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  1. OK I just revisited some strange details from the show that got me asking a lot of questions. It involves the Pony of Shadows ,hollowshade, and Apple Jack ,As well as princess Luna. From my knowledge , Apple Jack's family had knowledge of the Pony of Shadows and said that it reside as remnants of Nightmare Moon in The Castle of the Two Sisters. Apple Jack also stated that a branch of her family came from Hollowshade, which also seemed to Have connections with the pony of shadows as there was an entire shrine dedicated to him underground. Did a distant branch of Apple jacks ancestor partook in some sort of death cult that worships some kind of dark God? And If they did, they may have took part in introducing Princess Luna Or Stygian Into becoming their respected evil selves.
  2. You seem to find that kind of stuff in movies and shows that are genuinely bad like "the nutshack" I haven't seen any bad movies or TV shows lately so I can't recall
  3. Have you guys ever came across one of those "non-FanFictions"? You know the ones, where the fanfic in question has nothing to do source material exept for a few characters' names - and those said characters only vaguely act like the source material - as if the fan fiction was actually about something else a one point?... I've seen a couple but I don't quite remember what they were called. One of them that I can remember was actually a Sonic fanfiction but they just be placed Sonic with Rainbow Dash and Amy was Pinkie Pie. I've discovered this after doing a little bit of research and using some kind of search engine that can locate phrases in paragraphs of text. I also looked for author elsewhere. Then I found that they actually post the same fanfiction on another site at the Sonic fanfiction and according to the day that one was posted earlier. Another one was just some furry erotica turned into a clop-fic by putting Pony characters in it. There are a few others I have suspicions of but I haven't actually confirmed whether or not they were "non-fanfictions". Like one about Rainbow Dash being trapped in the sewers with somethin. She seemed a bit too out of character - almost suspiciously too out of character ,as if she's literally written as another character. And another one was about being gay. Gnd the characters seem a bit too... token, as if they could be easily exchanged with anyone else (which I believe with the intent of the author). I'm not sure, maybe I'm just being too critical. to me it sounds very lazy and disingenuous to just replace characters from a old fan fiction to make a "new" fanfiction. And who knows maybe the ones that I had a suspicion of but no evidence were actually legit Fanfictions just the characters was just wrote in a very Bland way. I don't know , what do you guys think? have you ever came across a "non-fanfiction" before and if so, tell me about them.
  4. My headcanon is that it's some kind of tribal tattoo. Something given be a superior as a passage to adulthood
  5. This Thread will feature the Pony theme based on Valentine's Day. ​ These few drawings are designed using inkscape. Each one is drawn from a base I made myself. The main plan was to have six drawings of the mane 6 holding a heart which is made out of something that fits their personality with a custom background by Valentine's Day ,but I only managed to finish Pinkie Pie. But I have to finish what I have started. So over the course of the weeks, I will be submitting those drawing as I complet them. . hope you guys enjoy . ​ Pinkie's sweet affection Pinkie thinks you're a sweetie.​ I really like this one it's a nice simple design. It's totally Pinkie Pie , especially the cookie heart. I just feel that this one is a generally cute all around. I would also like to mention that I make the cutie mark from scratch, as I do with all of my art Collecting pinkies cookies? Twilight's magical affection Twilight thinks you're something magical​ The design for Twilight's drawing is actually quite the turn from the original that I had planned. Twilight herself design was the same but the background was a bit different and so with the heart. Looking back at it now I feel that the old design was better. But too bad I never got the chance to save it. In the start, I was debating whether or not the heart should be a book or or manifestation of magic - I chose the latter But none the less ,I feel this design really fits our book horse personality, wouldn't you say? When I was designing Twilight's picture I realize something traumatic... this work will be a bit more than just a recolor and a change of mane style from the next, there was a lot more that had to go into it. First of all ,for Twilight,I noticed that she looked a bit off. And then I realized she's not tall enough. So what I did was stretch her for hooves and hind legs slightly to make it fit her body type more. I also changed up her hoof placement from pinkies. I feel the placement fits her personality and her slightly longer legs more. And don't get me started on her wings. To recreate the wings. I had to make a mold out of her wings with the fill tool then stretch and shape the pieces together by scratch so that it looks like her wings are open in a more natural pose for the picture. I've then copied the wing and set it aside for future use for Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. Do you have your library card
  6. Have you ever did a experiment on your friends impressions? Have you ever wondered how they would've view something new under certain circumstances? Have you ever wondered how context would effect someone's perception? Well you're not alone. I enjoy and often try to do these kinds of experiments. Sometimes I would try to have one of my nonBrony friends who knows nothing about the show watch it pmv and give their impressions on the story and characters. And even sometimes have them give their theories on what they believe the story is. Sometimes I have someone listen to a playlist of the soundtrack of an obscure movie or video game and give their impression of what the music is trying to convey. They may not be scientific But I love experiments like this. I love seeing how people formulate their conclusion. It's so much fun to witness someone's imagination and thought process at work. ... ... Or am I actually alone here?
  7. any pony want to debate on Skype on contrivance in shows , namely MLP:FIM?

  8. how do you embed a youtube video on a thread post?

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      You post the YouTube URL from the address bar. I've noticed it doesn't like YouTube's mobile site though and it might require the http:// prefix

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      Yeah, there's no special code you have to use here. Which is nice. Just post the url and it embeds itself.

  9. hey guys. I'm working on a new My Little Pony video and I need some help . it's a pony analysis on the magic of Equestria (so original) and I need a list of strong instances of magic explained, demonstrated, exemplified. examples I have so far ~ Sombra in general Twilight using dark magic after Celestia showed her Twilight using dark magic as alicorn Twilight's rant in "Feeling Pinkie Keen" the Trixie episode the princesses transferring their magic to Twilight Tirek in general the little ponies in general the Everfree forest all the stuff Starlight Glimmer can do​ Cutie-marks in general.. if I missed any I'll appreciate it if you help me find more instances of the behavior of magical in the show.
  10. my biggest pet peeve is when people use pronouns without context

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    MY Arts

    Plaid Play [source] Pink Rad [source] Glitz & Glam [source] Apple Yak [source] Just a few recent works I did... Some constructive criticism Is always appreciated.
  12. Well, I guess I'm using this Site again ... (bbeen gone for a while)