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  1. @, @@Alex Kennedy,

    Fire Runner sat and watched Scar, flicking her ears ever so often as she listened to griffon and the pony talk strategy. She twithed her tail when she heard Scar mentioning distractions.

    (OCC: gosh! i need to be on more often D: I'll be more active again starting next week, i can promise everypony that.)

  2. @@Fire Runner,

    Max looked out and saw that the sun was setting. It painted the sky in a vivid orange, the trees and hills completely black, only visible with the faint glow on the edge. The sun itself was blood read, and very large. This was by far the mist beautiful sunset Max had ever seen. And then he felt bad looking into Unholy's glazed eyes, knowing she would never get to see such a thing.

    "Looks like the sun is setting. Will you need help getting to your room?" Max asked finishing off his coffee. He wasn't sure where his room-let alone hers-was. But he really didn't care

    "you would really do that? thank you so much!" Unholy Sight said to Max as she finished her tea.

    Unholy got off of her chair slowly and plated her hooves on the ground.

    "okay Max, lets get going to our rooms." She said to him as she trotted over and leaned lightly against his shoulder.

  3. "Go, swimming in the pool. It is terribly hot today and I think a nice dip in the pool would be excellent." Ace said leading Fire outside to the pool where some other ponies were swimming but Ace had no attention on them, he had half of his attention on where he was going the other on Fire.

    Fire looked at Ace, then to the other ponies, then back to Ace.

    "T-thats a lot of ponies Ace... I-I'm kind of scared..." Fire Runner Whispered to Ace.

    On top of all that... i don't know how to swim... she thought as she walked by the edge of the pool.

    Fire hit a puddle of water and slipped side-ways into the pool, letting out a loud squeak as she fell in.

  4. (OCC: sorry for the inactivity, I've been really busy lately and I haven't had a chance to post any replies)

    @@Fire Runner,

    Max trotted up to the counter, looking up at the menu.
    "What can I get you sir?"

    "Uh, can I get a mint tea and small coffee?"

    "Certainly. That will be 10 bits." Max fished into his pocket, retrieving the bits and sliding them across the counter. He was down to 2 bits. He hadn't expected to go through his money so fast. He retrieved the drinks and took a seat at the table Unholy chose.

    "Here you go, one mint tea." Max said, handing the tea to Unholy. Max took a sip from his coffee, looking across the table at Unholy.

    "You OK now? If there is anything else I can do, don't hesitate to ask." Max said, taking another sip from his drink. It was rather hot, but Max didn't mind it. It helped calm his nerves.

    Unholy sniffled a bit and wiped her face from tears with her hooves.

    "Yeah, I'm feeling much better, thank you." she said, extending a hoof to take the cup of tea.

  5. (OCC: sorry for the inactivity, I've been really busy lately and I haven't had a chance to post any replies)

    Fire Runner sat in a seat in the Colosseum. Even though no battles were going on, it was a place that she had always felt relaxed at. Fire scoped out a good spot for her to sit during the next battle.

  6. Ace laughed at Fire's attempt to hide her face. "Well, get use to it because I always give compliments to my friends even if it embarreses them. I never could see the bad side of ponies unless I see it for myself so don't let it bug you." Ace said patting Fire's back.

    Fire giggled and flicked her tail back and forth playfully.

    "Well, what do you want to do now, since we have nothing to do as of lately?" Fire Asked Ace.

    (OCC: sorry for the inactivity, I've been really busy lately and I haven't had a chance to post any replies)

  7. @@Fire Runner,

    The intercom came up, unceremoniously cutting the embrace short. Max-without letting go-got them both to there hooves 

    "Here, let's get to the train. I am sure there is something fun there." Max continued to speak softly. He kept one hoof around her as he walked them both back to the station.

    "You mustn't let the jerks of the world get you down. What they say or think doesn't matter in the slightest. They just do it to make themselves feel better. Anypony who would pick on someone as amazing as you is either stupid, or pitiful. Don't ever forget that." Max never let his voice raise a single octave. He maintained a soothing calm voice all the way. When they stepped into the Friendship Express, Max took a brief moment to take in the luxurious nature of it all. He came across a coffee shop, and decided that-if they sell tea, that this would be a good way to relax ones frayed nerves.

