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  1. MegaSean45

    What if Garble was Smolder and Spike's brother?

    So you think none of those 3 are siblings with eachother? I mean you could be right, maybe not. We shall see! These theories are spreading like wildfire now though, and seeing how far the show is going, literately anything can happen!
  2. MegaSean45

    Lightning Dust and Depression

    Yunno, if Lightning Dust comes back, I just realized that I don't think she should try to have her revenge on Rainbow Dash for having her kicked out of the academy! Yunno what should happen? Her returning episode could have a moral that teaches depression! I mean, Lightning Dust's dreams were crushed! Yes, by her own actions and she'd realize that and lost hope for ever being happy again. So Rainbow Dash would feel sorry for her, and would probably blame herself for having her kicked out which Rainbow probably didn't expect to happen cause what if it was Rainbow that was reckless that caused to get kicked out? So she'd try to fix things, but it wouldn't be that easy because Spitfire's decision is final! This episode would definitely make Spitfire look like the villain! Y'see Lightning probably didn't know better when she was reckless - she let pride take the best of her, and without warning, without probation, she's just gone. At least Wind Rider knew exactly what he was doing so he deserved to be kicked out, but did LD really know better? I don't even see her as the revenge type, which is why Grandpa Wind Rider did it! Oh c'mon, that 'flight record' reason was just a cover-up! Depression is a big problem today, and if MLP were to address that, it could help inspire some people that do have it! Lightning wouldn't be a villain, but a victim of her own actions, and that would be a huge change for the show!
  3. MegaSean45

    Possible early release for A Matter of Principals

    In all things considered though, if you wanna see the episodes "in order", A Matter of Principals is first in production order and Yakity-Sax (the one that's airing Friday) is actually supposed to be episode 18! So if you wanna watch them in order, Yakity-Sax should be watched after End in Friend!
  4. That'd feel pretty odd. I mean that IS realistic and could be interesting, but if then it might feel rushed. If we get elements that connect to the existing characters like the ones I listed, it might feel earned and could be done in a pretty clever way that makes sense to each of their story arcs!
  5. First we had the Pillars of Harmony: * Star Swirl (Sorcery) * Rockhoof (Strength) * Mistmane (Beauty) * Flash Magnus (Bravery) * Somnambula (Hope) * Mage Meadowbrook (Healing) And then came the Elements of Harmony: * Twilight (Magic) * Applejack (Honesty) * Rarity (Generosity) * Rainbow (Loyalty) * Pinkie (Laughter) * Fluttershy (Kindness) Who's to say the Elements will last forever? Think about it! At first, the map was only summoning the Mane Six to friendship missions because of how they're connected to the Elements of Harmony! After a while though, in came Starlight, then Spike, then the CMCs, and then Sunburst being summoned by the map! That's SIX non-Mane 6 characters that got summoned by the map! Think this could be a coincidence? It most likely is, but if the Pillars created the Tree of Harmony which made the Elements, what if the Elements created a next-gen set of tools of Harmony? Season 9 spoiler: So if 6 characters have been summoned by the map, and they aren't connected to the elements, AND they've played important roles in the Mane Six's lives, this could mean Starlight, Spike, Sunburst, and the CMCs could be the next-generation of Elements of Harmony if the developers are taking this course! What do you think of this? Here's my idea for the next-gen elements known as the Generations of Harmony: * Spike (Acceptance) * Starlight (Empathy) * Sunburst (Knowledge) * Apple Bloom (Unity) * Sweetie Belle (Playfulness) * Scootaloo (Courage)
  6. MegaSean45

    Possible early release for A Matter of Principals

    I hope this episode connects with Friendship University like how Just for Sidekicks and Games Ponies Play connect!
  7. look i have a spell book that can turn anypony in any pet u like

  8. MegaSean45

    What if Garble was Smolder and Spike's brother?

    Heh, all the more reason for it to happen! XD It would be so ironic! Yeah it would! :3
  9. MegaSean45

    I want a Pet Adventure special!

    Doesn't matter to me either way, but Spike doesn't even have any shorts yet in case you didn't know! Whichever works best, but they shouldn't just force giving the Humane 7 their own shorts before having an adventure for Spike that's already thought of!
  10. MegaSean45

    I want a Pet Adventure special!

    She'd definitely be aggressive!
  11. MegaSean45

    I want a Pet Adventure special!

    Well if Ember appears as a dog then you'll be gettimg cute tsundre dog moments which is even better! :3
  12. MegaSean45

    I want a Pet Adventure special!

    It's already done, I'm afraid, there is no undoing it. So we might as well put it to our advantage! A pet special starring Spike! I think Thorax and Spike's relationship would help so much more if he was a cat! Besides, it's easier for Hasbro to sell a cat toy than a bug toy!
  13. It would be a nice change to have an Equestria Girls special starring Spike and his animal friends - Ember and Thorax! Yunno those animal adventure movies we all love so much? If Equestria Girls did that, it would be amazing! Twilight would have some sort of problem, and along with Ember the Dog and Thorax the Cat, the 3 would go on an adventure throughout the city to locate what Spike is looking for, and on the way, they run into the other Mane 6 pets who don't necessarily join them but offer assistance for their quest! And as a villain, there'd be another animal character who is infected with Equestria magic who would slow Spike and his friends down! So what do ya think? Equestria Girls pet adventure special? Sound like a fun idea?
  14. MegaSean45

    Spoiler Yakity-Sax possibly airing early

    Might as well get the less-appealing episode outta the way early!