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  2. First of all, if you're here, thanks for coming here, you either are bored, or really like to read. Anyways, Just thanks for taking a bit of your time to see me rant about sh!t. So, long time without coming over this place. Why did I leave, I don't even know... IF YOU WANT TO SKIP MY MEMORIES, JUST SCROLL DOWN A BIT, AND YOU'LL SEE THE GOOD STUFF. I look at myself, around 6 months ago... I have changed, not sure if for good, or for bad, But I have changed. Of course, physically I have changed just a tad (sexy moustache), but I think my mentality and opinions of the world, and the fandom have changed. So let's take a step back in time. I haven't been a brony for a long time, I might just still be kind of a closet brony, even tho a lot of my friends knows it. On january, I started watching FIM, of course I freaking LOVED the show, and well, I wanted to search for people like me, and I ended up here. By then, I was just starting with electronic music (yay), and even was part of the Beta of pony.fm (oh look at me, i'm important). From there, my "Career" started growing, starting meeting people, other bronies, and well, I felt loved. Met some nice people, and some others that, well, eh- I just won't name them. AM I TALKING TOO MUCH? YEAH, LET'S JUST GO TO THE POINT. So well, I really started growing when I somehow got on MonsterBronyMedia (I'm not going to discuss this here, I still like the idea channel, It just went bonkers). I started making pony music, but well, after some time, I just, stopped. My reasons (This only reflects my opinion and it doesn't mean anything) 1. Doing pony non- mainstream music is hard. Let me explain this, If you don't do either house, trance, brostep, or just edm in general, it's going to be hard. All of the big artists normally go around let's say, doing brostep, Lazers, and crazy skrillex like stuff (I love DJ Pon-3, so don't tell it's just cuz i Hate skrillex, because i actually Love Skrillex.). All I see is house, sometimes dnb, brostep, etc. If you're not producing sounds for the general public, they'll just go MEH, and I have seen it plenty of times.(Apart from Flutter Rex and some other bronies, making unique and dark stuff). Basically, getting on EQD is somehow, very important, if you get there, you have material to go big on the fandom, if not, eh, yeah, there's your problem. I once got a song in there, If anyone ever heard "Banished (to the moon)", you probably know me from there. And it's funny, how, it's my only Complextro/brosteppy song ever, and it INSTA appeared in EQD. 2. What is really pony music nowadays. Some artists, Actually make a song about a pony, with a real message, etc. But mostly, what i see now, BECAUSE I HAVE DONE IT TOO, is: - Make normal non pony song - Added pony vocals (or just don't) - Add mlp reference on the name - You're done. So, basically, if excision puts a little twilight voice sample on his song (Would love to see that happen), IT'S NOW A 100% [bRONY] HOOD CLASSIC. And come on, everyone does it, so it's NOT WRONG. 3. INFLUENCES & CONTACTS ARE MORE THAN CRUCIAL So it is in let's call it, the music industry that's not brony. But, if you another artist has BEEF against you, he'll get an army and destroy you into little pieces, he'll give you bad fame, and you're done. If you're not getting support from a big artist, you're not really going anywhere, for some goddamn reason.(some exceptions) 4. There's a goddamn circlejerk of big bronies. Yeah, I said what everyone knows, hate me, love me, whatever, keep reading. The bronies that have been since the beggining are like, goddamn GODS or BIG MOTHERF*CKING CRIATURES, THAT ARE EVEN BETTER THAN NOISIA. We get it, they are good, but it seems like their another race of people, that have wings or something. And i'm just not going to name people, but I haven't had really nice first impression of A LOT of them, sadly. (Just some of them) 5. Related to point 1, Somehow, the fandom's music is WAY TOO BIASED, as I already explained, but also, I find, sorry to say it, but i find STUPID to hate on either Chrome or Modern talking (Massive osc's for those who aren't musicians). What the hell is