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  1. I'm using the Web Display Mod. And thanks!
  2. Wasn't sure where to put this but I decided to try out a let's watch...but using Minecraft! as my theater. "PCT001 - Slice of Life" Hopefully I can get better at commentary as I do more. ^^'
  3. And it is finally complete!
  4. Just an update: I'm going to be adding Mother Changeling to a series of songs I'm referring to as "the Harmonizer Projects" in which I reach out to community members for assistance. It's my way of getting more involved with the community Here's a video on what I have in mind: All the details are in the description of the video.
  5. You can find most of my stuff on my YouTube channel: I usually dabble in the more orchestral side of things, though I am attempting to branch out a bit. I have a feeling many fans know my works, but aren't aware that I'm the one who composed them. My most notorious work is probably .
  6. Hi, I'm Sand Josieph, composer of various pony related songs. I missed last years Everfree Northwest and I hope to make this year's event.
  7. It was something I had been considering but one that's not very easy to implement, especially in the kind of songs I write. One thing I notice is that if I have an instrument playing the same (or something similar) to the melody sung by the vocalists, it kinda sorta takes away from the vocal parts. I only really incorporate a harmony if it is meant to emphasize a certain part within the lyrics. Great suggestion, though!
  8. Oh wow, you're fast! XD And that's a great image and I will definitely have to use it for the album art of the song. Don't worry, I'll make it awesome!
  9. You would be willing to do that? That would be awesome! Finding images of Chrysalis being motherly towards her brood are hard to come by.
  10. Currently in its WIP phase, I thought I would share what I currently have with you guys. Its my first real attempt a purely electronic song. Enjoy! ^^
  11. I can't fit all the names in the Message Subject spot! D:
  12. Hey there everypony! I've decided to be a little more interactive with my viewers and decided to make a sort of mini-contest with some lyrics for a song in the works: Manehattan. It's about Applejack's time in Manehattan. The song is not finished by any means but I wanted to have a little bit of fun with this one! So if you have any comments, suggestions, or complaints let me know! XD
  13. Question: What exactly is "Slant Rhyme"? I heard someone describe the lyrics of one of my tunes as having such (Gloomy Town, to be exact).
  14. Is this still going on? If it is, is it OK if I join up as Sludge, the Cat's minion? Where do I fill out the character sheets? EDIT: Keyword: splash?
  15. Which Michael Jackson song is that? It rhythm of the lyrics seem familiar. Granted my knowledge of Michael Jackson songs is fairly limited.