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    A little place in the middle of no-where with a big black horse and a cherry tree... I mean... a town called Poulsbo in a state called Washington :x
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    drawing, costume/fashion design, running, serious gaming (i don't mess around when it comes to [most] video games), books! (you think Twilight has a lot of books... think again! >:D ), music (mostly 80's rock), Victorian and Edwardian period clothing, leather pants! (they are so comfy! :D ), funny cats photos?, PONIES!, and LIFE!

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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    Earth Pony

About Me

Hey everypony, and welcome to my page! biggrin.png


I tend to be a friendly pony, so if i catch you snooping around on my page, you'll most likely see a friend request coming your way. tongue.png

Unless, of course, you beat me to it. laugh.png


So, I probably should write some quick blurb about me...

I enjoy being random and weird. 'nough said. smile.png


I'm a die-hard distance runner, the longer the distance, the better I am at running it. I'm gunna try running a half marathon this coming summer, which is super duper exciting in my mind.


So... you're a runner eh? lets compare times (btw, "m" is meters for the peeps who don't know;

400m: 71.90

800m: 2:35.98

1500m: 5:19.40

1600m: 5:24.14 (totally going to break it this year! cool.png )

1 mile: 5:45.03

3000m: 11:18.52

3200m: 11:44.69

2k steeple chase: 8:02.79 (its tougher than it looks... blush.png )


now... time to switch to cross country;

2400m: 16:00.00

2 miles: 11.48.00

4200m: 14:22.00

2.85 miles: 18:23.00

3 miles: 18:25.00

5000m: 18:41.78 (boyah! and i'll run even better next year wink.png )



If anypony wants to add me on Xbox Live, just send a friend request to; AlbinoDachshund

and I'll try to add you so we can game together sometime.


well, that's it for now... I'll catch you Bronies later. derpy_emoticon1.png

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