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  1. @Witch Great! I'll be using Roefire here if that okay with you!
  2. Oooh! This looks great! Let me know if I missed anything! Name: Roefire Race: Pegasus Class: Fencer Age: 20 Sex: Female Cutie Mark: A simple compass with inscribed sun-rays at its center. It represents her love for adventure and exploration, and her ability to help other ponies find their way. Special Talent: Wayfinder - Roefire is exceptional at cartography and constellation reading, thus enabling her to help guide the party on the correct path. Motivation: Roefire is a freelance adventurer for hire ((she hates the term mercenary)). No task, big or small, has ever phased her before, and she's not about to let some cranky Lich scare her away! Backstory: It's not that Roefire had a tragic, haunted childhood. It's really not like that. Roe had wonderful parents, who loved her very much. She grew up safe and warm in the clouds, with a nice home and dozens of other Pegasi foals to play with. There was no horrific, life-changing event that shook the foundations of everything she believed in, nor any terrible, crippling loss to scar her formative years. Roefire grew to be a proud and confidant young mare, the apple of her parents' eyes. But it was as she grew that Roe began to feel the weight of expectation and responsibility. The reality of becoming a teenager, and then an adult, really. Her parents had always just... assumed she'd go into the weather business. It was almost unheard of for a Pegasus not too. I mean, we couldn't all be like the Wonderbolts. At least, that's what her parents had said. But it just didn't satisfy Roefire. Like... ever. There was never any flash of inspiration or excitement, or any gentle wave of contentment. Helping the weather along was... just that. Helping the weather along. It wasn't her calling. It wasn't who she was meant to be. Her parents has insisted she was being over-dramatic, that she'd settle into her niche in time. Her cutie mark would appear, and all would be well. But time marched on and Roefire grew increasingly restless and agitated. She'd eventually grown to despise the work she did, viewing it as an awful chore that kept her from growing into the pony she knew she could be. Yet at the same time, she felt incredibly guilty for thinking this way. She desperately wanted to make her parents proud, to find a place in the weather teams among her friends, but it just wasn't working. It was draining the vitality out of her, and Roefire just wanted something that would satisfy her. So, one night she quietly explained to her parents that she would be leaving. She would strike out on her own, to find something she loved to do. Something that made her happy. They ranted and raved and demanded she stay, but eventually she got them to understand. Despite their fear and worry for their only daughter, they let her go without a fight. And so Roefire traveled this way and that, facing obstacles both big and small, and weathering through quite a bit more peril than she bargained for. It wasn't until a full six months later that her cutie mark finally appeared, and Roefire recognized her true calling. Seemingly without even realizing it, Roefire had become a "professional" adventurer, and began offering her services to ponies far and wide. Need to recover an artifact from a collapsed tomb? No problem! Need help breaking an ancient curse threatening your small, country town? Got ya covered! Need someone to run to the store and grab you some flu medicine? ....Well okay, just don't sneeze on her. Appearance: Boop! Personality: Roguish and witty; clever, carefree, and just a little too flirty. Roefire carries an enthusiasm and excitement for life. She hungers for new and fresh experiences, and delights in meeting new ponies and going on grand adventures. Roe is determined to leave the confusion and guilt of her fickle childhood behind, and make up for lost time with as many happy memories as she can cram into the rest of her life. Attributes: Passive- Combat Agility Dual Wielding Faulty Armor Active- Aerial Slash Phantom Sword Burning Blade Equipment: Dirk 1 (100 GP) Dirk 2 (100 GP) Chainmail Armor (150 GP) 350 Total GP spent; 50 GP Remaining
  3. Merry Christmas and all that; just happy to be off work 😭

  4. HOO boy sorry I'm late retail + Christmas holiday = 40 hour work week if you'll still have me I can send in the page I have for my character
  5. I think it sounds really interesting :00 Would the main premise of the story be more about an investigation into the ruins in Everfree? Or more of a slice-of-life type setting? Possibly both? and how would this correlate into an event? also it's fine to not be super detailed with the lore. I'm not as well versed in it either but the point of an rp is to just have fun and make it your own so
  6. I am broadly pagan and a regularly practicing witch!
  7. Where Life Goes doesn't seem to be generating much interest 👀 So I'll probably be putting it on hold in favor of a different reboot 

  8. Thats p reasonable Everyone experiences it differently and thats just fine also this must really be the only thread of it on the forum if it's the first one to pop up
  9. peeks in to see if this is still open Name: Roefire Link to character: here! Chosen Class: Support
  10. @Biohazarddallas He's a really cool character! I'll add him down to the list when I get the chance!
  11. HOO BUDDY how did you even find this thread im crying I have two kintypes, both of which I identify as past lives One is a Cervitaur ((Deer*-centaur-thingy)) the other is,,, im not rlly sure? It's been three years now so I can better picture what I looked like in my head and I've since started saying that the closest thing i can compare it to is a dragon I lived somewhere in space and I lived for a long, long time. This one is def the dominant one, and I'm p sure it was because my lifespan was ridiculously long. Also I feel that conflict man Although it doesn't really manifest as here and now feelings. It's when I start to remember how things used to feel, or how they should feel to me now, that I really start to get ???? But I think your kintype is really rad my dude
  12. @Biohazarddallas Of course! Do you have a link to his character page or a description of him I can verify?
  13. @Techno Universal Yeah, who doesn't love a little dramatic flare every now and then :b