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  1. Spent a good few hours on this using rainmeter
  2. How is everyone?

    1. TheRockARooster


      I'm OK now, how are you?

    2. A Jewel of Rarity

      A Jewel of Rarity

      I'm good, watching some lobosJR on youtube waiting for Season 7 to be up on dailymotion or youtube. I prefer to watch in my own time instead of streams.

    3. TheRockARooster


      Cool, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day or night.

  3. I'm transgender BTW and my first time wearing makeup. {image redacted because of regret}
  4. I had actually started with the username "A Dash of Rainbow" not to sound offensive to those that do still infact like Dashie but I feel most bronies go through a phase of liking rainbow dash before they find their favourite pony or they just stay liking Dash. I chose that name for the specific reason of I didn't want my username to just be another "RainbowDash[insert number here]" and I was quite happy with what I came up with. Although when I first signed up on this forum all I really did was put in that username then I never used the site for months, I was then looking for a forum and I remembered I had signed up here but in that time I was gone I went from Liking Dashie to Octavia then Settled on the fabulous Rarity and keeping the same formula I didn't want to name myself something that was just blatantly rarity or just throwing rarity in for the sake of it but I had also though of what if I didn't like the fandom anymore in the future what username could I keep forever that can be seen as MLP and not MLP and so I thought of what I have now "A Jewel of Rarity" It is pretty much just calling me a Rare Jewel but it has the Rarity in it which I am happy with. Funny thing is my public email is actually something I made after I settled on this username and it is basically what my username would have been if I had settled on octavia and that being "An Octave Melody"
  5. Being active on multiple forums is harder than you would expect.



      i know how that feels i can hardly keep up on EDF forums lol.

  6. hey who made your Shyra OC's pic, it's really good!!!

    1. A Jewel of Rarity
    2. UltimateGhost3


      you're really good at drawing then!!!!!!

  7. None of them other comments ever happened, advice has been taken, (not obsessed, just weird, i also have no social skills, please excuse that.) I'm Sharle, I hope I have not ruined us possibly being friends because of all those socially awkward comments, along with PMs that made sense and no sense at the same time.

  8. It is looking to be another sleepless night, wish me luck :P

    1. Stardust Balance

      Stardust Balance

      Hope you sleep well!