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  1. Fanglore


  2. That would be awesome. Except for the fact that I am not quite ready to play. I wasn't expecting to get responses so fast, so I am still working on my OC. He should be ready tomorrow (give or take) then i would love to try playing.
  3. Hi everyone I have been interested in Role playing for quite some time. The only problem is that i have never done it. I am certain that i have posted this in the wrong place or wrong Prefix (maybe even both) but I am wanting to start Role Playing. So i am wondering if anyone knows of / runs a RP that a newbe can join in and learn how to RP with the best of them. Ps as soon as i finish the art for my OC i will post him in the character forum and put a link to him here Alright I got one of the two that I am working on finished. here is the link
  4. I don't know about you but i LOVE Pizza and i have one place that (to me anyway) dose Pizza right. Its a family owned Pizza joint called Bits & Pizzas. Yes i Honestly think its the best Pizza in the world Mmmm don't that look like a tasty Pizza to you? Well enough about my Pizza. I wanna hear about your Pizza. So where do you go when you just have to get a Pizza? What is you favorite type of Pizza? also if you have any pictures of you favorite Pizza i would love to see it. yes i know i have said Pizza thirteen time now.
  5. Thank you for bringing up this points. It has told me that I'm gonna have to go back a rewrite a lot of the summery of his story. because i know the full thing i didn't realize how confusing some of the smaller details could be. so thank you for your review btw i did enjoy reading the review and that beginning was actually funny to imagine myself doing so thank you vary much /)*(\ Oh sorry i also forgot to add I'm writing a fanfic about him so i cant put to much detail in the summery without giving stuff away.
  6. well i dont know about you but i would consider my little dashie a good fanfic about a brony. also it dosn't involve the brony going to equestria. but be warned it will make you have a very many feels this is the way i like to read it.... or more so listen to it btw if your interested i am writing a fanfic about a brony right now. its a daily fanfic, so i will be posting on it every day. but the brony is in equestria just so ya know.... and here is the link if ya wanna check it out
  7. this is the story of my journey though equestria... or better known way of saying this is the journal form it. i will be posting on this daly so keep coming back if you wanna keep up Day 1 Day 2
  8. same here btw here is a brohoof for you too
  9. i agree with you actually. i think there is a vale of some sort that hides them from us. only those who can accept things that we cant possible understand and see/interact with them. its why i think kids have imaginary friends or guardian angels. kids are always willing to accept new things that they don't fully understand,unlike 90% of adults so even though i haven't seen anything mythical since i was a kid i will always believe they are out there watching over us
  10. first off i would like to say that i like this pic but here is a few thing i think you need to fix or at least watch for in later pics 1 i dont like how her mane covers her eye 2 the mane also looks to long and 3 she almost looks like she is trying to do the twilight dance. i know its not a artistic review but they though me off the pic right away so watch for them in later art
  11. I know people say Celestia was once in love with Discord but i have never heard anything about her and Sombra. As for why she is week, i think the best moment to use as an example would be Celestia vs Chrysalis. She looked vary week there and if we the ignore story productive issues, she was week at that time. I like to believe that at that moment she couldn't fight the way she wanted to. Celestia has a magic that is dangerous to those around her. If she used her full strength against Chrysalis she would have hurt members of the audience. The vary same ponies she just swore to protect. Now if Celestia and Chrysalis where our in an open field with no pony in sight, ya Chrysalis wouldn't have lasted 10 seconds but what the hay its just my opinion on this issue. Celestia is not week just to powerful for her own good
  12. i always love hearing what people have to say about my OC. here you go
  13. im gonna fight for the ponies with... Bam Elements of Harmony as you said the Imperium of man lives in a dark and hateful world. so with the elements the ponies wont fight them. they will heal them the elements have been shown to be able to bring light and love to even the most spiteful of ponies. so why not man? even if the Imperium bombed from space, using Celestia's power over the sun mixed with the elements, they could bring peace to an entire star system at a time in closing i like to say that if there was a battle between ponies and the Imperium, the Imperium would be the only ones fighting the war well the ponies are working to ending it.
  14. i think they have ended the main character thing all together. it seems like the mane six are all getting about the same attention to me. but twilight will always have main character power going for her
  15. i'm saving money i got money in the bank even though i have a crap ton i wanna buy like a; ps4, and games, xbox one, and games, computer, and games, swords, a car, a motorcycle, a trip to a bronycon, PONY STUFF(ya i only own like 2 pony things and one is a poster i got for Christmas) but alas i'm not getting anything yay for good decisions