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    Hello Visitor and or new friend! The name's Megan, I mostly play videogames and draw, not really much to say though...Yeah, i'll post something once in a while and i'll try my best to not make a fool of myself

    Anyway, I'm a very nice girl but..very socially awkward, I usually tend to shy away from big topics. Then again, shying away wouldn't help much, feel free to observe or discuss what you like with me, I'll be there as soon as I can ^^

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    Scribblenauts Unlimited
    Team Fortress 2
    Portal 2
    Kirby Return to Dreamland
    Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
    Pokémon (every main series game and spin off game)
    The list goes on but i'd rather not bore you

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  1. What's Aika Village?

  2. BlueVeil

    Gaming Aika Village

    Ok..I've heard of this town called Aika Village, can anybody tell me about this village? I've heard it's a bit creepy, but I'm not sure
  3. Twilight wants you to be her test subject for a special spell. How would you react and what would you do?
  4. The object on your left is your weapon to defend yourself, if you don't have anything next to you, then the object in front of you. Mine is my computer..well..I can just smash it on her head? Probably knock her out?
  5. BlueVeil

    Gaming Animal Crossing

    Is there anyway to make perfect orange trees? I've planted tons of orange trees in my town (orange is my town's fruit) to get at least one perfect orange tree because I accidentally sold my perfect orange..can someone help?
  6. Well..today was a really average day..if not just annoying

    1. DerpyTacos99
    2. BlueVeil


      Classmates annoying as usual

    3. Tan


      im here for you (:

  7. Can anyone add me as a friend? I'm stuck on the Scootaloo mision and I need hearts to get Minuette as well. Here's my Gameloft name: RoseyCandy34 or RoseyCandy32. I can't remember much
  8. Ok, now that I have someone to be Doctor Whooves and the villain. I'm just about ready to start the rp, I'm still accepting just incase anyone wants. By the way, everyone who replied to the planning, reply here so I know^^
  9. You can be the villian, what kind of villian though?I'm a bit curious to know and also kind of excidted^^
  10. Sure^^, alright I'll be starting the rp tomorrow just in case anyone else wants to join. Only one thing left, do I make it private?
  11. There's mostly no middle ground with Alicorn Ocs, whether it's one extreme or the other, they never seem to not have a dark past or be overpowered. Probably the worst I've seen is Prince Eclipse, he has an ask blog on tumblr and..get this, he's "he is a 1,000 year old alicorn that sealed King Sombra inside of him and has the power to transform to Super Saiyan" And yes, his design consists of neon blue and black. If that doesn't scream Mary Sue, I don't know what
  12. Hey BlueVeil, I just started following your Tumblr, in case you were wondering who your newest follower was.

  13. I understand a lot of people hate most of the alicorn OC's out there, I can understand that due to the lack of creativity with them. They're mostly overpowered, are related to the mane 6 (cousins,lost sibling,etc) or even being royalty. Are they that bad to begin with? I know that someone can come up with at least an alicorn OC that isn't a Mary Sue, I know that at least one person out there can at least make one like that
  14. How's everyone tonight? I'll be awake for a while because the less I sleep the more awake I am apparently

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    2. Remi


      May I be linked?

    3. BlueVeil


      Sure, I think it's in my activity feed somewhere..I am on my phone right now, I can't put links, you'll have to look for it, it's called A bit of a love problem

    4. Remi


      Found it and posted.

  15. Thank you for the friend add! :D

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