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  1. IceBeerG

    S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    To be honest i was upset when i learned a concept of school for these 2 episodes... as for the season really... But suprisingly These 2 episodes were blast! I never expect them to be that good! Loved all new characters, neighsay was a real thing, i'm looking forward to see how can he to pull the strings between the wheels of friendship school. New students were generally good with divers personalities. Some have familiar treats from the mane six, but still they mix so well creating unique characters. I was upset before, but now i'm looking forward more than ever for new episodes.
  2. IceBeerG

    Friendship Games

    Woah, best one out of three =) Even with some contradictions it has at least 8.5 out of 10
  3. IceBeerG

    Homework Help

    Question it really similar to thous to solve. Didn't you messed up? Do you really need just to open brackets?
  4. Here you go, good sir. Made this fictions to be proud of ya
  5. Can you tell at least rules of this contest?
  6. IceBeerG

    Movies/TV Kung Fury

    10 muffins out of 10. "You're about to hack time. Are you sure? Yes. No."
  7. IceBeerG

    What class in school do you hate the most.

    I can't remind any class that i hated... but there were some that i didn't understand due to stupidity of a teachers. First time i was unlucky when got my chemistry teacher treating us as a !@#$, showing off and not daring to explain a thing. We even had a little war with this one, framing each other (lol, she really framed me one time) to force our school to fire her (Was a small school, couldn't just ask for another teacher =( ) Chemistry is a hell for me ever since. My second, REALLY unlucky time, was with the proffessor of banking & management. His voice could lul better then anything, i mean ANYTHING, he was leaterally lul everyone in the class. Needless to say that he never talked about a subject. From his lessons. now i know: 1) that his uncle could multiply three-digit numbers in mind. 2) that ak47 actually was developed somewhere between first and second world war. 3) that fish in one of nearby river can get to 60 inches. 4) How to navigate tank.
  8. IceBeerG

    Do you want your OC featured in our game?p

    What kind of game is it? Have one character in mind, but doubt she could do any role besides giving a quest :/ P.s. Oh, nevermind, found answer.
  9. IceBeerG

    Need help for a story on FimFiction

    Dat rule is soooo true =) As for an author i will suggest to not write anything until you come up with what break points of your story - how it starts, how it ends, and pick of the "conflict" P.s Although, what can i know about it? well... anyway this is my suggestion to you... if you don't mind...
  10. IceBeerG

    S03:E13 - Magical Mystery Cure

    Changelings is another race. Nobody complains that zebras have no wings?
  11. Hey there again good sir. As i already said, i can't help you with decent proof-reading, but had a look at this chapter anyway. I liked the idea. Not of the story, of course, that one i already liked even before reading the story. I liked idea of the chapter, basicly, what this chapter all about. I liked how you turned to show history of ponyvile. You're writing about alternative universe of equestria (or at least it's very future version), but not... THAT alternative universe. Forget the words "human", "people", "person", "hands" "fingers" e.t.c. Ending very abrupt. I was looking for at least some action in the chapter as first, but as second i was looking that you at least will turn back to Aspen Swift, sitting and sipping his cup of coffee, working, whatever he did while he was remembering him being in school. I personaly think that story 400 years past must be prologue to the story. Usually it is good to give a hint of what surround ponies, but, i think, sometimes it barely positive thing. Cerantly not always, but sometimes. I've liked how our hero waked up, and you explained his cutie mark. How you told about orchard and its history. I did even enjoyed how he sipped cup of coffee. I don't get why i need to know how much bedrooms he have, how much things his predecessor has left to him. I already know that he's kinda owner of this orchard, and it is obviously that this orchard is huge and mmm exotic. I liked that he smelled differently. I don't like not understanding why exactly this morning he smelled exactly these things. If they... smells are different day to day, right? There were many cases where you can, and it will rather better to show and not to tell. I can't help with each of them though, you really need to get proof-reader who can help you polish these. Looking forward for more =)
  12. IceBeerG

    Gaming World of Warcraft

    exactly. Don't forget about rumors - take a female gnome, who never was in that dangeon before on your 7th run, equip fishing pool while killing a boss and dont forget roll a dice in a chat until it will roll 1 - and you will certantly have your mount this run ^^
  13. IceBeerG

    Gaming World of Warcraft

    I did =) It's not that rare as it sounds. Was pretty crazy about this game, as a huge gamer i am. It took me about 20 runs for both al'ar and invincible, and about 50 runs to i.e. Let me say you what? It took me more then 1800 run to put rivender to missary and share his mount :/ Crazy crazy days of past. I'm both glad and sad for not playing wow anymore )
  14. IceBeerG

    S03:E13 - Magical Mystery Cure

    Wings are prevelegeous for princesses. Remember blueblood.
  15. IceBeerG

    Gaming Games you've spent the most amount of time playing

    I've spend about 10 precious years in warcraf3 mmm... To convert it into an hours i think it will be around 6000+200-500