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  1. Everything comes and goes in the end. Even my animated series will end several years after it starts in the future! I just hope this show ends on a high note with tying up the very important loose ends!
  2. Any Short Ideas for Dog Spike?

    So it's a bit weird that dog Spike hasn't had one short for himself yet. Summertime Shorts, Better Together, and Choose Your Own Ending! Not one yet! So, while we wait for his short(s) to show up, any of you have any ideas on what he can do? I got a few, but I'll put them in the spoiler thing below, in case you want to share yours first before seeing mine! Down here, I made two Better Togethers!
  3. Spoiler Will you watch G5?

    We'll see! No promises though!
  4. Spike in G5?

    Well Spike should be in it! I ain't watching G5 without him!
  5. I am so sorry

    It's a normal reaction! Hey you like it now, it's like reforming a villain! :3
  6. Spoiler New round of Leaks have been released

    Hey did it say anything of what's gonna happen with Spike in season 9, or not yet? How about Babs and Manehattan CMCs? That season is pretty much their last chance to do that in the main series! It's either that or comics!
  7. Spoiler Season 8 Waiting Thread (Spoilers)

    So he doesn't bother bringing it up, which should make y'all very happy, but then you two just brought it up. What was the point in that? XD He can't but you can? It probably just didn't come to them, and now you risked reminding him about it, and he'll bring it up again. Smart, very smart of you two!
  8. Spoiler New round of Leaks have been released

    It would be nice getting the rest of the S9 synopsises! Know what we're running into! :3
  9. Have a happy, happy Birthday! :D Ah ha! The happy's been doubled!

    1. twilight24


      Thank you :) 

  10. Hey brah, you ever seen Rescue at Midnight Castle at G1? ;) 

    1. Karnak


      I have not

    2. MegaSean45


      Good, neither did I! XD But from speaking from a Spike fan's perpective, did you know Spike was a close friend of Scorpan and he actually gave Spike to the ponies? Makes me wonder if Scorpan from THIS generation was the one who gave Celestia his egg! What do ya think of that?

    3. Karnak


      That would be cool, hopefully father knows beast explains, Tierk does return this season.

  11. Why isn't Spike close with Twilight's family?

    Then in the Wings Over Yakyakistan comic, he pretty much DOES consider himself a dragon, and gets offended when his friends considered him a pony over being a dragon. I guess after befriending Ember and becoming ambassador, he comes to accept being a dragon, but a dragon that lives among ponies. If only the series would actually show Spike bonding with his pony family that is the Sparkles, but he is only shown bonding with one of them: Twilight! And that's the problem here. What is Shining, Cadance, Flurry, and Twilight's parents to him?
  12. Why isn't Spike close with Twilight's family?

    Well there's always the comics!
  13. Why isn't Spike close with Twilight's family?

    Uh brahs? I'm not talking about Twilight and Spike's relationship though! I'm talking about Spike and Twilight's family - including Shining, Cadance, Flurry, the parents, yunno them!
  14. Outta all the times on the show that Spike could've bonded with Twilight's family, it never happened. Twilight does think of Spike as family as shown in Once Upon a Zeppelin, and he returns the favor, but for some reason. he's never really bonding with anyone else in the family. Canterlot Wedding, Twilight has shown to have a relationship with Shining and Cadance, but to think that Spike coulda had a guy friend, like a brotherly figure outta Shining. Twilight was really excited to become an aunt to Flurry Heart, but what is Spike to her other than someone who put her to sleep with his singing? In all things considered though, the little time he had to interacting with Twilight's family, it was mostly asking him for a favor (Princess Spike, Flurry of Emotions), or the hero of the Crystal Empire. I mean it's better than nothing, but still. Is Twilight really the ONLY family he's got? Woulda seemed sweeter if he felt like he had a place within the Sparkle family as a whole. Now that it hasn't happened, it makes me want him to meet his original family even more! At least Scoots now has Rainbow's family to make up for her parent neglection, and she does have aunts.
  15. Well in that case, it makes me wanna watch G5 now! I only watch FiM now for Spike, but if he's in that gen, that I guess I'll give it a watch! But like you said, potential arc(h).