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    I love My Little Pony art like Pictures, Music (Dubstep,DnB and Metal), and discussions about the show.
    Im also playing CoD MW2 and League of Legends.
    My main username is Vsiky.

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    1. ~StatesTheOblivious~


      Too bad I "deleted" my account...

    2. Skyfire


      and i did a new one just for the lolz :3

    3. Skyfire


      "Vsiky Skyfire" if someone wants to hoof my beautiful face :D


  1. Well i thought facebook is much better but now i faced PONYHOOF and im really thinking about it again :D here a link:

  2. You find any information you need on the galacon homepage, just check the description below the video riiiight nooooow!
  3. Yeh we exist Ive sent you a pm for the details etc I realy hope we can get enough people together, there will be ALOT of people there if i look at the homepage
  4. Hey everypony! Im planning to go to galacon 2013 this year with a friend. I dont have to travel far but he would have to go with train for hours, now im looking for fellow ponies to travel together with and going to galacon! Hes living in the north of germany and the con is close Stuttgart this year, more informations in this vid. Feel free to pm me for more facts or questions
  5. Recruiting new Bronies!

  6. want to play something with someone :(

  7. Thank you for the friend request. ^^ Sorry if this is a bit late, I'm not really able to get on much at the moment, how are you?

    1. Skyfire


      Hay and thanks for the accepted request :3

      Its okay you accept so late because now its a big supprise as i forgot that :P

      Im fine, what about you? :)

  8. this is better than facebook :D

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    2. Fluttershyfan94


      I don't even have a Facebook.. But I know this site is better.

    3. Zygen


      True in so many ways :P

    4. Gone Airbourne

      Gone Airbourne

      facebook died in my heart long ago...

  9. Yay Profile view 1000 inc. :) And my new mobile finaly arrived!! :3

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    2. Fluttershyfan94


      Well, it wasn't really my idea, it was my brothers. We are huge fans of Fallout and just seeing that noone had made a video of that song.. I just had to make it, I actually didn't spend a lot of time editing. Only an hour or so, my next vids will have more time put into them but the song itself did all the work. I am actually thinking of making annother Fallout PMV, but not sure. Since dubstep vocals do fit ponies really well. Who knows :)

    3. Skyfire


      Expecting more of you ;)

    4. Fluttershyfan94
  10. The Cat Returns <3 best way to spend time waiting for S4 is watching it million times <3

  11. Missing new episodes so badly :(

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    2. ~Chaotic Fireball~

      ~Chaotic Fireball~

      if i could flutter..

    3. Skyfire


      one day, maybe...

    4. ~Chaotic Fireball~

      ~Chaotic Fireball~

      Actually there's something almost as good. You can hypnotise yourself to think you're a pony and yu can feel your wings :D it's super cool. I tried it and it was really good. Search up 'hypnotise yourself to be a pony' in the search bar :)

  12. After almost 2 months without any motivation i finaly finished my third pmv today! Tell me your opinions, id realy want to know what i could do better.
  13. Im glad to tell you that my third PMV is already on the way! Ive decided to quit drawing and continue working on pmvs only. Still might draw sometimes but yeh i had to decide, it was too much work at once. Now heres a short trailer: The rendering messed the timing up, sorry for that but i hope you already get what this episode is about and maybe you know the song Enjoy waiting for it