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  1. Yep, i read very often, every day infact. In the morning bus ont he way to school, on the bus on the way to home, and an hour or two before sleep. But im on a strict MLP fan fic diet. I only read one book in my whole life, (voluntarily) that wasnt MLP related. But a couple of weeks ago i discovered fan fics, and now its my drug.
  2. Nah, i never really had a problem with gays or lesbians, i was never homophobic. Hehe, im actually bi myself, so yeah text filler
  3. i open chrome and open youtube, facebook and mlpforums at the same time, then go through them. sometimes also reddit, 4chan, twitter, deviantart, et cetera.
  4. I hate getting anything messy on my desk, so I avoid fatty food at the PC like the plague. I normally have cereal, being careful not to spill anything, maltbeer, which isnt really a food but whatever, sometimes also tea, cookies, chewing gum and cereal without milk.
  5. Yes, i think online friends are just as importnant as real life friends. Sure, going out with friend IRL is good and nice, but nothing beats those long and amazing gaming nights with your gaming friends.My best friend is someone i have never even seen IRl, we met on steam, and yet he is a better friend to me than all of my real life friends.
  6. Hello? I am looking for new friends, you seem nice and I like a lot of hobbies that you do :) Could we maybe get toi know each other?

  7. Element of loyalty. This sentence is not related to the answer i just gave, becasue i need 100 words to post and this is ballon elephant.
  8. I actually ordered the Bamboo Pen and Touch yesterday, and its due to arrive on saturday. Im not sure but i think its a newer version of what you linked. Its a good starter tablet definately, and mine cost 80 EUROS on amazon.
  9. Plentyy

    Ask a Lolnus

    Whats your favorite colour?
  10. Longest i went without speaking? Well, probybly somewhere around a few hours, since i always whisper to myself. I used to just think to my self in my head, but now it evolved into whispers. But before that, also probably a few hours, since i have two brothers, parents, etc..
  11. I used to play World of warcraft a year ago, and i got 1000 hours total played in it, here are my answers: 1. Well, when i played wow, the FUN in the game was to try to be the very best as in have more DPS (Damage per second) than your guild mates or to have the highest ilvl (item level(how good armor is)) 2. My main character used to be a rogue, so i was more of a damage dealer, but i also had 2 priests (healers), but they were only around level 50-60, only my rogue was max lvl. 3. I probably have most hours played on Minecraft (around 1200), then closely followed by Wow (1000), then Gmod, cod, KSP, etc.. And i always play minecraft, it just doesnt get boring for me 4. Uh.. I got my first computer when i was 9.Well my whole gaming coureer started when i was about 10, where i found out about online games such as MMOFPS's, or MMORPG's, or just other MMOs. I used to play those free MMOFPS's and i was pretty damn good for my age. But then i was kinda getting bored of FPS games, and moved onto RPG's such as Wow being my first serious MMORPG, but also having played other RPGs like zelda, darksiders before.. 5. Well, what do you mean? I might not be the most skillfull player out there, but i think im slightly above average or so. Also i am very loyal player, as in i stay with my guild, and try to form strong friendships when playing, for example, when i start a private MC server with a friend of mine, i make sure that we build a damn city and have acomplished lots of stuff. I like having fun, and being good is part of fun for me. 6. Huh... well, i doint think i can really be controlled by game to a big extend, as i prefer sandbox games where I decide what to do, because i really dont like the idea of a program telling be to do this, then i get into this and have to do this, thats not fun for me at all. I like it random, spontaneous. (even though i grinded and farmed wow for 1000 hours...i probably got abit addiceted thats why..) 7. Currently i mostly play a game called Kerbal Space Program which i really love. It is a sandbox game where you can build your own rockets, fly them into space, get into orbits around planets, explore the made up solar system.. its great. There are no quests yet, as the game is in heavy development, and as i said before, i love sandbox games where i choose to do what i want. And im not willing to switch that wonderful game at the moment, im enjoying it very much. Then the second most often current game i play is probably Minecraft, as i currently play in a private server wiht a friend of mine, building a city, and other huge buildings 8. KSP taught me alot about rocketscience, thats for sure. KSP isnt just a simple unrealistic game where you kinda build a kinda working rocket then kinda get into orbit, no. It is very realistic, and thats what i love about it because that allready displays a nice challenge to evercome. Building an efficient rocket that actually serves its purpose is not easy at all, and you need a good understanding of what youre actually doing to be able to somewhat succeed in that game. Also from Wow i learned alot, but more kind of wise lessons and things and how people socially ineract under certain circumstances. Might not seem very important, but it gave me a much clearer understnading about human behaviour. 9. I certainly am. I absolutely love those epic gaming nights where you spend the whole time working on an epic project in minecraft with your best friend, or those really hard challenges on KSP where you want to build an efficent enough rocket to get into robit aorun a planet that is far far out in the solar system. I wouldnt change any of thsoe eic nights outs for anything, even the grand galopping gala. Thanks for asking me those questions, it was really fun to answer them
  12. I am currently training my army of 10 billion demon minions so that they can eradicate humanity on tuesday, wish me luck.
  13. Spike, i command you to go camping with me
  14. Freezing Wind