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  1. Sounds Like a rip off of Magic Duel. Just replacing the amulet with the crown. The way I would write it is having her find out that Twilight became a Princess and she teams up with Prince Blueblood to humiliate Twilight.
  2. Prince Blueblood: Thats It,I am Moving in with Cadence and Shining in the Crystal Empire. See Ya Bitch. *Grabs his stuff and teleports.*
  3. My theory Is that The Dragon Empreror Black Mailed Him as Sombra Was one of the royal Gaurds of the crystal Empire. My second theory is that He was raised to believe that Crystal Ponies are disgusting.
  4. Spike+1 Eh I mean Pinkie Pie +1 Rainbow Dash-1
  5. As the title Says which G4 Character can defeat The Smooze on his/her own? The Elements of harmony don't Count since their 6 Ponies.
  6. He did say "That is mine!" When he saw Spike with The Crystal Heart. And he seem to have sensed Twilight being near the Crystal Heart and Activated the Last Trap that she couldnt transport out of. He might have lost some of his mind due to his punishment but he still had some Brains in him.
  7. 1. He is voiced By An Asain, Who Also voiced Garble, Donut Joe, and Flash sentry. But being voiced by an Asain Means alot about his swag. 2. He is as big as The Likes of Big Mac and SHining armor which means he works out unlike most of you Lazy Bronies. 3. He Has the most Fabulous Mane in all of Equestria, 4. He Is A Metrosexual Which is good seeing how alot of mares are Tomboys in MLP. 5. He can be Both Manly and Girly at the same time, 6. He is the best Pony Rapper and totally owned Big Mac. 7. He Is related to gods. 8. He Is a Prince And the highest Status Stallion in the show. 9. He Is Trixies Husbando, You Trixie Fanboys be raging as The Great and Awesome Blueblood makes out with his Waifu. 10. He is the only royalty who isn't A Mary Sue. 11. Has Potential to Be A great Anti Hero antagonist when he returns. 12. Hes a Mother Father Gentleman.
  8. King Sombra, He dint even have a soul. He was Evil, Tyrannic, Racist, Amd filled with dark Magic. not only that but he had fangs and glowing eyes and survived bucking with two alicorns.Ki