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    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    "~oki doki loki.... and the kingly dude won't be mad 'cause his fighting peoples is drunk, right?~" Fire Runner asked swaying a little. "~'cause i don't wants to get in troubles...~" she added and she tried to take a step forward but ended up falling over. "~ can yous help?~" Fire asked.
  2. (OCC: awh... their first fight! ) "i can do things on my own! i really don't need your help! or anypony's help!" Autumn yelled, tears streamed down here face. "now you can... can... just.... go away!" she screamed, turning around and running outside, onto the airship. she slammed the door to her cabin, looking the door behind her. "gosh... sometimes... i... i... i just don't want him to get hurt...." Autumn sobbed.
  3. goodbye everybody! i got to go! gotta leave you all behind and face the truth!
  4. held a gun against his head pulled my trigger, now hes dead mama! life had just begun but now i've gone and thrown it all away
  5. "you can't let any of the other ponies know where i'm going once we get there, i'm going to slip off and look for my mouse when nopony is looking, you just lead them to the treasure... if anypony asks where i slipped off to, just lie and say that i got lost and probably went back to the airship..." Autumn whispered to Striker.
  6. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    Fire turned to face Scar; "~im not as think as you drunk i am...~" Fire said as she downed the rest of her drink, then slamming the glass down on the counter. Unholy heard Glory walk in, so she twitched an ear. "hello Glory." Unholy said, not even turning around to face her mentor, she just stayed where she was at the base of the statue.
  7. Autumn looked at Striker. "uhhh.... i never went to a room.... all my stuff is here. i just need help finding some of my stuff that fell on the floor last night..." Autumn said, a bit bewildered. "now come here, i need to tell you something." Autumn said, waving Striker over. (OCC: its understandable.)
  8. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    Fire Runner took another swig of her drink then set it on the table. since she was rather small... a little drink went a long way... (OCC: you ready for dis? ) "~heya, Scar.... com' 'er.~" Fire said, tapping the seat next to her with her talons. "~hey! your kinda cute...~" Fire said, looking at Scar with a smile.
  9. "Alright, it sounds good. we'll meet at the ship in a couple of minutes." Autumn said with a smile. "Striker, can you help me with my packing?" Autumn asked, twitching her tail back and forth as she waited for an answer. (OCC: two members have joined the role play and we will be expecting a 3rd member in a little while, just a heads up to everypony!)
  10. maybe a days journey at the most, so its not too far away. yes, we can pick them up on the way if they don't show up soon enough.
  11. @@jdor11, @, "we are all ready to go, the other member will be meeting us there. I think we are almost ready to go, but maybe we should wait just a tad bit longer. We can at least begin packing our things into Captain Amber's airship now so we'll be ready to go by mid-day." Autumn said tot the two ponies.
  12. okay, i'll bump it up to 10 ponies, but thats it. @, I'll save a spot for your friend @, okay, you are accepted, go ahead and start role playing @@Fluttermena, okay, you are accepted,go role play now
  13. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    Fire leaped off of Scar's back and landed gracefully next to him. she grabbed a pint of hard cider and began to chug it. she stopped about half way through the pint, setting it on the table. she turned to Ash. "well its nice to meet ya' 'Ash er wing'!" Fire said, chuckling. (OCC: Fire is so weird )
  14. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    (OCC: dawh! its so cute on so many levels! ) Fire giggled a bit at Scar's comment that carrying her to the bar was a good workout. she swayed back an forth from Scar's movment of his shoulders, she was clearly enjoying being carried. meanwhile... Unholy sat in the temple at the base of a statue of one of the gods. she didnt know what to do and she couldn't find Glory anywhere.
  15. "huh? what?" Autumn asked. she had dozed off again when nopony was watching. "oh, sorry... i must have dozed off... what just happened? what did i miss?" Autumn asked. looking around the inn she realized there was a new pony there and they were now ready to go because everypony had made it to the inn.
  16. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    Fire leaned forward so her head was upside-down in front of Scar's face. "you are an amazing friend, you know that? anyone else would be pissed, but you didnt get mad at me... thank you." she said, leaning forward and kissing Scar on the beak. she sat back up straight, her face deep red with blush.
  17. Autumn piled all of her things up then pushed everything into her saddle bag. she let out a deep sigh as she looked down at a photo of her and Copper, her little mechanic mouse. she placed the picture in her coat pocket(which is over her heart) and trotted over to the rest of the ponies.
  18. Autumn looked up at Sticker with a smile. "I was just tinkering... i guess i got so tired, i fell asleep while working. but im glad i didnt sleep for too long, from the sounds of it, the captain just woke up." Autumn said with a slight giggle, nudging Striker playfully.
  19. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    "bar?" Fire said, stopping. "im in!" she exclaimed, leaping and landing on Scar's back. she sat down on his back and giggled loudly. "onward to victory!" she cheered, pointing a claw forward. (OCC: that moment when this character begins to act more and more like me... )
  20. (OCC: sorry i wasn't on yesterday... i was doing birthday stuff with my family) Autumn woke up, a pool of drool had formed where her head was resting on a table, gears were scattered around her. "I must have fallen asleep while tinkering again..." Autumn Bell muttered, wiping up the drool with her foreleg.
  21. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    @, (OCC: sorry i wasn't on yesterday... i was doing birthday stuff with my family) Fire followed Scar. "hey, whats bothering you?" she asked, noticing that he seemed a little distressed. "you know you can tell me anything right?" she said, nudging him gently, concern was showing in her eyes.
  22. Autumn caught the glass and chuckled. "you'll be surprised, i use to spend all day drinking at this bar called the Prancing Pony. i can hold down almost any drink." Autumn said before taking a swig of the drink. "mmmm, this is mighty good. whats in it?" she asked.
  23. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    as if by magic; Fire Runner ended up pinned, face down, with her arms behind her back. "okay, okay! you win! now let me up." she squeaked, kicking her back legs on the ground. "man.... you are one hell of a fighter." Fire complimented Scar, turning her head enough so he could see her flash him a smile.
  24. today... i am 17! :D

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      Happy birthday! only a few months older then i am! Are you a sophmore?

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      no, im a junior X3

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