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  1. blooshroom

    Gaming Realm of the Mad God

    I just got done playing a session with these settings and it is defiantly a learning curve. With ability to control the camera lets you see around the battle field better along with the not center on player. With those two settings enabled you can see a lot more infront of you but not so much behind, but with a rotating camera that is hardly a problem. I'm going to start playing like this because it's defiantly more effective.
  2. blooshroom

    Gaming Realm of the Mad God

    I do that (My hotkey is E) when I'm playing I'm always doing very well and then a horde of a high level enemy comes over and obliterates me before I can. Most of the time this happens I'm at about half health. After about the seventh time this has happened you just stop because of shear frustration. If your interested in playing together sometime I play on USMidwest 2.
  3. blooshroom

    Celestia Shadowbox

    Do you sell any of those because I would probably be willing to buy one if it wasn't to expensive. If I was going to give this a rating out of ten, it would get a ten.
  4. blooshroom

    Gaming Realm of the Mad God

    I used to play this game a lot I kept trying to get the Kongregate ants as pets which requires you to unlock Ninja class. After about thirty sum tries I got to frustrated to continue. If there were some people that are willing to play I start back up. It's always nice to play with some friends on games that you like. If anyone wants to play my username is Blooshroom.
  5. Recently I have been playing Gears of War 3, I just got back into it and I decided to replay the story on Hardcore. The fact that it's so easy I might go up to Insane after that and get the Ghost Protocol Skin set. Other games besides that are Borderlands 2, Halo 4, Happy Wars, and a in Beta game called Murder Miners. I also got back into playing Spiral Knights.
  6. blooshroom

    Gaming Any Pokémon fans?

    I would have to say that my favorite pokemon overall is Zigzagoon, don't know what it is about that pokemon but I have always loved him. Also I would have to see Gen. 3 is the peak of the Pokemon series. After that the pokemon ideas started getting really bad. Not sure about the X&Y games, but the look fairly promising.
  7. The episode was ok one of my favorite parts was near the end when they were trying to stage a fake Timber wold attack. Spike almost fell for it but realized there was no breath. To me this made his character seem more perceptive than before. Maybe this is a sign that Spike is maturing and this might be and idea put away for a future episode.
  8. blooshroom


    Hi, I just joined the forums in hopes of making some new friends with similar interests. I am a semi-artist, I don't post most of my stuff because it isn't that great. I enjoy play games with other people and I hope that I will meet some new people and make some friends.
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