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  1. Forgot to read the chapters for the book quiz I had today but it was open note so I got everything right

    1. Tacodidra


      Yay! :yay: Congratulations, my friend! :pinkie:

  2. OMG I just realized my dumb middle school self spelled canceled wrong on one of my YouTube videos.

    I spelled it "Cansled" 


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    2. Headless PiratePony

      Headless PiratePony

      Your self respect was just cancelled. 

    3. Madam Rarity

      Madam Rarity

      that's funny tho

    4. Anti-Villain


      I cansled. Canyou? :umad:

  3. 20191015_225435.thumb.jpg.e8c760697a27168c586ab33834fc78bf.jpg

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    2. Spooky Emerald

      Spooky Emerald

      @Renegade the Zombiecorn

      I'd read the heck outta that sh**

      You still writing that other fic about our OCs?

    3. Renegade the Zombiecorn

      Renegade the Zombiecorn

      Yeah. It's just taking a while.

    4. Spooky Emerald

      Spooky Emerald

      @Renegade the Zombiecorn

      It's cool, I understand.

      What's the plot of it again? I forgot.


    1. Bas


      So that's where my meds went to.:okiedokieloki:

  5. "Prison gives a girl a lot of time to think. And to plan. And to not shower."
  6. Wow @TBD is very active today.

    1. TBD


      Just here to doing my job..raising hell here. :ithastolookpretty:

    2. Spooky Emerald
  7. My video finally published~!


    Probably gonna end up re- editing it idk 


  8. Making a YouTube video for the first time in a while...