wrong with them!? 6. JUDGING A SONG BY IT'S GENRE, AND NOT BY IT'S QUALITY. OKAY, JUST, I'M DONE. Still, after all of this, the fandom's music isn't all that bad, it's just, some details and shiz. Because well: 1. Brony music will help you grow 2. You'll start getting ready for "the real deal" 3. You'll probably meet people that will help you 4. You're having fun. In the end, isn't all about, having FUN. But it seems this is forgotten. My only real opinion would be: PLEASE BRONIES, BE MORE OPEN MINDED WHEN IT COMES TO MUSIC. I still find ridicolous some stuff that gets on EQD, especially because sometimes there's either: - 100% PRE MADE PATCHES. IT'S GODDAMN ROYALTY FREE, SO LET'S JUST NOT MAKE OUR OWN SOUNDS, SKIP ALL THE HARD WORK, AND DONE. (I used to do that, when i was a lazy buck) - Clipping, bad mixdown, wrong tuning, and more issues. I don't blame you for that, we are all starting, and I'M NO MASTER IN MUSIC, so sue me. - Some stuff is just, always the same, again, and again, and again. (It's like a lot of Deathstep songs that sound alike, oh well) I just think, whoever's judging the music, should just be a more open minded, with a larger range of knowledge when it comes to music, I guess just another musician. "HURR DURR, UR JUZ MAD AT EQD" No i'm not, once got there, plus, i'm not even doing pony music, so is there really any reason to send music there? (I once got on Everfree network, with a non pony song that i didn't even submit, I DUNNO LOL) So yeah, Some stuff is cool, some stuff is bad, can I change anything? NOPE, but i can just rant all day. If you feel offended, If you hate me, or hate this, If you're just not really on my side, well, again, this is MY, AND ONLY MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION, so do whatever you want with this. Thanks for reading, or either just scrolling down, either way, you took at least some second to read, lel, if you enjoyed, well, LET'S ALL BE HAPPY TOGETHER, EAT CUPCAKES AND TALK SH!T ABOUT BIG MUSICIANS, LIKE THE UNDERGROUND SCENE WE ARE. -With love, Sebastian (An angry grumpy derp)
  3. I'll leave this here... :3 https://pony.fm/tracks/335-derpex-not-another-muffin-song-vip-of-the-vip
  4. Actually, sound awesome! :3 What about tracks that aren't on pony.fm? Like, I went all Dubba Jhonny and made the VIP of a VIP, and it's unreleased... Or songs that where never uploaded to pony.fm, but got uploaded on other pages like soundcloud?
  5. So, After some work with Monster Brony Media's Director, It was finally finished this song. Not only a new song and new video, i'm starting a new channel. So... Enjoy dudes! and Dudettes!
  6. I want this shirt... Yeah, I really like Drum n Bass, and also Neurofunk, and especially the liquid DnB. One of my favorites channels would be Liquicity and Neurogrid.
  7. I make Dubstep and some EDM on FL Studio :3 I'm also a still-in-training DJ... And there is a crapload of awesome brony artist's out there!
  8. Somehow, my music got to a local radio... :it'ssomething:

  9. BIG BOLD LETTERS Actually, just the name already awakes the curiosity in the users... For artists, maybe fixing the notifications system, and for general public, making it easier to go through songs... And like in fimfiction.com, maybe adding an option, like, if your song is Applejack Related, then adding Applejack as a tag or something...
  10. So, I was bored, and start listening to music, somehow, I got to listen to Kill the noise's album "Black Magiv / Blvck Mvgic"... Then this crazy ass song starts... "Mosh it up"... That gave me an idea, a really crazy idea, so, here I am, making some weird monster cross between Trap and Hardstyle (Just like KTN did...) So... Here goes nothing: https://soundcloud.com/derpex/scratch-it-up Attention, this song is full of crazy trap bullsh*t... Enjoy :3

  12. I think they all are already adults, 19 - 22 , kinda... Cider is alcohol... And they need to be adults to drink alcohol (You don't say) It's only that cadence it's an alicorn, and alicorns are always taller than any other pony...
  13. Didn't king sombra actually die? I think he was killed, he was burned to death by light... He disintegrated into little pieces... Does that count as a death?