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  1. Ah, that soothing sound of rain. 

    Lord knows we also needed a bit of it. XD 

    1. Penguinbrony24


      I know that feeling. We could use it here too. 

    2. Stormfury


      Wudder muh garden. 

    3. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      No thanks! Ive had enough rain for a while. >_>

  2. Not a lot of recent releases/upcoming games interest me, but Ace Combat 7 looks alright thus far. Maybe keep an eye on it. 

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    2. Vulon Bii

      Vulon Bii

      Look at it this way:

      EA, no matter how good DICE can really do a Star Wars game, will put it in DLC Hell like they do with everything else. And Ubisoft's games have been exactly the same game with a different skin on it for over a decade now.

      The last installment of Ace Combat was over 3 years ago.

    3. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      I dunno, Rainbow Six Seige is pretty different from other Ubisoft games and I found The Division and Assassin Creed series to be quite entertaining and enjoyable. And you can only change a series so much before it loses its identity, some people are pretty happy with how the Assassin Creed series is, new story, new mechanics, same good old jiggly climbing and stealth based combats. 


      And just because EA releases additional content doesn't mean the core game they've put out is any less in quality, it's just a business making money, like businesses do. I've been pretty happy with what they've released, they really shook up the whole shooter market, dethroning the behemoth COD in FPS quality. COD has it's player base and it always will and does its own thing pretty well, bro gaming culture.

    4. Nebula Wolf
  3. I had braces between my freshman and junior years of high school. I had them put on in the fall and removed in the fall. I don't miss them one bit. XD I hated having them adjusted and then have my whole mouth sore for days on end, and those rubber spacers that were put on the week prior were the worst.
  4. Flying for the need to fly~

  5. Mega Thread

    I'm thinking about the week and what is to come. Trying to plan some things out how best to tackle them.
  6. This is a picture I took from atop a mountain overlooking Quito in Ecuador a few years ago. Also when I had an Iphone and used the panoramic feature thing.
  7. The last dream I can remember, I was in Eastern Europe with my dad going to a relatives house (even though I have no family in Europe?). I remember a few fields with some cattle and horses. There were also a lot of Borzoi dogs and little villages. After going into the house I remember being chased by a big bear and having a revolver with no ammo. Not the most random, but still odd.
  8. The Ace Combat series seems to have some pretty superb soundtracks.
  9. The battle with last if we let ourselves relax. 

    1. Snow


      But sir, if we were to relax surly the enemy would then take us with our guard down?

  10. Hmmm. Sometimes I imagine structures collapsing for no real good reason, usually older ones. Maybe it's just the engineer in me combined with a bit of anxiety. Besides that... can't say I have a whole lot of other "irrational" fears.
  11. I think a lot of my older content shows how much I've matured. There are a lot of old posts of mine that I simply cannot agree with or in rare instances make me cringe. Though overall I can agree with most of my older self.
  12. Currently my family has 2 dogs, We have a German Shorthair Pointer and an Australian Shepard mix of some kind. Both are quite the characters and have their own dog quirks on could say. We adopted one from a family friend and another we got because my dad's grandfather had one (a GSP) growing up.
  13. Dunkirk looks like it could be a decent film. 

  14. Hmmmm... Food... 

    1. Sammybaby


      Food is good. 

    2. Kyoshi


      Food is like if you took bacon and you cooked it. Then you ate it. Food is like that.