    "Allow me to buy you a drink. Maybe some tea?"

    "oh, the tea here is really good." Unholy told Max.

    "sure, you can buy me some tea. I'll go find us a table. just order me some mint tea!" Unholy called as she trotted over to a spare table.

    she flicked the crumbs off of the table that was left by the previous pony who ate there then proceeded to wait for Max to return with their drinks.

  8. (Well, I'm going to be making a guess that nopony is behind the counter.)

    Ace looked around when he didn't hear a response or saw any pony walk out. "Hm, strange but there seems to be nopony here, well I hope there's a captan." Ace said with a laugh turning to look at Fire. "Hey you ok your face is red."

    "mmmm-my face?" Fire  stammered, moving quickly enoug to cover her face with her hooves.

    "p-please forgive me... I-I just don't receive compliments too often..." she quickly added, now uncovering her face so she could see Ace's reaction to what she had just told him.

  9. "Hahahaha you should see my house! I have so many that one misstep can cause an entire avelance of paper!" Ace laughed until they entered the lobby Ace walked over to the pony behind he counter and asked the question. "Excuse me, but do you know where this ship is headed? Me and my lovely friend would like to know our destination."

    (OOC: Awe yeah, Ace is turning the charm on lol

    Fire's face grew bright red with blush when she heard Ace say "lovely".

    Is he really talking about me? I'm not very lovely... my eyes are a weird color, I have way too many freckles on my nose, and I have a weird laugh... she thought as she stood next to Ace and waited for an answer from the pony behind the desk.

  10. Scar nodded. "Its no problem. Fire. You can tell me if my form is off." He said, chuckling.

    (OCC: wow, not much for me to work off of laugh.png )

    Fire pinned her ears back as they walked by three ponies, one stallion, one mare, and a filly.


    "That is so horrible, those griffons should just leave." the stallion grumbled.

    "and look at that one, shes a half-breed. a phoenix and a lynx? how wrong." the mare scoffed.

    "I think shes pretty, and they look so cute together." the filly said, then the family walked away.


    Fire looked at Scar, her ears were still pinned down from the harsh comments.

    "lets hurry up and get to the arena, these ponies are getting worst and worst." Fire whispered to Scar.

  11. @@Fire Runner,

    Max couldn't help but laugh at that. He found it ironic, as he thought himself to be a horrible liar. After retrieving his fedora, Max took a second to compose himself.

    "Heh, you know you look good wearing the family heirloom. Anyway, let us see what we can get into...and avoid getting caught. I don't think I have a second lie in me." Max chuckled to himself and continued walking through backstage, guiding Unholy along with him. At least his depression had subsided.

    Unholy began walking around then she bumped into another pony.


    "watch where you're going! what are ye? blind!" the stallion snapped before trotting away.


    "yes..." Unholy half-muttered, half-whispered in the direction of the stallion that yelled at her.

    Unholy turned her head towards Max, tears were welling up in her eyes.

  12. Ace turned to Fire once he was done unpacking. "Ok, I'm done now let's see where we're heading." Ace said walking down the hallway. WithFire beside him. "I must say you have big pathience uslly ponies don't really have time for an egghead to unpack his book." Ace said

    "Well, I enjoy reading as well. I didn't pack any of my books on vacation though, which is something i'm regretting. my bedroom back and my grandparent's house is full off books. wall to wall bookshelf alongside piles of books all over my floor... I guess you can say that I'm an egghead too." Fire said with a laugh as she followed Ace down the hall.


    Scar shrugged. "I dunno...but he's in Diamond's hooves now...so I think we should head back to the Arena and wait for news...they seem to have everything covered." He replied.


    "Alright, lets go.. if its alright with you iI'm gunna go ahead and watch you practice..." Fire tole Scar as they walked down the street.

    a few things wee running through Fire's mind at the moment but she decided to to say anything to Scar, instead, she just continued in silence.

  14. Ace watched as Fire put her contacts in then quickly looked away with a red tint on his cheeks. "So uh *chough* my room then." Ace said going to his room and opening the door. In the room were a couple of suitcases which Ace opened one of them to reveal nothing but books which he put on the bed the rest was filled with other stuff.

