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Sup brahs? I'm MegaSean45! Most know me as the founder and owner of Shroom Films, and creator of the Half-Life machinimas: Scanner-Life and Combine Rampage. I'm also known as the guy who runs an OC pony page on Facebook by the name of Flare Gun (Friendship is Epic). I'm more or less like a Pinkie Pie because I'm random, a Spike for my humor, Rainbow Dash for awesomeness, Fluttershy because I'm kind and sometimes sensitive, Rarity because I am generous, and I have no idea about Twilight. :3 Need to know a bit about Flare Gun? All you need to know is that he acts like me, he knows leet magics, and he's the founder and owner of the best pizza parlor in Equestria known as Flare's Pizza Parlor. Can't think of a more original name? It's all I got right now. XD