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    you see i'm a very, very, very odd person
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  1. a luna eclipse is when the sun turns black and explodes
  2. i hated the people in my grade 12/year 9 because they ridiculed me alot for my looks and personality and even my disability so over time that caused me to be an asshole to people in real life.
  3. 6/10 not into that sort music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBf47yRpOM8
  4. i could use some suggestions for a new pc because my laptop is a broken mess and i've grown sick of it overheating all the time, so i need a new pc to fufill my time in life some info below -preferred if below 1000 quid -preferred if can run games smoothly -MUST be a pc tower -preferred if pc is robust thanks again
  5. known for derailing threads @~chaotic sole~ known for possibly being an artist
  6. banned cus this http://akk.li/pics/anne.jpg
  7. simple post a video then post another and get that one rated out of 10 i'll start (as always)