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  1. Someyone tried to grief ponyville

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    2. Rainbow_Blitz
    3. jreidsma


      I'm gone right now but will be able to check it out in a little bit, so I was just wondering where it was so we could fix it.

    4. Rainbow_Blitz


      if you look at the spawn you will see what i mean

  2. Minecraft Server is back open! Please read the server website for update info

  3. Hi everyone The server is off of whitelist and has had major updates. An overview of which are going to be listed. A new map is up, all cities are still available but only cloudsdale and ponyville can be built on. All buildings in ponyville are protected but can be bought by right clicking on the sell signs on said building. You will then be deducted the points and will own the building, it will also be protected with worldguard. This brings up the point system, we now have sort of an economy. Every so often 5 points will be added to your account, you start off with 10 points but to deter grief in the form of buying upon joining all houses are above 10 points. Mutiverse is installed. All cities are in separate worlds. All pixel art has been added to a separate world. If you want to build pixel art then maybe build it offline and send me a zip of the world and I will import it. Or if enough people get interested we can figure something else out. A new teleportation station has been built and a decent sized block spawning station has been built which contains buttons to spawn almost everything needed to build a house. Just no armor. Creative mode is no longer available. Thanks to those who were given it before that abused it, enchanting ground in the middle of cities and spawning massive amounts of chickens crashing the server. If the server is laggy or anything let me know. For more info, updates, and links on how to sell your houses and such visit: http://servers.thetillandsiaforums.com
  4. Sorry but as of right now the server is actually offline. We discovered quite the bit of griefing (thanks to the people who simply refuse to pay any attention to us telling them to contact us admins so we can worldguard their buildings) and now we are having to re create the original map. Cloudsdale is being added in but everything else will be set back to a previous date. The current plan is for all the cities to be moved closer together so we can monitor them easier and so players actually use them more. It will be terribly hard to update the server on a thread with other servers and conversations going on. I guess I will add in a blog or forum to the website and post everything there.
  5. As of right now the server is set to whitelist only. Sorry I am doing major updates and upgrades. And hopefully the random teleporting will be figured out also. I am in the process of getting help with that issue. Cloudsdale has been moved! It was shadowing Ponyville and the surrounding buildings. It was moved just to the northeast of Ponyville over the water and beach areas. There will be teleporters like before. I am setting up an economy mainly. All open buildings will have a sign infront of them that says "for sale" or sell and if you like the building you can right click on that sign and PURCHASE that building for the indicated price. players gain money buy simply logging on once. 5 scootaloons (the name of the money) is applied to each players bank every 1200 seconds. With this major upgrade every building is griefer protected with worldguard, all unsold buildings are only editable by admins (assuming I remembered to add both of our names ) and once a player purchases that building, that building will be editable by that player. However, all players should be able to enter every building like normal unless a player owns that building and has lockette on it. Like before, if you build your own building you will need to contact an admin and have one of us worldguard it from griefers if you want to avoid random damage from them.
  6. http://jreidsma.deviantart.com/art/Minimal-Fluttershy-Wallpaper-468140935 Not as exciting or anything but quick to put together and minimal I guess. I like them more
  7. http://jreidsma.deviantart.com/art/Rainbow-Dash-Wallpaper-with-TWIRLIES-1920-x-1080-468040623 Theres the 1920 by 1080. Glad people seem to like it
  8. Hi everyone Decided that I haven't made a pony related thing for my deviantart in a while, so this wallpaper was born. http://jreidsma.deviantart.com/art/Rainbow-Dash-Wallpaper-with-TWIRLIES-467902013?ga_submit_new=10%253A1405309887&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1&ga_recent=1
  9. It's running 1.6.4 And no mods are required to play. But it's highly recommended to have the mine little pony mod. Most of the people playing will be using the pony skins. ~~~~~~~ The server is ONLINE. I don't know why, but something in the CD drive and in the hard drive fried on the server. Causing all info on it to be lost. I'm very sorry everyone but I could not get the info off the old hard drive. If you built anything I cannot garauntee that it is still there. We still have the same map, still an old brohoof world, but we had to use one of our backups that we had. I tried to get the info off but nothing I tried could mount the hard drive, it wasn't turning on at all. My only option was to use a different computer which is using a different type of hard drive (SATA). Its using the same RAM though. I will have to remake the teleportation system later, its almost 2AM right now. (Maybe in the near future I will be able to afford a nice server)
  10. For now it will be set to easy. Maybe there is a way to have the mobs leave a certain permission group alone, then the group that cannot build won't die like you did right away. Ok scratch the permissions plugin, it started acting up.
  11. I have added you to the user group that can build now. You can also use the /game mode command. Where you spawn, hunger, and things like that I am sorry about but we don't control that. Have you been on sense the new map was uploaded? Maybe you spawned in a new location because the new map was uploaded and the coordinates changed. You have brought up a good point though, maybe it should change the mobs to peaceful
  12. The server is back up for public use, whitelist mode is off. Sadly I had to set up a new permission system. Everyone upon first use of the server will be unable to build or break blocks. If you use the server and plan on building then contact an admin or me (the owner) and we will add you to the user group which can build, break, and change their own gamemode. This way only people who will actually use the server will be able to do anything. And if anyone does begin to grief I will know who it is. We will see how this goes. ~~~~~~ If anyone finds any griefed areas let us know as I am still trying to find the area in question.
  13. Hi everyone MtF Transsexual lesbian here. Pre everything though Haven't come out to anyone physically yet. Feel free to friend me (I guess thats what you would call it?), add me on skype, or whatever else.
  14. Hi everyone Server is back online after the new update mentioned in the post above. I am sure Flutterscream will post about it soon
  15. Any luck getting on it now? Side note: The IP has changed! It's now