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    Okay i was told that i had to edit my profile to make it actually "Legit". So here i am a 18 year old brony that lives in his moms basement that lives in ohio. :p i have a wonderful time on the internet. i guess you can say i was raised by the internet so its no surprise that my spelling is horrible, but i try ^_^. I am a fan on Doctor who as well as MLP :3 and my favorite doctor is the 4th Tom baker. Some people ask me "Why are you a brony?" "isn't that show for little girls?" and i can respond with "Mlp has showed me compassion. I have learned from a "little girls show" how to care for another. They taught me to believe when no one else is.

    Well anyways. i love music so i try to make it but i suck at FL studios xD

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  1. Happy birthday to a special pone, have fun today, for this day is all for you!

  2. thanks goddess of hunt. you trully are greatful
  3. We are still searching for artists and people who would be willing to spare some time for the cause.
  4. I noticed on my soundcloud feed that tombstone really likes to make soundclowns (Soundcloud meme's) and he really likes to post them alot. a big 70% of the songs posted are by him or people posting to him or him sharing. It's really glorious to see him on it c: This is tombstone
  5. Iw as browsing on soundclown and i found this nice song [Headphones users beware] I thought it was funny, and i thought what other weird pony stuff can we find? Also the attached picture is my pony i made in minecraft on pc took about 8 hours without my actual job.
  6. I love your avatar and your signature xD
  7. Their is actually a real fallout 4 Ign says its real
  8. i love you sig and avi xD and thats how my brother found out i was a brony xD
  9. update on the lastest pony merch, i got a metal dog tag from target c: its the Fim one and i may have bought a nice plushie of derpy,