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  1. And it's out! Hope you checked it out. Free
  2. Album 3 already out! Fourth Album imminent!!
  3. It's great for science fiction writers but lacking in real science or proof.
  4. So cut down the amount of artists in the fandom down to about 30% of what it currently is? Ouch.
  5. Music is my thing man, without it I'm just another dude.
  6. Freewave

    Movies/TV Should I watch the Avengers?

    Good news is they did eventually make a good Hulk movie. Even better news is that its with the Avengers movie which you should see soon. :grin2: I would recommend catching Captain America first if you can and definitely catch CA: The Winter Soldier later as its a great film as well and a great followup to the Avengers movie. Skip the Hulk solo films.... :=:
  7. Went thrice to Rotlcon in my home city of Denver. Fun each time (with a little stress and headaches being a performer sadly). They are fun experiences and it's great hanging out with new and old friends but they do end so quickly.
  8. Very much an introvert although i like talking with people I'm familiar and comfortable with. Throw me in a pack of strangers and I'm generally pretty quiet. I miss being more social years ago then I am now. I crave alone time but also hate that lonely feeling of not being in contact with people i know.
  9. Its a wiki designed by people who are trolls for the act of trolling. That's says about how much i value it.
  10. The Batman movies kill off or destroy all the great villains, Hasbro reforms them all. I get why they think there's good in everyone (even villains) but that is something that can ruin a franchise when you run out of antagonists.
  11. Season 2 i think is the clear winner.
  12. Freewave

    Movies/TV Gravity Falls ending...

    Very sad to hear but ultimately it may be the right decision. To me 2 classic season is better than a third one that runs on fumes. Will be sad to see it go.
  13. Freewave

    Freewave's Music

    Thanks! I've always been a big fan of his so the inspiration was pretty apparent. Here's another new track. A remix of a classic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Cp4fPiwIe8
  14. Anyone going to the Running of the Leaves Convention in Denver this weekend? It will be it's 3rd convention, a new hotel, more attendees then before, and also a great musical line-up. Any MLP forums members planning on attending?
  15. It's most likely A. As has been pointed out hopefully before they won't be around to show Twilight die of old age. It's not that kind of a show where they've even addressed aging, death, or likely ever will. All those who are arguing against the shared immortality of her friends are ignoring the most obvious answer of A. And in case anyone was wondering the concept of her outliving her friends is called the "immortality blues". There's a fair amount of fimfiction and fan art about that concept already. Case in point ^
  16. https://freewave.bandcamp.com/album/the-long-goodbye This album is a collection of the music I've made this year and deals with many of the same themes; Loneliness, recognition, community, friendship, and sadness. But mostly it's about ponies, the episodes of season 5, and my love of music. After my last album which was rock based I went back to my roots of EDM and to the past. Styles ranging from Deep and Progressive House, Disco, Trance, Big Beat, Garage, Synthwave, and plenty of hybrids of genres. I've got a brony convention next month so I hope $5 (or whatever you can spare) isn't that
  17. Freewave

    Freewave's Music

    Have a new album out. 10 Songs, many about S5. http://freewave.bandcamp.com/ Here's two tracks from it Hope you check it out.
  18. Oops have to get caught up Discord has been freed of his prison by neutralizing the elements of Harmony through Fluttershy's failure to befriend him. He vows to begin his reign of chaos anew and with the help of other villains he seeks out. However, this time he might not even need to lift a finger for things to fall into place. As always it's originally a classic track by The Smiths A massive thanks to long time contributer Zatslol for taking on the vocals of this track. He's been one of the vocal highlights of the project and been one of the most supportive of it. https://www.yo
  19. I'll watch the show until I no longer enjoy it. Whether I will continue making fan content for it soon I'm still deciding.
  20. I admire SGAP's music although not how would retract and unpublish his music videos. Definitely missed. Looking forward to meeting and hanging with Jeff Burgess in November as he's definitely one of a kind, talented, and a hoot. Eurobeat Brony and Slyphstorm i can attest to as being cool guys, good musicians, and down to earth.
  21. Celestia aims to reform the newly freed Discord with the help of the patient Fluttershy. However, things do not turn out as well as she planned. He quickly takes advantage of their friendship, tricking her to do things she wouldn't normally do, and poisoning her relationship with the bearers of the Elements of Harmony. Vocals by Starbreeis, Music by Johnny Mare, and Mixing by Freewave
  22. When MLP came out there weren't a load of great cartoons (it seemed). but with Gravity Falls, Star Vs.The Forces of Evil, Teen Titans Go, World of Gumball, Bob's Burgers, We Bare Bears, and Steven Universe, it's the best time to be a cartoon fan. At the top of the heep I'd put Gravity Falls. It's far more consistent in it's universe, deep great cast of primary and secondary charcters, and doesn't dumb it down in plot or scares. Still can't believe it's on Disney. They take longer to get episodes out but the care is there. Here's my top 25 Favorite Episodes before Stan's {hidden)) was reve
  23. Ughhh, I hope the EQG series ends with this Twilogy. It seemed so paint by numbers, the songs were incredibly weak, and villain so cliche. Just focus on the ponies in Equestria now that everything has been "righted" in the "human" world. :okiedokielokie: Stop trying to make MLP a Monster High rip-off.
  24. Rarijack is my otp. They seem to do a great job of mimicking the maculine / feminine roles within that ship and i love the tumblr that has pics of them doing things every weekend. That said the Raridash crowd got a lot of support thru the Rarity Invesigates episode. Likewise Flutterdash works well too. Again a study of opposites attract and that is somewhat supported in cannon. Twi and Pinkie are a bit harder to ship in a committed relationship. Twiluna and Twidash aren't bad and Pinkie with Rarity isn't bad either. VinylOctavia and Lyrabon are cannon established as far
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