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  1. Ah so it is the Pony of Shadows in the finale it seems! But what REALLY interests me is episode 24! Is it that Spike / Starlight episode I've been wanting?! At least Spike with somepony! please! I'm really praying for that! He needs that 2nd episode! Too bad it's not a 3-parter though. It would've been nice. I am so hyped, and nervous at the same time! I'm freezing cold! All this teasing!
  2. Spoiler

    I know! That was like the best answer I've ever heard in this year's panel! Who woulda thought? Basically, you have to ask a stupid question to get a surprisingly hyped up answer! XD
  3. Spoiler

    It was a joke, brah! A joke by Vogel!
  4. Spoiler

    The latest would be some time in September! The August summaries were released this month on Discovery's website, September's summaries (including Daring DOne) will be released in August, so the October episode summaries (including episodes 24-26) will be released in September (if not sooner)! EDIT: Yay! Promoted to dragon!
  5. Spoiler

    So on Equestria Daily, CouchCrusader gave us summaries of what he saw over at the MLP Panel over at Comic Con! They had a sneak peek of the movie, and there was a Q&A, and man oh man, the VAs and the staff (especially Mike Vogel) were hilarious! XD I'm actually quite hyped over the few things Cathy improved Spike on, which might be hints! Go ahead and check it out! I wanna see your comments about this!
  6. So yeah I'm gonna go on a limb here and say the Mane Six looking an ancient prophecies about the old legends of Star Swirl and the classic heroies! The Mane Six have to find a way to communicate with them (Twilight goes hype about talking to Star Swirl), and they get info about the secrets on how to defeat the Pony of Shadows once and for all! The Mane Six defeat it, everypony's happy, and Star Swirl tells Twilight about a new danger lying ahead of them and he tells them to find his old friend Scorpan! Scorpan arc next season with Tirek returning, Chrysalis is the one who frees him to get back at Equestria, and huge Spike season learning about his origins and such!
  7. I'll go with Spike and Ember! Maybe Sunburst to fill that 7th slot!
  8. i think that's the finale you have in mind!
  9. I know everyone is rooting for a 3-part finale, so if it's not that, definitely Spike episode #2 please! Every other character got more than one chance to shine, except Spike and Discord; and since John de Lancie didn't even remember recording for this season, it's definitely not Discord! It's gotta be Spike! I would be pretty outraged if episode 24 starred any other character! The only exception I'll have is if it's a 3-part finale. Hell, I wouldn't even mind if Spike shares this episode with somepony else! In fact, I hope he does as long as it ain't Twilight or Rarity! Me money would have to go with Starlight/Spike combo episode since I'm not sure if Starlight's playing a big part in the finale, and Spike needs that second episode. So yeah, I'm gonna say Spike episode (with or without somepony else), unless it's a 3-part finale!
  10. Trixie never had another friend before so it's quite understandable, and perhaps... a good idea for an episode!
  11. Starlight never seemed close with the Remane Five. The only ones Starlight seems close with are Twilight, Spike, Trixie, Sunburst, Maud, Thorax, and Discord. So maybe she can form her own little friendship group containing Spike, Trixie, Sunburst, Maud, Thorax, and Discord!
  12. Yeah, but it's a dead-end crush. Not really a good thing to show the children who watch it. It might bring the wrong impressions. Besides, Rarity takes advantage of him, and I hate seeing that! I know she cares, but she's using his crush, and I'm tired of seeing that. That's why I want it to end! It's the kind of development they both need! They're always gonna be special friends regardless, but it has to be done. I'm sure there's a way of doing it without disappointing too many people. After all... they showed AJ's parents, and what were the odds of that?
  13. I think you're right, but I do think they'll direct that in the show, but probably towards the end. This is a fantastic friendship moral and it would be a shame for it to go to waste!