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  1. Looks like I still have time to enter! (i think) I would love to win the painting. It's amazing and would definitely be hanging on my wall for all of time <3
  2. Can't I worry about ponies instead of paying bills??? :(

    1. The Soldier

      The Soldier

      We all wish we could.

  3. Hi!!! :D I don't really know you.. but hi anyways!

  4. Looks like I was vote number 1 for wine!!! ...which is totally fine since it seems like many of the people here are not old enough to legally enjoy it. lol.
  5. You forgot to put "soft drinks" in the poll!!! I usually say that or the exact brand it is... pepsi, coke, mountain dew.
  6. Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt on NES I think it was in 1991. I begged my parents for a NES, but eventually my grandmother got it for me.... without their permission I think, lol
  7. lol... I'm in shape and still get carded for everything... yeah, who cares about age!!! I don't want to grow up!
  8. Sure!! The age difference might pose an issue... but an innocent date? why not
  9. I have one close friend brony... but he doesn't go on any of the forums. I've known him since before FiM started up. We used to go to theme parks together and be roller coaster nerds. I met another who works at the grocery store I go to and he only uses 4chan. No IRL forum buddies
  10. SNOW DAY!!!!! yay!!!

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    2. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      I didn't mean snow days as in school cancellations or anything, just talking about days where it actually snows. Given how far to the north you are and your proximity to the mountains, you probably get more snow than people do in the east-central part of the state where I am. I currently live on the outskirts of Mechanicsville, bordering on Ashland and Glen Allen.

    3. Sonata18


      considering I'm no longer in high school, I'll take any excuse to have a free day off, lol

    4. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      Same here. But since I'm unemployed I don't have anywhere to go anyway.

  11. You know, that's a good way to put it. The MLP shippings have basically expanded my view of a "relationship" for myself to include more people.
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