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    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    (OCC: oh... my... gosh! ) Fire Runner could feel her face getting red from blushing, she wasn't sure what to do... so she gave him a kiss on the cheek, and while he was still stunned, she pushed him off of her. "never let your guard down Scar." she teased playfully, sticking her tongue out at him. ( )
  2. yes, its going to be loads of fun! i have a lot of plans up my sleeves that should keep it interesting and keep everypony on their "toes" so to speak
  3. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    Fire stumbled a bit to one side but then quickly re-gained her footing. use your size as an advantage! don't let him push you around! she thought with determination. Fire rolled to her right nudging Scar in the side, hoping that she'd knock him a bit off balance.
  4. "that would be great! i do need a lot of help with it. thank you." Autumn said, giving Star a friendly nod. "hey, can i get a drink? something strong to calm my nerves." Autumn Bell asked her hoof tapping on the counter nervously. this mission... its going to be hopeless... but at least we have to try...
  5. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    "believe me, i'm ready for this." Fire Runner said, rolling her shoulders. "Okay, just don't go too easy on me, okay?" She added with another playful wink. she jumped to one side, swatting at Scar's front left leg, she made sure her claws and talons weren't extended so she wouldn't hurt him.
  6. Autumn turned to Star. "Yeah... i did. its taken me two years to get them just right." Autumn said with a smile. "my leg still needs a little bit of work though... it doesn't handle pressure very well, so it seizes up a lot." Autumn added, twitching her leg a back and forth.
  7. Autumn smiled. "I can't believe you kept that! the first pair was a disaster to say the least!" Autumn said with a chuckle. "and yeah, i got to meet you, and now you're my best friend." she added. she moved her wings a little bit. "if i remember correctly... these were my 5th model... and they work great." Autumn finished saying then fluttered her wings.
  8. "its alright. i'm just determined to get my mouse back and destroy that dragon." Autumn said to Amber before limping over to Striker. "i-it looks familiar... but i have no idea... are you going to tell me?" Autumn asked, giving Striker and friendly, playful nudge.
  9. @@jdor11, @, Autumn sighed and looked at Amber. "two years ago... i made my own efforts to get into that basted mansion... I tried going through the roof. It was me, and my dearest little friend, a copper mouse that i had made. when i got in... i was fine until i ran into... well... a very special invention. a dragon, powered by steam and gears, yet so life-like it was... the fire... it was too intense... it burnt my front hooves. when i was trying to escape, its claw caught my back led. i did everything within my power to escape, but i couldn't. my little mouse, he crawled out of my bag a
  10. @, (occ: im adding a character later in the roleplay... ~Aregularpony~ isn't here yet...) Autumn leaned over the map again, she looked a little worst for ware... "I know you're in there somewhere... I'll find you..." Autumn murmured to herself. She shook her head again. "ponies must think im crazy... but i guess i can't blame them..." she said to herself as though there wasn't anypony around to her her speak. Autumn slumped over in a chair, her felt a little funny but she just realized that it was because of the way the mechanic wings were attached. "I'll never get use to this...bein
  11. now that we got that cleared up, feel free to start role playing. yes, you were accepted, feel free to start roleplaying! @, i'm not intending to be rude, but i want to let you know that the roleplay has already started and we are waiting patiently for the arrival of your "pony".
  12. "calm down... we need to make sure everpony is here..." Autumn said to Stiker. "There is a cellar door that leads to the basement... but we'll have to keep out eyes open, the basement is where most of the inventions are... some are half finished though..." Autumn trailed off, remembering how the mansion use to be when she was young. Autumn quickly shook her head to clear her thoughts. @, @, @, @@jdor11, @, "Every pony gather up! we are going to stay in the inn for tonight, gather all supplies you can and we'll meet back here in the morning. make sure you get a good night's sleep..
  13. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    Fire leaped into the center of the fighting ring. "come on! i bet i can take you!" Fire Runner called, giving a sly and playful wink to Scar. she got down in a playful pouncing position, flicking her stub of a tail back and forth (like a cat XD ). she bounced from side to side and flicked her tail back and forth some more, a wide smile plastered her face.
