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  1. Glaciem: I didn't! she and I have been together since! (aahh okie then, may I ask who?)
  2. Glaciem: it is a snowflake carried by the wind, it represents my ability to summon Winter. Just like how Celestia can raise the sun or Luna the Moon I can summon winter. (also nah, just curious honestly. Plus I thought this would be a good way to develop his character)
  3. Glaciem: Glaciem: I have over a one thousand years ago :)!
  4. Well Celestia, Luna, and Cadance all work very hard to keep their kingdoms running smoothly. It is my honor and privilege to help Celestia and Luna keep the peace and friendship alive across the realm. However as hard as everypony works and as wonderful as each Princess is...Celestia was able to raise both sun and moon for an entire Mellenia all while keeping Equestria safe sound and secure.
  5. Glaciem: I rule by Celestia and Luna's side in an Alternate Universe, before then I was the Prince of the Crystal Empire.
  6. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to write my OC Prince Glaciem an ask me feed so anypony curious can get to know him better.
  7. I echo what everyone else is saying, I don't see death ever becoming an issue in the show.
  8. The show gave me a reason to turn on the TV again in anticipation! Not only that it has helped me develop a sense of Morality and showed me that friendship can lead me to a new and better path in life. To paraphrase the end of the William Wallace Campaign in Age of Empires II: "Twilight Sparkle has shown us all the way to a better path in life, it is up to us to follow it!" Not only that it has helped me develop my artsy side and given me a direction in life. I want to become an animator, voice actor, and writer now thanks to the hard work and dedication the team had in writing this Intelligent, Fresh, and endearing take on My Little Pony. It helped me realize how exhilarating it is to watch a world you created not only come to life but become so loved! So thank you Lauren Faust, To the Voice Actors, Writers, and Animators! You have improved so many lives! Mine Included...
  9. I hope not, I literally just got into the War of Light from Green Lantern.
  10. I do sometimes, It's pretty much when something is bothering me or if I have an artistic idea and I am acting it out in my head to see if it works.
  11. You indeed have a valid point! It's what I do really, just move on with what I was doing before . Plus I really like your Quote XD I like the sith code as adopted by bronies.
  12. is it okay for my alicorn OC to join in? maybe just the one post to see if he would be welcome and if so maybe join for a bit?