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  1. I made this same post a while ago. I don't think there's a mid-season hiatus anyway because if they want to end the season before the movie comes out, they'd just skip the hiatus for this year.
  2. It would suck to bring back Blueblood before Babs! I want Babs back!
  3. spoiler

    So who are the other two judges gonna be? Me money's on Coco and Sassy! :3 I'm also betting that this is a Fox bros episode!
  4. Sooooo... when is this crush gonna end? That's my question! It doesn't need to be around anymore in this case! If the relationship ain't going further, I don't see any reason keeping it around! Spike deserves better than her anyway!
  5. Do you watch MLP with any of your family members, like parents, siblings, cousins, or maybe even your friends, or relationship partners? What do they think of the show, and what are their points of view on it? I watch MLP with my mom, and even though she's not in the fandom cause she doesn't follow anything, she doesn't read fanfics, she doesn't listen to music, or look at the art. She just watches the show, and enjoys it! She doesn't make a big deal over it, but she gets pissed when I watch an episode without her! XD She has some opinions of the show that are common with mine, and some that are different! Fluttershy is her favorite! She also really likes Rainbow and AJ! She doesn't like Pinkie cause she's too hyper. She has mixed feelings with Twilight, and she's okay with Starlight. She doesn't like Discord. She likes all the CMCs, and she likes Scootaloo best mainly cause she pities her and thinks she's an orphan cause her parents never showed up on the show. She likes Spike as well! She doesn't like Rarity though cause she's a drama-queen, and she doesn't like how she treats Spike, much like my opinion of Rarity. I DO like Rarity! I think she's a good character, and her drama queen moments are funny! But I agree that I don't like how Rarity uses Spike's crush on her to get him to do stuff she wants, which is pretty much why I want the crush to end. My mom does although like Flurry Heart, and the entire Apple family, and all of the princesses! She likes Celestia best because she's colorful! How about anybody you know? What are their opinions of the show?
  6. I do believe there'll be a season 9! 9 or 10 might be the final season of FiM. By that time, hopefully most of our important questions will be answered, and we can continue on to G4.5 with brand new main characters!
  7. It would end on a tragic note if the show ends prematurely without some of our most important questions are left unanswered!
  8. I got no problems with Trixie! She ain't a favorite of mine, but I like her! She's a cool character!
  9. I dunno if I should say anything! Cause normally when I share episodes, they don't happen. But if I keep them to myself, they usually do happen! I'm gonna test that theory for a little bit by not saying anything!
  10. I'm sure we'll visit the zebra lands and know Zecora's origins someday in the future! I mean Hasbro wouldn't allow the people who make the comics make anything like that, or so I heard, so that must mean her origins are going to be saved for the show! The only origins the comics were allowed to released were Celestia and Luna's with the first Legends is Magic issue!
  11. Well if this is Spike's origins episode, I guarantee Twilight's singing in it too! The rest of the main cast is a maybe. If the main cast sing about their families in the beginning, then yeah, but that'll probably be their only part for them. Most of them would be for Spike, Twilight, and Ember - and Starlight if she comes along.
  12. I dunno about you, but I have the feeling when we get to the episode that Spike discovers where he comes from, I got the feeling it might be a musical! Cause it's a very important part of Spike's life being accomplished, like Twilight being a princess, and the CMCs getting their cutie marks! Maybe Newbie Dash would've been better if the "mimicking her friends" thing was a song! I mean, every eventful episode that shows a character accomplishing they've always wanted has a song in it. Newbie Dash was the first for that to happen! So my point is, I really think the episode Spike discovers his origin would be a musical episode for him, since quite a few main characters had musical episodes already! I know some of you don't like Spike's singing, but think about it: would all that singing be worth it if you got to hear EMBER sing? Ember's VA is a singer, so if she was asked to sing, she would! Maybe the other dragons would sing too in a viking chorus-like style! So what do ya think? Spike's origins episode being a musical? Wanna hear Ember sing? If we're going to expect an episode like this, it's not gonna be this season, that's for sure! Maybe season 8 or 9!
  13. You make it sound like their not friends though. They're great friends! They bonded alot of times in the series! But it is odd that they didn't share an episode. Maybe at first she was interested in his dragon ways, but they get along pretty well! But with Spike not having more bonding times with the rest of the Mane Six, it makes me wonder why he hangs with them. Why doesn't he get his own group of friends, if he hasn't already? He's got Big Mac, so that's a start of a group! Ember and Thorax too would be good choices if they weren't busy running their own kingdoms. What happened to Snips and Snails?
  14. Actually I consider Mark as a pretty great actor! In fact I'm hiring him for my future show! But I don't think he'll be on MLP cause he ain't a brony, and that's completely fine by me! He ain't a hater though at least! He's anything but! But he ain't voicing on the show, I guarantee that! Same goes with Jack and Pewbs!
  15. Good question! Was Twilight really needed too? He could've used an adventure without either of them!