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    A little place in the middle of no-where with a big black horse and a cherry tree... I mean... a town called Poulsbo in a state called Washington :x
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    drawing, costume/fashion design, running, serious gaming (i don't mess around when it comes to [most] video games), books! (you think Twilight has a lot of books... think again! >:D ), music (mostly 80's rock), Victorian and Edwardian period clothing, leather pants! (they are so comfy! :D ), funny cats photos?, PONIES!, and LIFE!

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  1. That moment when you file through your parent's cassette tapes because your car plays cassette tapes :D

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    2. Avery


      I know that feeling but try vinyl records! Now that is awesome. :3

    3. Rolls Royce

      Rolls Royce

      I have the stock Ford CD player that came with my 2000 Ranger. I use an FM converter because I hate the look of an aftermarket radio.

    4. Fire Runner

      Fire Runner


      I have one of those things, and i wasn't complaining :P



      I love vinyl records! the sound is just beautiful :3

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