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    A little place in the middle of no-where with a big black horse and a cherry tree... I mean... a town called Poulsbo in a state called Washington :x
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    drawing, costume/fashion design, running, serious gaming (i don't mess around when it comes to [most] video games), books! (you think Twilight has a lot of books... think again! >:D ), music (mostly 80's rock), Victorian and Edwardian period clothing, leather pants! (they are so comfy! :D ), funny cats photos?, PONIES!, and LIFE!

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  1. @, @@Alex Kennedy, Fire Runner sat and watched Scar, flicking her ears ever so often as she listened to griffon and the pony talk strategy. She twithed her tail when she heard Scar mentioning distractions. (OCC: gosh! i need to be on more often D: I'll be more active again starting next week, i can promise everypony that.)
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      Fire Runner

      well... then in that case i would suggest maybe talking to some more people about it, we're all like family on here, we've got your back. But a bad feeling in your gut... thats just never good... :/

    3. Nightfall


      Never good at all.

      I'm going to they'd to get some rest and see if that helps... I've done what I can to try to help them.

      *hugs tightly*

      Good night...

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      Fire Runner

      *gives you one more hug*

      okay, goodnight bud, i hope you feel better soon.

  3. "you would really do that? thank you so much!" Unholy Sight said to Max as she finished her tea. Unholy got off of her chair slowly and plated her hooves on the ground. "okay Max, lets get going to our rooms." She said to him as she trotted over and leaned lightly against his shoulder.
  4. Fire looked at Ace, then to the other ponies, then back to Ace. "T-thats a lot of ponies Ace... I-I'm kind of scared..." Fire Runner Whispered to Ace. On top of all that... i don't know how to swim... she thought as she walked by the edge of the pool. Fire hit a puddle of water and slipped side-ways into the pool, letting out a loud squeak as she fell in.
  5. (OCC: sorry for the inactivity, I've been really busy lately and I haven't had a chance to post any replies) Unholy sniffled a bit and wiped her face from tears with her hooves. "Yeah, I'm feeling much better, thank you." she said, extending a hoof to take the cup of tea.
  6. (OCC: sorry for the inactivity, I've been really busy lately and I haven't had a chance to post any replies) Fire Runner sat in a seat in the Colosseum. Even though no battles were going on, it was a place that she had always felt relaxed at. Fire scoped out a good spot for her to sit during the next battle.
  7. Fire giggled and flicked her tail back and forth playfully. "Well, what do you want to do now, since we have nothing to do as of lately?" Fire Asked Ace. (OCC: sorry for the inactivity, I've been really busy lately and I haven't had a chance to post any replies)
  8. "oh, the tea here is really good." Unholy told Max. "sure, you can buy me some tea. I'll go find us a table. just order me some mint tea!" Unholy called as she trotted over to a spare table. she flicked the crumbs off of the table that was left by the previous pony who ate there then proceeded to wait for Max to return with their drinks.
  9. "mmmm-my face?" Fire stammered, moving quickly enoug to cover her face with her hooves. "p-please forgive me... I-I just don't receive compliments too often..." she quickly added, now uncovering her face so she could see Ace's reaction to what she had just told him.
  10. Trail running feeds your soul! can it just be cross country already?! I hate track season... -_-'

  11. Fire's face grew bright red with blush when she heard Ace say "lovely". Is he really talking about me? I'm not very lovely... my eyes are a weird color, I have way too many freckles on my nose, and I have a weird laugh... she thought as she stood next to Ace and waited for an answer from the pony behind the desk.
  12. (OCC: wow, not much for me to work off of ) Fire pinned her ears back as they walked by three ponies, one stallion, one mare, and a filly. "That is so horrible, those griffons should just leave." the stallion grumbled. "and look at that one, shes a half-breed. a phoenix and a lynx? how wrong." the mare scoffed. "I think shes pretty, and they look so cute together." the filly said, then the family walked away. Fire looked at Scar, her ears were still pinned down from the harsh comments. "lets hurry up and get to the arena, these ponies are getting worst and worst." Fire whispered to Scar.
  13. Unholy began walking around then she bumped into another pony. "watch where you're going! what are ye? blind!" the stallion snapped before trotting away. "yes..." Unholy half-muttered, half-whispered in the direction of the stallion that yelled at her. Unholy turned her head towards Max, tears were welling up in her eyes.
  14. "Well, I enjoy reading as well. I didn't pack any of my books on vacation though, which is something i'm regretting. my bedroom back and my grandparent's house is full off books. wall to wall bookshelf alongside piles of books all over my floor... I guess you can say that I'm an egghead too." Fire said with a laugh as she followed Ace down the hall.
  15. "Alright, lets go.. if its alright with you iI'm gunna go ahead and watch you practice..." Fire tole Scar as they walked down the street. a few things wee running through Fire's mind at the moment but she decided to to say anything to Scar, instead, she just continued in silence.