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  1. I feel compelled to leave these BIRTHDAY WISHES here... would you mind holding onto them for me whilst I find the human in question?

  2. Lol I should post my mixture when it drops.
  3. The game has good pacing and is pretty long it will take you a couple of days to finish it. Took me about a week the first time I played it and yes I cried during the end credits. Once you play it you'll be a die hard fan. I can't stress enough though. If you want a real experience. Turn the lights off and turn the TV up with no outside noise/distraction. The ambiance will add so much more to it. You will cry be ready with tissues
  4. Still better than aquaman. Pretty sure your super hero power is more useful... that is if you use it for good.
  5. I was watching some very talented young people (ranging from 18 months to 3 years old) doing rock climbing or gymnastics and it got me-a-thinkin. You have any special talents? I don't think I have any special talents myself but I'd like to hear what special hidden talents people might have.
  6. The last of Us Honestly I'm surprised only one other person said my favorite game: The Last of Us. Believe me I have never once cried during a game but that game.... it made me feel so many things. I can't possibly describe how it made me felt because language hasn't evolved enough for me to do so... yet. The game play was fantastic and just playing the first part of the game 15 minutes in... caught me off guard. I have played it through 7 times. And my gf has played it through herself. The best way to describe this wonderful lovingly made masterpiece, which I believe is the pinnacle of gaming's finest and execution pushing it into a different type of game that is story driven with in depth characters with emotion and feelings, is an interactive playable movie. It's just a movie that you play which can really throw you in a loop. IGN gave it a 10/10 in 2013 for a reason. I can't ever play it without crying even though I know what happens. Please I urge everyone to play it. It's a VERY good game. Sorry Xbox and pc users. Only ps3/ps4 people only. You can watch others play it though. I recommend this part 1 by markiplier.
  7. Vegemite. Burn it all. Every. Single. Last. Tube. #KillTheVegemite
  8. I think the most OP magic just like in the show the magic to disable all other magic... maybe steal others magic and being able to use it. Though it would not work on everyone if it is their own magic it would't work.... It'd have to be the magic of another opponent. But that's where the disabling of magic comes in. ....That'd be nice.
  9. The problem is that with about every culture people tend to focus on the negative or extreme 2%. Examples? Voodoo,The Nation of Islam, etc... MOST people in these cultures and subcultures don't consider themselves to be radical unlike the 2-5% of its members that are blown up to falsely represent them.... It's a shame really. The majority should outweigh the extreme, but in this day and age it's hard for cultures to do so. All that being said I don't mind furries they do their thing during their own personal private free time. Who am I to say they can't? What they do is their business not mine. Just like what I do on here is MY business not anyone else's.
  10. I dislike all the hate in the world. I wish people could just truly understand each other without resulting in violence war and famine across the Earth. If everyone came together the world would be truly be happy a place to live.
  11. I make flashcards. The act of writing down information will help you recall the information better. Good practice for muscle memory and you are studying while making it. After you can then quiz yourself... Surprisingly when I make them and quiz myself for the first time I get a lot mostly just from remembering them as I wrote it.
  12. Huge extrovert. I feel part of it is me wanting to connect with others to be friendly. I also feel like part of me says (sorry for being cliche) you only live once, so why not try to go out and make friends and be remember..... Though in a social setting I don't actually consciously think this way. It is a more subconscious operation.