyette

    Random character drawing

    Aww. Thanks for all of the comments. I really wasn't expecting that many! <3