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  1. i wait till you go to sleep and then suffocate you with the stuffed animal i leave a 1G SD card
  2. i light the gas in it and melt the skin off your upper body . i leave The country of Switzerland
  3. white, orange, yellow, would you rather play table top D&D or Call of Cthulu?
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fmb6ZotTVC8
  5. Democracy does not exist tell me something that's equal to or greater than the word.
  6. takes me back. what's the first thing that comes to mind? chopper grind 45 Jim Austrailia
  7. i'd hit you with a chuck norris joke, because he get's a royalty check every time one's said.
  8. i tickle you with the feather until you die from hyperventalation. i leave a Monopoly game
  9. Fluttershy do you ever think you should be a veterinarian? because you really love animals and take good care of them.
  10. i poke a hole in the battery and force down your gullet and make your esophagus dissolve so that you die of a horrible infection. i leave an ibuprofen
  11. i loop the video and force you to watch it and die of sleep deprevation