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  1. YES! I love it, I don't particularly like milk, especially on it's own, but personally Frosted Flakes and Shreddies are my favourite.
  2. OK, you win. Dammit. Oh well, better think of another quote. “Oh, I was not made for heaven. No, I don't want to go to heaven. Hell is much better. Think of all the interesting people you're going to meet down there!” - Freddie Mercury
  3. OK, well I found this one a while ago. "Nothing is impossible? Not true. Try stapling water to a tree." If anyone can achieve that, PM me a photo, please! No freezing the water. One staple only. The tree must be alive and upright.
  4. Only two: 1) the one who got me into the fandom. Quite honestly the best person I've ever met in my life. No lie. He's not very open about it I don't think, but then again neither am I. I only joined the fandom a couple of weeks ago though. 2) his brother. Which I think is pretty awesome, because we can talk about it together, all three of us, without being judged by those haters outside the fandom who have no idea how awesome ponies can be. Haters: Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success
  5. Applejack? Yay! A mix of her and Fluttershy. A real hard worker you are, yup. If there's one thing you hate, it's being inactive or coming across as lazy. You'll put in more effort than anyone else, even if it may be against your better judgement or even if delagating your work is a smarter option. It's not surprising to see you working all day long, even if it's to help friends out. However, friendship is still important to you, so you will always,always stick to your commitments and keep your promises. You're a tell-it-like-it-is pony, not holding your tongue and telling whoever what
  6. Yin Yang

    Pony wallpapers

    If it was drawn with like that then that is amazing. Lol I couldn't do that with my thumbs Good work, I brohoof you sir! Keep it up!
  7. Yin Yang

    Pony wallpapers

    Very good art, I especially like Octavia's mane, I think it looks great The only thing to critic is maybe the proportions, the eyes look a little off and they are slightly messy. But on the whole great job. PS You didn't go wrong on the cello, it looks really good.
  8. So, I was bored one evening so I thought I'd just draw this because ponies . Watching pony reruns on YouTube a lot. And just thought I'd share this drawing with you guys. MLP for the win. Edit: I know it's upside down.
  9. Anyone who likes Lyra enough to vote for her all those times is a friend in my book!! :D Good to meet you BronyDefender.

    1. Yin Yang

      Yin Yang

      Nice to meet you too, and by the way Lyra is one of my favourite ponies ;)

    2. TailsIsNotAlone


      Mine too! Well you could probably tell that. xD


      If she wins here she goes to the Magic Bowl. Wow...

  10. Yin Yang

    My MLP Sketches

    These are brilliant! I love the style, really neat and smooth lines. Mechanical pencils are best but I agree they are hard to rub out. Strangely enough I can never find any rubbers for my drawings so I end up restarting completely. Oh well it's good practise for me... Anyway, good drawings, keep it up! No bad comments from me!
  11. Yin Yang

    My Pony OC's

    Amazing, I especially love the mane on your OC, it looks a bit like waves in the sea. (I don't think I will make any references like this anymore, otherwise I'll become a bad poet! But great job, and keep it up, I would like to see more of your artwork.
  12. Absolutely amazing, no criticism from me. You really do have talent.I wish I could draw like that... I feel inferior... :-/ But anyway, keep drawing! Practise makes perfect (even though it's perfect already)!
  13. Hi, Nice to have someone else join the herd! By the way I'd be very happy to draw your avatar if you give me a startoff point and a few ideas... just describe it and I'll get drawing! From BronyDefender
  14. -Freddie Mercury -Barack Obama -Harry Potter -The Queen -Lord Voldemort -(I have no idea why but) the Coca Cola logo -Mini Cooper -Queen (the band) -All my friends
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