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  1. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    "Well! aren't these sandwiches divine!" Fire Runner exclaimed, attempting to break the awkward silence between her and Scar. She shoved the rest on her sandwich into her mouth to shut herself up from saying anything else stupid. gosh... you muffin brain! she though as she face palmed.
  2. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    "y-yeah, im f-fine..." Fire stammered, moving her wing from her face and scratching the back of her head with her talons. She picked up her sandwich and quickly took another bit, but she started staring at Scar's eyes. wow... his eyes are beautiful... she thought. she quickly shook her head to clear her thoughts.
  3. do whatever you'd like, i know i need to re-vamp my oc to better fit this role play if your looking for a good reason to create a new oc, heres your chance! i'll save you a spot.
  4. @, Unholy slumped over next to Demence. "well... you could be better off... but you could also be worst off..." Unholy said as she turned her face to face Demence. "do you need any help with that? I have some herbs in my bag." Unholy asked, a tiny bit concerned. i hope he doesn't think i'm being weird..
  5. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    Fire looked up at scar and blushed then quickly covered her face with her wing. she nervously took another bite of her sandwich, hoping that Scar wasn't looking at her when she was blushing. oh gosh... I really hope he didn't notice me blushing... I-I can't let him think that... she thought, but trailed off.
  6. Fire Runner

    Private The Friendship Express RP

    Unholy threw her book into her saddle bag and trotted off the train. her hooves hit the soft grass and let out a warm sigh. she laid down in the grass, the movement of her laying down sent dandelion fluffs flying into the air. it was a beautiful moment, her sitting there, by herself. (perfect time for somepony to interact with Unholy) a gentle breeze rippled through her hair as she pulled out her book from her saddle bag and set it in front of her. she slowly ran her hoof over the page and smiled as she read.
  7. Well I'll be! its great to see ya bud! you are accepted and added there are only two spots left everypony!
  8. no, im not including the potato... no need to worry about it. and the page will be up as soon as we have 8 ponies
  9. oki doki loki! you are accepted! it'll be interesting with a minotaur thrown into the mix the page should be up by tomorrow. Attention ponies of the forums! there are only 3 spots left on this roleplay before it begins, so please sign up fast! ~Autumn Dream
  10. @, im totally in! this is a really fun role play and i'd love love love to start role playing on it once again!
  11. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    "that just seems odd. and unfair in my opinion." Fire huffed, then proceeded to take another bite of her sandwich. Unholy threw her saddle bag and bracers onto a bed and slumped over against a wall. she was so tired... she eventually collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion.
  12. Fire Runner

    Private The Friendship Express RP

    (OCC: you know that moment... when everypony forgets about you...) Unholy sat in the lounge with a cup of green tea sitting next to her and a braille book open in front of her, her right hoof was running across as she lifted the tea and drank some with her left hoof.
  13. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    (occ: last post for tonight) Fire walked over to Scar and took the chair adjacent to him. "so, tell me, why exactly are all of the ponies here so afraid of you? i honestly don't comprehend why..." Fire asked, grabbing a sandwich from the plate and beginning to nom on it. (because nomming is cuter than eating )
  14. ummm... technically, yes... but i suggest something a little more to other creatures that have been shown on the show...
  15. okays, your accepted, the roleplay should be up in two days, maybe sooner, i'll let you know when its up.
  16. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    A pony gave Fire a weird look when she walked in, but the pony quickly looked down when they saw Fire walking with Scar. "so, what sounds good for food? i was thinking of getting a daisy sandwich with honey." Fire said, liking her lips at her own mentioning of food.
  17. a thief counts as a job in my mind, and your magic will work fine as a weapon thank you for joining
  18. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    "I'm excited because I've met one of the best griffins ever! and now I get to eat food with him! this is like the best day ever!" she said excitingly, looking back at Scar, she began walking down the hallway towards the cafeteria with the other Griffin, a smile was plastered to her face.
  19. your accepted, just add you weapon and job title by title, i meant job title like mechanic, or professor, ect.
  20. don't forget, i need your weapon choice and character title and no problem, nopony else has signed up yet
  21. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    Fire took his claw to help her up. "so, lets get going then. i just ate, but im starving all over again!" Fire Runner said with a giggle (whats this?! a giggle?! ) She flicked her stub of a tail back and forth with excitement. she fluttered out of the door and landed in the hallway, "you coming?" she called to Scar.
  22. Topic Well, this is my first Role Play creation, so I'm pretty excited about this. So here's the rundown: this is an adventure role play, but more importantly, this is a steampunk themed role play. your character, along with the others in this roleplay will be on an adventure of a lifetime through the run-down building of a mad scientist. what do you get out of this adventure? well, you get your pony's weight in gold! what else? XD Da Rulez: Try to keep things pg-13. NO sexual stuff! I might allow alicorns... other races will be accepted. I reserve the right to reject any chara
  23. Fire Runner

    Open Ancient Rome Rp

    Fire laughed so hard that she rolled out of the chair and landed on the floor. "well aren't we a pair!" she exclaimed with a laugh, rolling on her back. "if you're hungry, maybe we can get a bite to eat latter, in the cafeteria?" she suggested, rolling back over so she was laying on her stomach.
  24. Fire Runner

    Private Doreen's Music Box

    Autumn looked around the room for any possible way for her and Star to escape the room. "I don't think there is any way for us to get out of her, the door i came in through is gone now... there isn't any way to escape." Autumn said with a sigh, lowering her head in depression.
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