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  1. Spoiler Season 8's Songs (So far, and what's coming)

    Don't worry, I put a "spoiler tag" on the thingy! You don't need to block them!
  2. So we had 3 songs this season so far! Which of the 3 songs did you like the best so far? I liked "Friendship Always Wins" best so far! The final 4 songs won't be heard till the 2nd half of the season! 1. We got "Friendship U" in the episode "Friendship University"! Most likely a choir song, possibly contains Twilight and Rarity singing, and maybe Star Swirl if we're lucky! It's probably a chanting-type of song! 2. Next we have "The Road to Friendship" on the episode On the Road to Friendship, which is most likely a duet between Starlight and Trixie! 3. Afterwards we have "A Kirin Tale" in the episode Sounds of Silence sung by Rachel Bloom's character, and possibly AJ and Flutters! 4. Then finally we have "You Just Can't Be A Dragon Here" in Father Knows Best, most likely a duet between Spike and his dad! That last one is the one I'm looking forward to the most! You know Spike singing would always win me over! So which of the first 3 songs this season did you like so far, and which of the next 4 are you most interested in?
  3. Suppose the Mane 6 were turned evil.

    How is that spoilery? That was a long time ago! Alright fine, so then I want him to be evil AGAIN, but in a different way! Not greed this time, something a little more connected with his personality!
  4. Suppose the Mane 6 were turned evil.

    That's not evil, that's just greed by nature. I'm talking about evil as in Anti-Spike! One that hates being an assistant!
  5. Suppose the Mane 6 were turned evil.

    How about if Spike turned evil? They didn't do that yet!
  6. Spoiler Season 8 Waiting Thread (Spoilers)

    Yunno what the sad thing is about the leaks? No new episodes till Hey with the move coming up, perhaps it's for the best since I probably won't have time anyway!
  7. Ok after watching Molt Down again, it's just making me believe Smolder and Spike are siblings even more! If the writers are gonna end up not doing that, they're doing a pretty good job at being misleading! XD

  8. Right, of course! Yeah I'm talking about more personal nightmares, like Rainbow forcing herself to abandon her friends!
  9. We know the main cast has their deepest darkest fears! Oh just imagine how many feels that episode could bring! And I'm not talking about Return of Harmony, that was like... forever ago! Like the Mane 8 have to face their fears before successfully getting through a mission of some sort! Pinkie Pie's fear could be her being alone! AJ's fear could be losing her family! Starlight's fear... perhaps she could be afraid of reverting back to her old self! She faced her fear of losing Sunburst, perhaps... maybe not! Spike... don't get me started on him, I think his fear could be more than just getting abandoned by Twilight - like maybe offending Ember and Thorax so much that they could go to war with Equestria, or something like that, or just won't accept the fact that Rarity doesn't like him the way he feels about her, which is why the crush is still around. Who knows? What else could these 8 be so afraid of? Should we have an episode like this?
  10. What will Discord do once Fluttershy passes away?

    Well, he'd still have Spike! Dragons live longer than ponies!
  11. Spoiler Father Knows Beast (season 8 spoilers)

    I'm feeling that it's gonna come down to Twilight and Starlight this time, the two ponies he lives with. Twilight, because of obvious reasons, and Starlight to keep Twilight sane after Spike's departure, but also there to remind him who his true family is! It would be really nice if she were there instead of Rarity this time. Or maybe even all the Mane Seven, better yet! Regardless, Sparity is overstaying it's welcome. I wanna see more of Spike's relationships with his other friends like Starlight and the Remain Four!
  12. I'm sorry.

    1. MegaSean45


      It's cool, brah! Let's just forget it happened! ;)

    2. Karnak


      I wish I could hug you.

  13. Spoiler Father Knows Beast (season 8 spoilers)

    Hey it doesn't matter to me either way! Spike meets his family finally, questions get answered, that's all the confirmed headcanon I need! It's like I always say, brah, better to have something than nothing!
  14. Spoiler Father Knows Beast (season 8 spoilers)

    Really? Just THEM? He's got more friends than that! 3. Starlight. 4. Pinkie. 5. AJ. 6. Rainbow. 7. Flutters. 8. Big Mac. 9. CMCs. I can go on! I mean I do agree with you. He wouldn't stay in the Dragon Lands with his family for more than just a few days tops! Still though... he's got more friends those two. Think he'd be happy without his O&O buddies?
  15. No way am I changing my appearance suggestions on the MLP Wikia. I think it's fine the way it stands now.

    1. MegaSean45


      Hey your choice! It's your post! ;)