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  1. Happy Birthday to the Dash!

  2. Happy Birthday and welcome to MLP Forums! ;D

  3. Happy Birthday, Dashie! :D

  4. 6/10. I like games and all, but not the puzzle and skill stuff. XD Nice job on it though.
  5. hey dash how are you

    1. MLP Rainbow Dash
    2. BlueStreak


      Well DUH! i shoulda known, YOU are awesome! so do you wanna catch that new movie? RETURN OF THE WINGBONERS!!!!!!!!!! so do you? i know i might be not cool enough 4 you... but if that movie is not what you wanna see, we could see something else? i have 2 tickets to the wonderbolts....... you wanna go?

  6. Of course! I'm the strong yet the fastest pony in all of Equestria! I can handle ANY fight. Bring it ON!
  7. These are...TOTES 20% COOLER!!! XD
  8. It does! I wanted it to look like Pinkamena because it has a perfect design for my character Artistic Purple. She's also in my avvie. I'll make more soon, too!
  9. "You bet!" said Rainbow excitedly. "How about you Pinkie?" "Your always in the mood for some fun eh?" Rainbow Dash nudged her.
  10. I'm back for soo long! It's good to see you guys! Now that I'm here It's time for some action! :D

  11. do u like mortal kombat

    1. MLP Rainbow Dash

      MLP Rainbow Dash

      Maybe/kinda I've seen my little brother play it though. It's gory and cool so I do kinda like it. I like all games with action and fighting! Also racing. >:)

  12. I had a great Honors Day today. :)