  14. lets see... we should have eight ponies all together." Autumn mumbled as she studied the map. @@jdor11, "striker! come here and take a look at this." Autumn called. "It looks like we can't go through the roof or through the area you were suggesting earlier... If I remember correctly... there is only one way in... through the basement... We'll have to work our way up to the forth floor then back down in order to get to the center of the building..." She said, pointing to the section of the map that showed the basement.
  15. @@jdor11, @, Autumn looked a little bewildered. "umm... i've never crewed an airship... but i can try." Autumn finished with determination in her voice. "Now, if you two don't mind, come here and we'll take a look at this map." Autumn said, walking over to the map. she turned to Amber. "well... its a bit of a long story... but lets just say there is an abandoned mansion on a hill that contains more gold than you can imagine... the problem is... it belonged to a mad-scientist... and his experiments are running rapid throughout the building..." Autumn said, barely whispering the last pa
  16. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    "Why, i'd love to train with you." she said with a smirk, taking his claw to get out of her chair. "now... where is the training facility in this place?" she asked, looking around, slightly confused abut this new place. (OCC: i have to call it quits for tonight, bye guys! )
  17. Autumn smiled at Striker when he walked in and gave him a friendly nod. "oh no ma'am. we are going on an adventure... i take it you got my note? is that not why you're here? i called for a pilot..." she trailed off when she realized she didn't send the letter. "well pardon me... i guess I never sen that note... and i'll assume you don't want to go on an adventure that ends with more gold than you have ever laid your eyes on..." she murmured, twitching her tail back and forth, hoping she had sparked interest in Amber for an adventure.
  18. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    (OCC: i guess i can XD ) the pony gulped. "I-i d-didn't m-mean i-it..." the pony stammered, taking a step back. "i-i just meant... well... ummm..." the pony attempted to correct himself. Fire watched in amusement at the pony cowering under Scar's intense glare. she giggled a bit when the pony took a step back.
  19. Autumn's ears twitched up as she heard the voice of another pony. "and another member joins the ranks... this is fantastic." Autumn said, limping over to Amber. "yes, the inn is open. and may I inquire, you must be a pilot. it is a pleasure to meet you." Autumn said with a smile. she went to take another step and one of her pistons jammed in her leg, leaving her face first on the ground. Autumn looked up at Amber slightly embarrassed. "damn leg... it'll never be like the real thing..." she muttered under her breath. a wrench flew out of her arm band and autumn skillfully caught it. she l
  20. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    (OCC: go for it ) Fire Runner took another bite of her sandwich. she noticed he had blushed, but she didn't say anything. she could hear the faint voices of ponies at other tables whispering something about how She makes Scar act like a giant teddy bear.
  21. (thats alright ) Autumn Bell looked up, the copper bell around her neck jingled as she moved. "oh... hello... yes, this is the map to the mansion for the expedition. i had no idea that somepony was already going to be here... so, whats your name? I'm known as Autumn Bell, the mechanic." Autumn said getting out of her chair and taking a graceful bow.
  22. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    Fire Runner smiled and took the last bit of sandwich. She suddenly remembered something she had in her bag. Fire looked through her saddle bag and found a necklace with a green feather, similar to the one she wore around her neck. "here, take this." Fire said, handing it to Scar. "its suppose to protect you from harm... but i also want you to have it because i think it'll look good on you." she added with a smile.
  23. yes, it is. i forgot to mention that we're gathering in your inn... sorry 'bout that XD okay... i'll fix that XD
  24. Okay... there is one spot left! one more pony can join then this roleplay can get started! i'm really excited about this, i love the whole idea of a steampunk world :3 @@jdor11, @, @@Shift, @, @, @, Hey everypony! the topic is now up! she go ahead and get this roleplay started! we will all be meeting in an inn, just letting everypony know! if anypony has a friend who wants to join... there is still one spot. Topic
  25. OCC Autumn Bell limped down the road towards the inn, she knew other ponies would be waiting for her, but she figured they could wait. she adjusted the bag attached to her hip and continued forward, the sound of the pistons on her mechanic leg echoed through the clear crisp air. She walked into the inn and sat at a table, she scanned the building, nopony was thee yet... other than a minotaur that was behind the bar area. Autumn Bell pulled a map out of her hip bag and spread it on the table, she began looking for the best route to get to the mansion.
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