    "wow... would you look at all those books..." Fire said as she fluttered into Ace's room.

    she sat down in one of the chairs then turned to face Ace.

    "okay, I'll wait for you, just get done everything you need to get done and then we can go to the the lobby and ask where our adventure is heading." Fire said.

  15. Ace smiled and grabbed Fire's hoof "well, lets go! We're on an adventure!" Ace declared heading to the C rooms while still holding on to Fire's hoof but weather or not he was nervous he didn't show. Soon they got to the hallway where there rooms were. "You said C3 right?"

    "It should be right..." Fire trailed off and froze when she saw the door. she quickly unlocked it and opened the door to her room.

    This room is huge! why would my grandparents spend all this money to get me such a nice room? she pondered as she began to unpack her bag.

    she took her watch and glasses off and put them on her nightstand then grabbed her contacts form her bag and trotted over to the mirror.

    "there, much better..." she said after she put her contacts in.

    still sitting at the mirror, the un-braided her hair and let it fall gracefully down to her sides.

    "okay, we can go to your room now." she said, trotting back over to Ace.

  16. (occ: random useless fact; Roman gladiators, as a result of their immense public appeal, gave commercial product endorsements.)

    @, @@Pripyat Pony, @@Alex Kennedy,

    Fire followed the group of ponies, flicking her tail back and forth in annoyance. she leaned over to Scar and began whispering to him; "can we really trust this changeling? I think we should keep our eyes on him so there isn't any funny business.

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  17. @@Fire Runner,

    Max lead the two down to the stage area, where they found the door to backstage, with a rather large stallion blocking the way. As they approached, he held out a hoof to stop them.

    "Sorry but backstage is prohibited to tourists." Max was never really good at lying, but he felt like this pony would either be too inattentive or too...what would a polite word be? Dull? Un-smart?  In any case, Max put on his best serious face and pressed his luck.

    "What do you think your doing? We are needed backstage right away! This mare here is the choreographer and if she doesn't get in immediately, the other dancers might get...impatient." The stallion gave Max a look that appeared like he was trying to read his mind.

    "What is wrong with her eyes?"

    "She is blind, sir, and I would thank you kindly not to bring it up." Max leaned in to speak softly, but sharply.

    "She is very sensitive about her condition, so you bringing it up doesn't help." Max hissed. He continued to whisper.

    "I am her assistant I only guide her around outside the studio. She may not look it, but she is a master of dance. Now are you going to harass as further, or let us in?" The guard was looking uneasy, guilty almost.

    "S-sorry ma'am. Please, go right in." He said, stepping out of the way. Once they were in and out of earshot, Max let out a sigh of relief.

    "Dear Celestia, either I am better at lying than I thought, or that pony was just...you know." Max didn't like talking bad about others.

    "Anyway, here we are."

    Unholy turned to Max and giggled.

    "you know, voice couch would have been more believable than choreographer." Unholy said, still laughing.

    "you're pretty good at lying." she teased, taking hit hat then placing it upon her own head.

    "Look at me, I am Max the amazing trickster pony." she said, then she took the hat off and took a slight bow.

    she giggled some more  before placing the hat back on Max's head.

  18. "Sure, I never finesh unpacking my bags. We can head to your room first...I mean-I mean if you want to head there first!" Ace said scratching the back of his head nervesly. 'Let's hope I don't freak her out from the way I unpack my bags of books' Ace said grabbing a daring do book and checking it out.

    "oh! I left my bag in the Cafeteria..." she said a bit startled.

    "come on, lets grab my bag first and then we'll head to my room." Fire said, trotting out of the library and back to the cafeteria, she grabbed her bag then fluttered back over to Ace.

    "Okay, i'm ready, lets go." she said to Ace.

  19. Diamond sighed and spread her wings. She took off into the air and followed above Gladius. She landed just behind him and the mare.

    She looked at the bloody changeling then walked over to the crying mare. She put a hoof on the mare's shoulder. "Its okay sweetie, everything is going to be okay. Gladius...should I call for more guards ?" She asked, looking at Gladius...then the changeling.




