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  1. @@jdor11, Autumn just clung tightly to Striker's hooves. "i-i don't think my wings can take this!" she squeaked when she heard a load clang coming from her robotic wings. "Striker! i want to go back on the ship!" she yelled, tears were forming in her eyes from her fright of crashing again.
  2. Fire Runner

    Private The Friendship Express RP

    @, @@Flareon, @@Marathon, Unholy slumped over and sighed again. "and now... my book is all wet..." she muttered as she flipped through her saddle bad, pulling out her soaking wet book. "at least i finished it..." she added with a grumble, stomping one hoof on the ground. "now the only book i have left is Fifty Shades Of Hay... i don't want to read that!" she fussed, putting the rest of her stuff back in her saddlebag. (OCC: haha... see what i did there? haha X3 )
  3. "i-i don't k-know if these wings could take it..." Autumn Bell stammered as she extended her wings to look at them. "b-but i c-could give it a try." she added, taking a step closer to Striker, trying to keep her balance with her robotic leg. her leg buckled and she fell off the edge.
  4. Fire Runner

    Private The Friendship Express RP

    Unholy let out a heavy sight when she was set back on the ground. "i really need to watch where im going..." she muttered, brushing herself off. "thanks you two." Unholy said to Star Song and Hop before standing up. "can you tell me which way Jabber went?" she asked, a bit frantic.
  5. Fire Runner

    Private The Friendship Express RP

    Unholy's ears perked up when the thought she heard Jabber's voice. she trotted in that direction which wasn't the brightest idea because she wasn't sure where she was going exactly... but she was walking straight towards the falls! Unholy got to the edge of the river then... tripped and fell in. (OCC: oh nos! somepony better go save her )
  6. "yes, this is the first time i've ever been on an airship... this is an odd experience. I'm use to flying by myself where ever i go." she said to Star with a bit of a laugh. "Striker! what in the name of Celestia are you doing?!" Autumn shouted, darting up to where Striker was standing.
  7. Fire Runner

    Private The Friendship Express RP

    Unholy's ear twitched as she heard a new pony join the rest of the ponies at the top of the falls. she shoved her book into her saddlebag then turned towards the pony. "uhhh.... hello... i dont think we've met before, i'm Unholy Sight." Unholy said, extending her hoof to the other pony.
  8. that moment when you are freezing and climb into bed then decide you don't want to move for 3 hours...

  9. Fire Runner

    Private The Friendship Express RP

    Unholy was laying in the grass as she listened to other ponies talk. forever alone... she thought, beginning to pout. she flicked her tail back and forth with annoyance as she ran her hoof over the final page of her book. "why can't life be like a book..." she whispered with a sigh, finally closing her book.
  10. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    "oh? really?" she said nudging Scar. Fire Runner cleared her throat then quickly switched subjects; "now that sounds like an amazing battle! yeah i want to go and watch!" "wheres the best place we can watch this?" she asked, looking up at Scar, flashing him a light smile.
  11. Autumn walked around and looked around at the newer ponies that she hadn't met yet. she saw Striker questioning a pony she didn't recognize, nor did she remember inviting her on the mission. She figured that she shouldn't bother with it, so she trotted over to the edge of the ship and looked out at the clouds.
  12. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    Unholy took the cakes and flask of wine and slowly moved forward until she was in front of the statue. "you didn't deny that shes your girlfriend!" the two ponies chimed before getting up and running as fast as they could out of the cafeteria. Fire Runner watched the two ponies run out of the cafeteria as she walked down the hall.
  13. Autumns face turned bright red, seeing that Striker's face was so close to her own. "im glad we met too." she said, quickly lowering her head as she attempted to avoid the moment. "i'm going to go check on the rest of the crew." Autumn said, quickly dashing out the door and onto the deck.
  14. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    Two ponies that were sitting at a table together, whispering to each other and looking at Scar. "Hey Scar! wheres your girlfriend?!" One called mockingly. the pony that yelled turned to the other pony and they brohoofed. Fire woke up and parted her mouth in a huge yawn, then stretched. she had a rather pleasant dream about food, which made her really hungry. Fire's belly growled as she got out of bed and left her room.
  15. Autumn opened her pocket watch and showed him the picture. "do you remember this? this was right after i woke up from my accident, the doctor took the picture of you and me. he said it was funny because it seemed like we were best friends even though we had just met." Autumn said with a smile.
  16. okay, you're accepted. the link to the roleplay is at the top of the first page of this OCC now go and have fun role playing oh! what is your character's job title?
  17. Autumn sighed and looked away. "its not that i don't want you to help me, and its not like i want to go by myself... it just... its just... I don't want you to get hurt..." Autumn said, looking up into his eyes. "and thats why i have to find my mouse by myself. i just want you to make sure none of the other ponies get hurt looking for the treasure. and thats why i want you to go with everypony else, to make sure that they're okay. I can manage myself, honestly, i can. just promise me that you'll protect everypony else." Autumn added, looking back down at her hooves.
  18. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    Fire stopped at the entrance of her door and watched as Scar walked away. She let out a sigh and walked into her room, closing the door behind her. "Alright. and if its the same to you, id like to stay here." Unholy said with a kind nod then followed her mentor.
  19. okay, sounds good. im gunna go ahead and send villan97 a message, he might just be busy with something right now.
  20. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    Fire looked up into Scar's eyes then nodded in understanding. Fire Runner looked back down at her talons as she walked by the ponies, only to look back over her shoulder once her and Scar had passed. I-I wish I could help them... she thought as the two griffins walked back to their rooms.
  21. @, @@jdor11, Autumn's ears perked up. "S-Striker? c-come in." Autumn said, still a bit bewildered that Striker would even want to talk to her right now. "what is it? complications with the rest of the group members?" Autumn asked, getting up, closing her pocket watch and limping over to Striker.
  22. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    Fire looked over at Scar. "that looks really bad... maybe we should go check it out... i mean... what if the king is in danger or something?!" Fire Runner said, beginning into a panic. "oh this is bad, this is very very bad! i knew we shouldn't have left!" she squeaked out in panic.
  23. "its good that eveypony is on board..." Autumn murmured, trying to ignore the second part of what Amber had said. Autumn let out a deep sigh and slummed back onto the floor, opening the pocket watch again to reveal a picture of her in the hospital with Striker at her side. "you know... i didn't want him to come on this mission... but when i was sending out the letters, he insisted on going... he's the best-est friend anpony could ask for... i just don't want to loose him...." Autumn said, looking up at Amber. (OCC: cue Striker overhearing this conversation!)
  24. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    "well that doesn't look good..." Fire Runner said, looking towards the palace. "its okay that you left, its giving me time to think about everything that has happened the past few days. im doing alright, i was just deep in thought." Unholy Sight said to Glory, lifting her head to face her.
  25. Autumn looked up from her pocket watch, when she heard Amber walk in. there was a picture on the inside of the lid of the pocket watch, but Autumn closed it before anypony could see. she sighed loudly and stood up. "hello Amber.... is everypony on board and ready to go?" She asked Amber glumly.
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