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  1. Come on in and join us in about 8 minutes for MLP Season 9! Episode 4: Twilight's Seven - At

  2. Poll is closed. The winner is Robin Hood Men in Tights, which will play alongside Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland.
  3. Poll is opened. Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland is locked into this movie night. So what is selected for this movie night, will play alongside Little Nemo. Added in some single movies since we have several double/triple features.
  4. Poll is closed. There is a tie between the Double Feature of Avengers and Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland. Since it's so late closing the poll, the Double Feature will play. And to avoid a longer movie night, Little Nemo can either be played after the next Episode of Pony's on Saturday, or be locked to the next movie night and the poll will select what plays along with it.
  5. Poll is opened. Added my suggestion of Avengers and Avengers 2: Age of Ultron on there.
  6. Poll closed. This weeks movies are The Muppet Movie (1979), Muppet Treasure Island, and Muppet's in Space Triple Feature.
  7. Whoops, forgot to set the poll to be able to select multiple answers.
  8. My suggestion I shall be adding will be Spider-Man 1 and Spider-Man 2 (Raimi) The Poll has been opened. A lot of Double Features on there. FYI: I will be doing the polls now, so if I forget, ping me on Discord on the EQTV Backstage if you're in that chat. I'm barely on the forums here, so I will never notice a ping on here. More likely to see it on Discord.
  9. Movies start 5pm central daylight time. I'll put totoro up first, followed by something else.
  10. Too late for the poll. But we could do something like that.
  11. I haven't been around this past week, so I didn't know about the no poll. Our bad. Pls don't tackle us. I'll pick a couple of random movies so we have a movie night. Maybe I'll keep them secret and you'll have to come to see what they are........
  12. Removed Wall-E since we watched that a few weeks ago. Also added the other suggestions that were missed. Will go ahead and let the poll stay open a bit longer than usual.
  13. Poll Closed. Big Trouble in Little China and The Death of Superman.
  14. I will suggest Reign of the Supermen. Only two movies may be suggested, unless it is a triple feature. Otherwise your first two suggestions, if they haven't been shown recently, will go on the poll.