    Scar glanced up at Fire. "The palace ? Who said anything about the palace ? We're meeting Gladius at the arena...soon I ho-"  He was cut off as he heard somepony scream. "Hold On." He said to Fire, Spreading his wings and flying into the air.

    Fire clung onto Scar's back then the sudden realization that she could fly herself.

     Fire jumped off of Scar's back, did a flip in the air, then went to join Scar by his side.

    "Look over there!" Fire called to him as she pointed to a group of ponies and a changeling.

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  20. "Nooooo, now that I think about I don't know where this ship is headed. I guess I was so busy making it on time that I didn't really ask. We could go to the lobby and ask where were heading." Ace said, as he put the book he was holding back on the shelf. She hasn't talked fow a whole year, that must have been hard for her.

    Fire wet to the desk in the Library and check out the book she was holding. she quickly fluttered back to Ace.

    "Hey, can we stop by our rooms before we go to the lobby ponies and ask where we're heading?" Fire Runner asked as she brushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

  21. @@Fire Runner,

    "Yeah, I just...get myself depressed too easy. I'll get over it. Always do." Max said, still masking the sadness in his voice. He wasn't about to let this ruin Unholy's good time. So he mustered all the willpower he could summon, and got up.

    "Well, if your feeling up to it, let us see about going backstage." He said, taking her hoof into his.


    (Going somewhere, be back later)

    "Backstage? that seems really cool." Unholy said as she followed Max.

    "well today has been really fun so far." she added with a very light-hearted smile.


    (OCC: backstage is like my home in theater, I spend the entire time backstage helping out with the crew, I got 'dis XD )

  22. Ace seemed to be in thought about what Fire said then he put a reassuring hoof on her shoulder. "I'm sorry about your parents, but you should count yourself lucky. You have memories about your parents so really there truly gone the way I see it." Ace said giving a reassuring smile.

    "It's alright now... I'm talking now... I didn't even speak for a year..." she admitted as she turned to Ace.

    "hey, do you know exactly where this ship is going? my grandparents said I needed a vacation and sent me here, they didn't even tell me where this ship was going..." she trailed off.


    Scar jokingly ruffled his feathers but stopped and chuckled. "You don't need to go searching. I was just saying try not to eat like a mad dog or something." He said.

    "I just want to make sure your feathers are nice and clean before we get back to the palace." Fire said, brushing some crumbs out of his feathers.

    "by the  way, what time are you training with Gladius?" Fire Runner asked Scar.

    she flicked her tail back and forth as she waited for an answer.

  24. (nice img-1341918-1-tongue.png )

    Ace walked over "Sorry, sorry I've always loved a good book the other orphans would make fun on thats the reason my parents left me." Ace said grabbing 'The Strange Case of Dr. Stallion and Mr. Changeling.' "I'm more of adventure and fantasy but I enjoy a good book."

    Fire did a double blink before turning to Ace. "M-my parents are gone too... and they're never coming back..." Fire said as she placed a hoof on the fairytale book.

    "They use to read this to me all the time... 'and they lived happily ever after... Until their death...'" she murmured as she pulled the book out of the bookcase and hugged the book close to her.

  25. (Just wait...you all just wait mwahahaha)

    "Well, were on the same floor thats awa-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Ace said once he walked into the libary, and well he sems to be taking things well. "Look...at all these books...I have died and gone to that great libary in the sky. LOOK AT ALL OF THESE THIS HAS TO BE THE BIGGEST LIBARY I EVER SEEN!" Ace said leaping into the air, he even thought he saw heavenly light shining down on the books while heavenly music was playing.

    "wow... you're more excited then I am... but this place is huge..." Fire said looking around.

    she quickly fluttered over to a section of books.

    "Take a look at this... Frankensteer, Ponula,The strange case of  Dr. Stallion and Mr. Changeling, The Stallion Brother's Fairy tales... just... wow..." Fire whispered as she looked at the books, her eyes wide with excitement.

    (OCC: the book titles, in order; Frankenstein, Dracula, The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Grimm Brother's fairy tales)

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